350-Pound Woman on Welfare: I’m Obese Because I Don’t Get Enough Government Money


Above: Ever hear of an apple? Welfare Mom Briggs showing off her stellar food “choices”

by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

A 350-pound British woman claims it’s not her fault she’s morbidly obese — it’s because the government doesn’t give her enough money.

Christina Briggs, 26, of Wigan, England, claims she can only eat fattening junk food — a whole lot of it — because healthier food is just too expensive for her “limited” welfare benefits, according to an interview in The Daily Mail.

How about exercising to lose weight? Out of the question Briggs says — gyms are just too pricey, and she hasn’t been “educated” on how to exercise herself.

“I tried swimming but it cost $36 a month and it meant I had to cut back on my favorite pizza and Chinese takeaways,” she said.

“It’s not my fault – healthy food is too expensive,” she added. Briggs stuffs her kids with Pop Tarts, chocolate fingers, chips, salsa, and Marshmallow Fluff, along with her fast food takeout. Apparently she’s never been “educated” about apples, bananas or grapes.

Briggs already receives a remarkable $36,000 a year from the government.

Plus she pays absolutely nothing for monthly home expenses. She lives in public housing with her two children by two different fathers. Including housing, healthcare and miscellaneous reimbursements, Briggs receives more than $62,000 a year in total government largesse, more than many executives. This is what Briggs calls “limited” benefits?

But Briggs thinks she should get even more. “It would be good if the government offered a cash incentive for me to lose weight.” Closer Magazine reported.

Here’s a better idea: how about giving her incentive to find a job, by cutting her benefits if she doesn’t?

Maybe that would get her to hit the pavement and burn some calories, or lose her ridiculously generous welfare payments.



  • maineman65

    And yet she can afford the tattoos

    • Kalifornia_Refugee

      Probably pays for tattoos with some other “alternate” form of compensation.

  • MJ

    Get a job you fat welfare addict pig! Oh by the way, walking and running are free. Excuse ridden slob.

    • collegebasketballfan

      You are a lovely person.

      • Patrick R

        I’m going to make a bumper sicker off it because I think it’s that good. Probably space on the talking circuit with that kind of uplifting spiritualness. Far pigs are human, tooooooo.

      • Zippy

        He’s right.

      • USGOP

        MJ is a truthful person..All of us were thinking the same thing.

      • MJ

        And “You’re” a moron collegebasketballfan.

        • Weeks

          Why is the contraction in quotations?

          • MJ

            It shows how he should have spelled it when directing his diatribe to me.

          • Marti Graves

            You do realize ” you are” & “you’re” are exactly the same, right?

          • Weeks

            He must have a strong preference for contractions and/or a deep love of apostrophes. Nothing wrong with that I suppose. Not sure how Mr. basketballfan could have known though… At least I hope that
            is (sorry, that’s) what happened. The only thing worse that using “you’re” and your incorrectly (on the internet heaven forbid) is being so self righteous and ignorant as to “correct” somebody’s appropriate use of the contraction.

          • mcarlson

            LOL Marti Graves!

          • Jason Nass

            Not to mention that you’re is LESS proper than you are…

          • Jon

            For knowing the word diatribe I am astonished you didn’t know “you’re” is a contraction of “you are” LMAO

          • Glenjamin Hines

            Please tell me you are trolling, you do understand that “you’re” is a contraction for “you are” right?

        • Jason Nass
    • IAm Alpharius

      Quite literally any kind of exercising is free, you can lift heavy stuff no matter where you are, and, not to be rude, but her standing up and sitting down a few times would be bad ass exercise, I wish I could squat that much.

      • John Best

        A 350 squat is respectable. Especially for a woman. Not bad deadlift numbers either.

        • Cathy Terrell


          • Kelthoff

            He is saying that she is carrying enough weight to workout absolutely free with her own body weight.

        • Ellion


          • Robyn M Bostic


          • Jadeina

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      • Alberto Godlikeandilovekate Ba

        Running in general is the loss weight only option, everything else is toning and muscle, I should more generalize it, If you are not doing cardio, you arent dieting. Also she is mistaking thirst for hunger. You can live with portioned meals and drink more water to sustain that bodies need to hydrate, im not really educated on this well but I can get the general gist of how a true diet works.

        • Mike

          sorry, but its calorie defecit that makes you lose weight, not cardio. no need for cardio if you eat less colories than your daily maintenance levels

          • Megan

            cardio burns calories…..

