Black Grandma Loses It, Sends Brutal Message to Obama Supporters Everywhere


by Brooke Bosca | Top Right News

A video of a black 72-year-old grandmother is going viral after she spents exactly two minutes explaining one problem of modern society.

What has been portrayed as a highly complex societal problem of gender and race relations was shot down as she described the need for women to “get home and cook” and “raise their children — not let their children raise them.”

Addressing fundamental change in society that has caused men to be more feminine, take fewer chances in career changes, and spend more time relaxing and allowing women to be the primary sources of income, her message represented a radical departure from the typical “modern” worldview.

She said, aside from cooking, that a woman’s role was to make sure her husband gets up and goes to work every day.

While it’s still not clear whether society will see this as truth or fiction — though we can make a pretty good guess — it is true that the past 30 years have been the exception to the rule when it comes to what this frustrated grandma described gender roles.

With all of the media focus on the “black voter” revolving around minimum wage issues and police brutality, this woman’s reality was a life of hard work and not having time to get into trouble with police. She said that she was raising children at age 5 and working virtually her entire life.

You tell ’em, Grandma!


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