4-Star Admiral’s Stunning Claim: Muslim Brotherhood Has Penetrated ALL of Obama’s National Security Agencies


by Brian Hayes | Top Right News

A four star admiral, who was in charge of the largest single military command in the world, slammed Barack Obama, and warned Congress that the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated every U.S. National Security Agency under Obama’s administration.

The stunning claim, from one of America’s highest-ranking career officers, has shocked Washington, D.C., and came just days before Obama would invite more than a dozen Muslim Brotherhood leaders to a private, press-banned meeting in the White House.

Admiral James A. Lyons – the former Commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet, the largest single military command in the world, and “the father” of Red Cell – the Navy’s anti-terrorism units – said that “the transformation of America has been in full swing ever since 2008,” the year Obama was elected based upon his campaign promise to “fundamentally transform America.”

Lyons unleashed a plea to end the flood of Muslim Brotherhood infiltration into every U.S. National Security branch by the Obama Administration:

No question we’ve got a hell of a job ahead of us with the Muslim Brotherhood penetration in every one of our national security agencies, including all our intelligence agencies, and has been reported by some, our lead intelligence agency headed by a Muslim convert (a reference to CIA Director John Brennan, long rumored to have converted to Islam in the 1990’s in Baghdad). This is not going to be an easy task.

The new GOP majority in both houses of Congress were elected to “stop the transformation of America, not to see how they could work with the president.”

Admiral Lyons asserted that there is no such thing as radical Islam, but that “Islam is Islam.”

“The threat is Islam. Let’s make no mistake about it. There’s no such thing as radical Islam,” Lyons asserted.



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  • Liberty

    Finally somebody has the balls to let the world know what Obama is doing to this country! I have long suspected that Obama appointments were not on the up and up. Too many “breeds” and too many middle east sounding names! Obama has let and helped the enemy infiltrate the inner most regions of government. Obama should be IMPEACHED immediately!

    • Guest

      Not impeached but releaved of command arrested tried and hung in Chicago on Halsted Street.

      • carlo3b

        Why Halsted? Lots of good folks live on Halsted.. How about MLK? Seems more appropriate.. 🙂

        • Matthew Brown

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          • CindyLu

            This is not appropriate.

          • Rolland Jones

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          • Mestranger Toall

            not kool

      • JUde

        I agree 100%

    • A-KAZI

      Start a petition if it reaches 200,000 signatures than there is no way the house and senate can ignore it. If they do then we have problems.

      • Miki Paulo

        Have you started your petition yet?

    • mldld

      why has it taken so long for Anyone to Accuse the traitor … I believe Obama and Holder have had a lot of dirt on very important persons , Petraeus, Roberts, comes to mind. How else would full blooded Americans accept the behavior and attitudes and bullying and orders of this man. Even the army does not trust him. BUT NO ONE IN POWER IS DOING ANYTHING…. just a lot of complaining.
      Rome is burning…………

    • Anti_Femastasis
  • Tarantula2

    I know Admiral Lyons. He’s not a crank. I believe him…

  • Scared for Society & my child

    Nostradamus predicted this very act. I too believe the Admiral but the Sheep are blinded

    • BeFreeIL

      Nostradamus?! Seriously?

      • Jim Bob

        Nostradamus predicted three anti-Christs. Blowbama sure fits the bill for the third one.

    • scott

      Nostradamus was a fraud who gave convoluted, vague prophecies open to many scenarios “fulfilling” his prophecies. Don’t put your faith in that idiot. Read your Bible. It is clear, concise, and very, very accurate in it’s prophecies.

      • Ltpar

        Which version of the Bible should we read. It has been rewriten several times in order for the “Church” to gain wealth, power and control over the people. Doubt that, merely look at the wealth, scope and reach of the Catholic Church?

        • scott

          Yes, some of the versions are corrupted, like The Message, the Living Bible, and even the NIV. The Codex Vaticanus is corrupted by the RC church. The KJV and the NAS are the most trustworthy. It is a modern lie to say that the Bible is totally untrustworthy and was passed down by way of “Chinese Whispers.”
          People who maintain that stance automatically testify that God is not strong enough to maintain the purity of His word and that no one can trust Him or His Holy Word. One of the many collections of manuscripts that prove the Bible today says what it did 2600+ years ago are the Dead Sea Scrolls.