        • exercise is not dieting.. dieting is dieting.. trust me i see plenty of fat “runners”

        • Sunnie Cravens

          Anyone that says lifting isn’t a cardio workout has obviously never tried it. And I call baloney on the calorie deficit. If your body thinks you’re starving, you won’t lose weight. Eating enough of the right foods will help you lose faster, even without exercise. If you don’t believe it, look at weight watchers. They get you exercising to get in shape and lose faster, but you lose weight anyway.

          • Linda

            Yes Sunnie, I love what you said, If your body thinks you’re starving, you won’t lose weight. So true but a lot of people don’t know that. I didn’t until a few years ago. This is especially true for us women who are suppose to be holding a little extra weight. It’s especially hard for us 40 plus’s. I eat all the right foods & go to the gym for 2 hours 5 days a week. Cardio, machines & classes. Had a gastric sleeve done 3 yrs ago & lost 60 lbs. Need to lose 30 more for my optimal weight of 135 but keep losing the same 5 over & over again. Don’t know what I’m doing wrong, might be nothing, could be a thyroid issue with me.

          • Matthew

            Lifting isn’t cardio.

        • Maria

          She can obviously walk. Doesn’t need to be a mile or 10 but it can be to the end of the street and back. She’s got a few hundreds of dollars worth of junk in that cabinet. Limited income my ass. Salads. Tomato, lettuce, salad dressing, cucumbers, nuts or hell some chicken even. Not that hard. I’m overweight myself. Diabetic at that. I don’t blame the system. I blame myself and my past mistakes. But i walk. I sweat, cry she and i walk. And is free. My fast cries sweaty tears.

        • WereGoat

          Sorry, you’re misinformed. Weight training will burn more than cardio, but you need a combination of the two to see maximum benefit. You might not see any results from weight training at first by stepping on a scale. That is because you’re gaining a lot of muscle, and thus gaining more weight as the fat comes off, so it gives the illusion of no progress. Pro bodybuilders will bulk up before getting cut because they know having more muscle raises your metabolism to let you drop the fat more easily. That is not to say that a woman should bulk up like a man, but a bit of weight training will help you more than most people realize. ‘Cardio only’ is not the way to do it, if you’re doing it right.

        • Marilyn Durst

          It’s easy: you just get up and get moving. She could start with cleaning all of that garbage from her cabinets and carrying it out to the garbage can. If you burn more calories than you consume, you will lose weight. Eventually, you figure out how to break even in the calories in, calories out calculation. I realize this is an old post, but it is definitely one of my hot button issues. If you can afford take out food, you can afford healthy food. While I’m at it, who in hell paid for all of that bling and tattoos? Ugh…

      • Larry Pfaff

        the only heavy stuff she it lifting is her own fat ass

      • Sierra Mae Northern

        I work out my body everyday and I’m bigger than her and oh Yeah I have a job! Before I had my daughter last November I was 420 now 5 months later I’m down to 370. I’m also not on welfare.

        • That’s fantastic Sierra – keep it up!

        • Just a person

          You are awesome.Keep focused. That is great.

        • Sunnie Cravens

          Keep on truckin’, Sierra!

        • shelly

          Well dune you pat on the back file keep going .Your baby is beautiful x

          • Sierra Mae Northern

            Thank you

    • Amberlamps

      This is why people who actually DO need assistance look horrible. I work and still get a little help because my job pays shitty. But I DO work and I don’t blame someone else for my problems.

      • Smalldeer

        Almost every state in the US has a work/school requirement in order to receive benefits. There is also a LIFETIME limit of 60 months/five years, meaning that after five years you are DONE, and it doesn’t matter how many more children you have.

        INFORM YOURSELVES least you look stupid.

        • mcarlson

          @smalldeer – Illinois and Iowa and many other states have no “lifetime limit”. From the day you give birth until your youngest child turns 18 you can be eligible if your income is low enough. In Iowa the minimum wage is 7.25 an hour, a mother of 2 working FULL TIME at Walmart barely makes 15,000 a year and is eligible for welfare to make ends meet. Inform yourself……..

          • John Best

            At least she’s working.

          • Panther82

            Actually, Iowa does have a lifetime limit. You can only receive FIP benefits for a total of 5 years. As for Medicaid/Medicare and SNAP benefits, those are based on on income. So who needs the information? Next we’ll hear about how all people on welfare should be drug tested. Granted this lady (and I use the term LOOSELY) in the article is a joke; but lower incomes do mean fewer healthy food options. However she brings in quite a bit of income–so who knows what her deal is. Food insecurity=obesity. The whole point of welfare i.e. FIP benefits, SNAP, etc is to lead individuals on the road of Self Sufficiency. Which is why FIP (cash benefits) are directly linked to participation in employment programs like Promise Jobs or higher education like a college diploma.

          • Cathy Terrell

            I think welfare recipients SHOULD be drug tested. So many here in California, spend a part of their checks on drugs and sell their food stamps so they can buy drugs. Another thing. I feel that instead of sitting at home collecting a check, welfare recipients who have kids who are in school, should be required to do jobs that their city can’t afford to pay for. Like pull weeds, pick up trash etc. When I was on Welfare, I wouldn’t have minded at all. The government helps you and you help your city. Then nobody can say you’re sitting at home on your a$$ doing nothing and getting freebies!!! Just my opinion!

          • Bruce Wayne

            A lot of people who are on welfare do have jobs, they just don’t make enough money to support themselves. A friend of mine is a single mom, and it’s just the two of them (her ex-husband has custody of their son). She works a job she’s had for over a decade and, with financial aid, she’s also able to go to school. If she didn’t get financial aid, she literally wouldn’t be able to feed her kid. If she had to have a second job picking up garbage or whatever (which is essentially what you’re asking–receiving money and food in exchange for labor), she wouldn’t be able to keeping going to school, which in another couple of years will afford her the opportunity of getting off government assistance altogether.

            People aren’t just sitting around collecting money. A lot of people work really, really hard and are still unable to make ends meet.

            Oh, and drug testing is very expensive–and when they did it in Florida (I think?) a year or two back, less than two percent of people on welfare were under the influence of anything.

          • dlpdlr

            If you are on welfare from womb to tomb with no job you should be tested. In front of a lab tech. I personally knew someone who would get urine from friends and put it in a test tube and stick it in her vagina to keep it warm. She then would use it and be “drug free”. These low lifes know every trick in the book.to cheat the system. And most of them don’t have jobs. I work in healthcare and see the abuse every day. From ambulance rides in for “constipation for a week” to a baby every year from a different sperm donor.

          • Eve Kendall

            The days of the “welfare from womb to tomb” is no longer the reality. To receive welfare benefits in almost all 50 states you must either be working or in school. You only receive benefits if you have children and there IS a 5 year lifetime limit in all 50 states. So the idea that women are having more babies to live a life of luxury on welfare is bunk, it doesn’t matter how many kids they have, after five years they are done.

          • Kathi J

            Over 1 million a year in food stamps benefits are spend on military bases, many people cannot afford to eat on their very low income wages.

          • Michelle Horn

            Yes they should be tested! Its only right. Most employers require you be tested these days just to be able to work, so why shouldn’t someone on welfare?!

          • Paula Goldsberry

            i agree on the drug testing

          • Kathi J

            Myth. Every state that has tried to test food stamp recipients for drugs has discovered not only are most of them not using them but the costs of administering the program far outweigh any savings.

          • mcarlson

            I am informed…. in live in Iowa and there is only a limit on FIP benefits (cash) NOT food stamps or medical assistance, which is what I was talking about in the first place.

          • Smalldeer

            SNAP benefits are available to all eligible households regardless of race, sex, religious creed, national origin, or political beliefs

            Employment Requirements

            Generally ABAWDS between 18 and 50 who do not have any dependent children can get SNAP benefits only for 3 months in a 36-month period if they do not work or participate in a workfare or employment and training program other than job search. This requirement is waived in some locations.

            With some exceptions, able-bodied adults between 16 and 60 must register for work, accept suitable employment, and take part in an employment and training program to which they are referred by the local office. Failure to comply with these requirements can result in disqualification from the Program.

          • Eve Kendall

            Exactly, so does Illinois:

            Illinois TANF Program

            The Illinois Department of Human Services implemented the state’s TANF program in July of 1997. The program was based on federal law and policies developed during the state’s earlier experiments with welfare reform. Since 1997, Illinois’ TANF plan has been modified several times. Among the notable changes are the addition of exemptions to the TANF 60-month time limit and the adoption of the Family Violence Option. It is likely that the TANF program will change again with the passage of the federal TANF Reauthorization legislation. The Bush Administration is supporting legislation that increases employment requirements, imposes strict sanctions and provides substantial funds to promote healthy marriage.