  • Paul H

    It is time to take America back. There needs to b e a culture , social, political and legal eat on Islam…..zero zero zero tolerance

  • jlenoreb

    I’ve been saying they need to look deeper into where he has them stashed, even down to the person who dusts his desk! Been saying it for some time!

  • diane7000

    Obama is a brother himself!

  • Michael Klein

    Okay, now this is starting to sound like the days of McCarthy and the communist witch hunt of the 1950s…paranoia anyone? I take this one with a grain of salt, sorry.

    • Jack Carmody

      Sorry that you are naïve and want to trust and believe this liar that you and a whole bunch of you idiots voted for. He’s a Soros plant and we are doomed unless we the people take control of our country.

      • Richard Walker

        Are you talking revolution? Please help me understand what you are saying? Do you think there should be an uprising? And who is “we”? All people, or only those that prescribe to your exact viewpoints without any derivation? Do you believe this country would be better if John McCain were president and re-elected? And Sarah Palin VP? I’m just trying to get a handle on your argument, thanks…

        • aceofwands

          “Are you talking revolution?”

          When the Orkin man shows up to cleanse a house of a rat infestation, only
          the rats consider it a revolution against them…the home owners, not so

          Replacing the concept of “fundamentally transforming America” to a
          communist state, is only considered a revolution by the communists against
          them…to the believers in the original concept of America, not so much.

          There are vast amounts of material available solely devoted to the
          treatment of Nazi collaborators, both during and after the war. Studying this
          material will give an historical perspective at how very very expensive it can
          be to cheerlead for the wrong side of the coin.

    • B-real

      McCarthy ended up being 100% CORRECT.

      • John Urban

        McCarthy actually UNDERstated the infiltration. Google “Yuri Besmenov” to find out just how far. Idiots who were brainwashed by government schools have no idea what really happened, and “learn” that “McCarthyism” is something real, and BAAAAD.

  • CNeder

    this is by design.

  • Wiggle D

    If two white people can do it by just looking the part, people with tan to dark skin can just walk right in.

  • Paul Herman

    I would love to watch the whole video of this

  • Rich M

    Wonder how long before Admiral Lyons is found dead? I certainly didn’t need to hear this to know what was going on. The problem is the masses of brain dead sheeple walking among us.

    • scott

      Look at what Bill & Hitlery Clinton did to Vince Foster and Ron Brown. Both murdered by command of the Clintons. I know Obama would only be too happy to order a hit on the Admiral.

      • Ltpar

        As long as no one is listening to the Admiral, he is no threat to the Pide Piper of Chicago. People were starting to listen to Ron Brown and he had told Slick Willie he was not going to jail alone. Actually Brown and Foster were only two of a long list of executed bodies left behind by the White House Bonnie & Clyde. Who says, “Crime doesn’t pay?”

    • Nalejbank

      That of course is by CFR design since their influence began in the first quarter of the 20th century. Admiral Chester Ward spoke of them as have others and he was a member! Afterwards he was booted and ignored by the CFR dominated MSM. They are America’s longstanding “enemy” if there is one! It is their influence that needs routing!
      Our public(government) “education” regimin graduates civic midgets with little deep rooted understanding or firm allegiance to the principles of freedom or serious appreciation of our founders or the Constitution.
      While the good Admiral aims his volly at Islam he should fire an equally disturbing truth bomb on those who have long dominated our foreign policy that has been responsible for hundreds of sellouts long before Obama came along!
      Indeed, Obama has acted with tacit if not direct approval of his CFR handlers.
      Evidence of this reality is so readily available with a simple search of Youtube for “CFR influence” or just their name only. Ignorance is no longer a valid excuse.
      Let non but Americans guard tonight.

      • Ltpar

        Correct assessment of the behind the scenes power at work in the United States from all sides of the political spectrum. You only have to look at the membership rosters of the Council on Foreigh Relations, Tri-Lateral Council and Bilderberg Group to see who the traitors of America are. Some of the names may surprise you.

    • entitled2my2cents

      I certainly hope that you are wrong about the Admiral’s fate. However, a part of me so distrusts the government that I would not be surprised if something happened. Sad – this Admiral is speaking what many Americans are thinking. It’s time to take our country back.

      • Vigilant2

        Then it is incumbent on veterans to provide protection for the Admiral against a criminal Executive Branch.