            Implications for TANF Families in Illinois

            Work Requirements

            Welfare reform places an emphasis on engaging TANF clients in work as quickly as possible.

            A single parent who is able to work must work or participate in a work activity for at least 30 hours per week. Two-parent families are required to work 35 hours per week.

            The hours spent in programs for substance abuse, domestic violence and mental health count toward meeting the work requirement.

            Income Disregards

            The Work Pays program disregards two thirds of earned income when determining benefit levels. For example, if a parent earns $300 per month the TANF grant is reduced by $100.

            Personal Responsibility

            TANF stresses personal responsibility.

            Clients must cooperate in establishing paternity and obtaining child support. A woman may receive an exemption from establishing paternity or obtaining child support if doing so will place her or her children at risk of violence.

            Clients must cooperate in work and training activities, cooperate in referral and treatment for substance abuse and follow through on their service plan or face sanctions.

            Sanctions are imposed at three levels:

            At the first level, the cash benefit is reduced by 50%. Benefits are restored as soon as the client cooperates.

            At the second level, the cash benefit is reduced by 50% for three months. If by the fourth month the client has not cooperated, the entire cash benefit is stopped.

            At the third level, the entire cash benefit is stopped for three months. The client must cooperate for benefits to be restored.

            Time Limits

            The focus of TANF is on transitional services. Cash benefits are limited to a maximum of five years in a lifetime. Cash benefits received in other states or in nonconsecutive months count toward the 60-month time limit.

          • jdub

            Iowa definitely has a 60 month lifetime minimum. I know because I live here and receive benefits. You do need to be working or in school also to receive most benefits. So…..you should inform yourself before trying to inform others.
            Also I receive food assistance and I only buy healthy foods and I still get rude looks. You seriously get shamed either way. I just graduated school though and got a nice paying job and will no longer be on any assistance proud to say!

          • Dana Blocker Szafranowski

            Congrats good for you

          • Heather Bailey-Kongira

            @jdub. Congratulations!!! I get food assistance and work 2 jobs I graduate In December and have been being penalized for going to school because welfare didn’t feel I needed help while attending school for a bachelor’s degree: / But I struggled and made it and soon won’t need help anymore. Welfare was supposed to be a hand up not a hand out.

          • SissyO

            Federal Govt employees who were furloughed last year applied for a received SNAP. This was regardless of the fact they can retire TOMORROW with a pension for the rest of their lives.
            I cannot believe a student would be entitled to welfare; when you are obtaining a benefit that will supposedly put you above others in a job search and employment. The fact is, if people are offered something free 80% of the time they will take it which is a shame. Pride is everything.

          • Deborah Lynn

            Absolutely a college student should get assistance…once they have their degrees they will most likely obtain employment with full benefits and never have to rely on the govt assistance ever again and be contributing to the tax revenue for the state and federal gov. this is how you begin to stop the cycle of government dependence….thru education.

          • joe

            you begin to stop the the cycle of government dependence by the government giving out free money? this is the kind of twisted logic that got us here in the first place.

          • Kay

            No it makes very logical sense, try using your brain.

          • Becky J

            Government assistance helps KEEP people in school! Without the assistance, they would have to work full time, as well as going to school! The assistance helps many people work only part time, so they may dedicate more time and energy to their education!
            Perhaps you should educate yourself before making ignorant comments like this one.

          • libra783

            I worked full time and a part time job. Put MYSELF through school. Paid rent to try n help my mom who had supported me my whole life! If I CAN DO IT ANYONE CAN. I was raised by a single teenaged parent who taught me responsibility! By the way, the ONLY TIME my mom applied for any kind of assistance was when her company went under, we were on welfare/ unemployment for 3 months only! And SHE HATED EVERY MINUTE OF IT..STOP THE EXCUSES PEOPLE!

          • Eve Kendall

            Do you want a flippin cookie? Awesome for you and your mother but not everyone has the same EXACT circumstance as you. Get off your high horse and have a little compassion.

          • Becky J

            Exactly. This kind of ignorant, self-serving attitude is just the kind of thing that is holding people back! Just because YOU don’t need the help, nobody else does? Its ridiculous. People need to stop living life with their blinders on and open their eyes and minds to the struggles of others. As far as responsibility goes, its funny that this person states they had a SINGLE TEENAGE MOTHER. Many people would consider that to be extremely irresponsible in itself. In fact, single teenage mothers make up a very large percentage of people on welfare in the first place!