  • Jim Bob

    Political correctness has been the undoing of this country. Besides Hellory, its the worst thing to come out of the clinton presidency.

    I have no problem calling a spade a spade. If you are offended, well, maybe you needed to be offended.

    Admiral Lyons was correct in everything he said.Blowbama is the worst thing to ever happen to this country and liberals are responsible for it. Imagine that! Liberals being responsible for ruining this country.

    • GuyBB

      Political correctness allowed them to control the dialogue. Orwellian “Newspeak” is the preferred method of cutting off those who see the truth and try to impress upon us the dangers.

    • Fawkes

      I still think obama cant hold a candle to what the republican party wrought apon this country, Lincoln singlehandedy drove the country into an unneeded civil war, oh yeh the cause is hailed as just, we gotta free those slaves…yeh right, Lincoln was pro slavery but was looking for a way to justify starting a war with the sole intent of pulling the confederacy back into the union (which, mind you, was completly legal until the close of the war when it was written into law no formally confererate state could cecede again) It has always been the case that the federal government (in D.C.) cant leave well enough alone and has to try and force everyone to their wishes, at the time, the confederacy was within their rights to leave the union and for all tenses a seperate country, Lincoln has no right to force the sourthern states to rejoin the union

      • fireart

        Wow , your harping on 200 yr old wrongs? How do you feel about the crusades being compared to ISIS?

        • Fawkes

          I wasnt nessicarily harping, mearly stating my opinion that i think lincoln was the single worse thing to happen in this country, and as for IS and the cursades, i really dont see much of a comparison, the crusades were a war over the holy land whereas IS is an American invention (at least in the beginning) designed to use grueilla warfare on the russians, and as usual, when we stick our noses in things it goes from bad to worse and we created one of the worst radical terror groups in history, they arent fighting for holy land or rights of access, they just want to destroy anything that doesnt fit their ideals

      • Ltpar

        Stick to recent history and who is pulling the strings of the puppets you think you elect to office. Obama is nothing more than as pawn in the game of the NWO as was George Bush and Bill Clinton. The NWO always hedges it’s bets and in 2016, look for one of their Republican clones, likely Jeb Bush to be running against sweet cheeks Hillary Clinton. Obama however, has been their poster boy, pushing ahead the agenda in all the wrong ways for this country. Doubt this, check out Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission and Council on Foreign Relations.

    • Ltpar

      Don’t blame me, I voted for the American.

  • Mark Muylaert

    The Admiral sounds the alarm, but is any member of congress listening? I highly doubt it. The collective bunch now sitting in congress have less backbone than a jellyfish. This country is so screwed.

  • jm

    Only a M U S S L I ME, like he is, would do and say the things he has. All need to write to their reps and plead them to fast track impeachment and remove all his executive orders,appointments and those they have appointed. He has proven to be an infiltrator, anti constitution, lawless, racist and a liar. He is a true friend to all that is un-American.

  • Janice

    IMPEACHED!!!!!!!!!!!! And tried for the scumbag that he is!

  • bertasis

    So what are they going to do???

  • Doug Lauzon

    Not easy??? Just release the names and addresses and look the other way.

  • Roger Baack

    Get the head out and fire the others, simple enough.

  • Brenda Golden

    They haven’t infiltrated they were invited.

  • Don J

    Can we get a list of names of these infiltrators?

  • rose pappas

    penetrated is not the correct word INVITED IN BY THE TRAITOR IN CHIEF that is the correct term. where is our brain dead Congress?

  • scott

    Forget impeachment, Hussein Obama should be arrested immediately for high treason and locked into Federal prison. Try him ASAP, and administer the proper punishment that he deserves. The same punishment that General George Washington would have given a man for multiple acts of high treason.

  • Matos

    This article is full of baloney. I can’t believe people believe this crap.

    • John Urban

      So we should believe a nameless, faceless icon named “Matos” over a 4-star admiral and former Commander of the U.S. Pacific Fleet, who founded the Navy’s anti-terror special ops? That makes SO much sense.

      • entitled2my2cents

        I side with the Admiral.

  • Matos

    You fools know this is pure satire right?

  • Not Anonymous

    How is this a shock? Isn’t it clear by now that Obama is aligned with the brotherhood and is probably taking pay offs to put Arab interests above the rest of the world. The guy is about to hand them the keys to a nuke.

  • this is disgusting. Thanks Obumble.

  • alnga

    This man has come very close to what many have been saying about the Muslims having Obama in a position where he can do only what Valarie Jarrett allows him to do. Read the Richard Maybury book published by Bluestocking press “The thousand year War” go to the “Arabs secret weapon” chapter. You have a picture of what has taken place. The book quotes Marco polo experiences with the assassin tribe.. Where by the way we get the term to assassinate .

  • Miki Paulo

    The Admiral should run on the Vice-President ticket. Our next President NEEDS this type of knowledge & experience backing him up!!

  • Miki Paulo

    Time for an American Crusade against foreign Jihadists & an American Inquisition against domestic Jihadists!

    If you are wondering why I use those terms…check out Obama’s comments on those topics at recent National Prayer Breakfast!!

  • Guest

    They have already been identified as a terrorist organization by the RCMP in Canada for supporting HAMAS http://www.sunnewsnetwork.ca/video/search/MUSLIM%20GROUP%20FUNNELLED%20MONEY/muslim-group-funnelled-money-to-hamas-linked-charity/4017531766001

  • Oingo
  • Cheryl Becker

    how is it that he is inviting the muslims to a closed meeting, NO!! hear it is, hes going to turn our country over to them, but not without a fight.

  • justathought

    Maybe NOW THOSE Pansies will take the bull by the horns and get him out of there! Take over and clean up his mess! WE Don’t want HIS Muslims in OUR Whitehouse! NO IMPEACHMENT….Charge him with Crimes Against America and send his tail to Jail where he belongs!!!

  • Joe Tokoph

    Why are we all just sitting back waiting for someone else to take care of it? Its more than Obama, our whole government is out of control. Its ALL our fault!! I dont care what party your part of they both suck.

  • Sandra Johnson

    I wonder why more military retired or otherwise have not come forward.
    All I can think is they are afraid of losing their pensions/military retired pay.
    Yes it would be a huge sacrifice but someone with authority needs to get
    something done before it’s too late.
    If Muslims are in control of ‘security’ think of the consequences!!

  • Robert Johnson

    The admiral is not suffering, but truly enjoying his dementia..

    • BuddyLuv

      Just as you are not suffering, but truly enjoying the a$$ reaming you are receiving from your president.

  • gorgeous66

    can’t blame Obama he’s a smart MF they problem is ours and ours alone we do nothing we don’t need the approval of this govt to fight for what we love

  • Brad

    One word: Alzheimer’s

  • kate

    the sleeper cell, yes Obama , and won elections by corruption

  • craig

    Does anyone remember Joseph Mc Carthy?

  • mike

    We will destroy America from the inside. Anyone remember that quote?

  • jm

    Why am I not surprised!

  • cPa

    Ex-Admiral James A. (Ace) Lyons Jr. linked to Scandal by Navy ‘Zealots.’


  • Sons of Liberty

    And they did it without a great intelligence team. Nothing like having an open invitation.

  • phyllis Cain


  • SineWaveII

    They didn’t “penetrate” anything. They were invited in by obama the traitor.


    Man…I don’t know how I came across this site but it’s good to know where the American Taliban hangs out. Do you fools think Obama is the first President that has met with this organization? Hell, your hero Lindsay Graham and John McCain met with them in Egypt. Do you know they now make up almost half of Egypt’s parliament? I’m no fan of any religious organization, because religion is for fools, but these guys are actually trying to settle down the extremists in Egypt.
    Whatever. All I know is after reading these comments I need to go wash my eyes.

  • Vigilant2

    Speaker Boehner and the House Leadership should apprehend Obama, charge him with treason, and hold a trial within 30 days, with any guilty verdict resulting to be acted upon within a further 30 days.

  • DanInOsprey

    The clearest – and completely correct – statement by a current or former senior official yet! We are in very deep waters here.

  • Parks Curtis


    Admiral Lyons asserted that there is no such thing as radical Islam, but that “Islam is Islam.”

    “The threat is Islam. Let’s make no mistake about it. There’s no such thing as radical Islam,” Lyons asserted.http://toprightnews.com/4-star-admirals-stunning-claim-muslim-brotherhood-has-penetrated-all-of-obamas-national-security-agencies/


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