          • nankani

            Most everyone struggles while going to school. It isn’t easy. GET A JOB and get off assistance. It isn’t ok

          • Knitting Again

            Your statement sounds exactly like it is coming from someone who lives in an entitlement mentality. What the hell did people do before govt assistance existed?

          • Randy

            That is right….I would guess about 90% of section 8 housing assistance goes to single women

          • Eric Pint

            Do you want a tissue? Quit whining! Wow, I can’t believe how many cry babies there are now a days. If you want to become successful in life you’ll do whatever it takes. Everybody wants patted on the back for doing what they should be doing. Grow up!!!!

          • NotoriousL

            I have no compassion for the utterly lazy crybabies of the world.

          • Bunny

            There’s a difference between a family in need and a greedy slob like the woman in the video. She is the type of person that gives people on assistance a bad rep! Just reading her statements made me want to punch her square in her face! Pathetic waste of space!

          • Fatcat

            She can’t afford to eat healthily yet, her cupboard is full of branded junk food!!!

          • Bunny

            Junk food isn’t as expensive as healthy food I guess.

          • Connor Hagberg

            so we the people that work our asses off and for her doing nothing and she stilll makes 10 grand more than i do . when she got knocked up by 2 guys . . not my problem so why do i have to pay for it . huh . put her in her place take away everything till she can get her life straight . job must be obtained . heck my entire family went vegan. i know how it feels to actually eat heathy . i feel better about myself and i dont even work out and slowly i get more fit . you are what you eat . so if you eat garbage well you get the point . if i have a mentally challenged friend and he has a job and lives on his own i think this woman can easily do it . get a life and stop living off me . . we could go back to the old times . eye for an eye tooth for a tooth . so you make 10 grand more than i do ok i will take something of yours or things that come out to 10 grand . damn slob. i make less and i still am way more fit . start walking stop making excuses all of you. watch the biggest looser . its a tv show . how in the hell did they loose that much weight . self motivation

          • Smalldeer

            She lives in ENGLAND, Einstein.

          • Florence Ursula Catherine Kram

            So you figured that out, did you. Impressive.

          • nankani

            Most people don’t take welfare while going to school. I think its rather disgraceful.

          • Knitting Again

            Why don’t YOU have a little appreciation for those who work and pay their taxes that help support the benefits that people get. ANYONE can make it on their own without collecting from the govt. You have to WANT to do it. People did it for years before there were ever govt benefits.

          • Randy

            I see so many people on assistance every week, (I am a landlord), they are usually fat, often drive very nice automobiles, try to claim money they make off the books or have a boyfriend who works but does not want to be on the lease because it would lower the housing assistance and other assistance…..the fraud is near 100%

          • Becky J

            Okay, that is completely incorrect. There is so much ignorance in this statement. Just because YOU were able to do it, does not mean everyone can. Good for you, you can handle the stress of two jobs and school at the same time. Bravo, I applaud your strength, I really do. But not EVERYBODY is capable! There are many individuals who suffer from depression, anxiety, learning disabilities, and a myriad of other issues that make it extremely difficult to handle the stresses of that type of life. It has nothing to do with being irresponsible. There are many lazy people out there, but not everyone on welfare deserves to be judged as if they are lazy scum just because they are struggling!

          • NotoriousL

            There are plenty struggling that should be getting help. There are plenty more that are absolutely disgusting examples of the majority. This woman is an example of the majority, not the minority. That’s the problem.

          • Helga Stintzcum

            Oh, cry me a river……she is not even trying…..

          • Randy

            And you think a person with all those problems should be in college?

          • nankani

            I was a single mom and almost fulltime and went to school with a little over halftime credits. NO ONE helped me. I did it on my own and paid rent car payment etc. It was incredibly hard but doable

          • Bunny

            i’d like to see what the “greedy slob” type ones would do back in the older days. My parents had 9 (including me) children (and a couple pets-they need food and care too!) and my father was the only earner! No such thing as welfare and when there was, my father never went and asked for any! They managed to put food on the table have 2 vehicles, a home they owned, etc.. Now I’m not saying people who need help shouldn’t get it because they should!! It’s people like the one in the article that tick me off hard-core! I know a girl who has 2 kids, lives with her parents and receives welfare and all it’s benefits, yet doesn’t take the schooling opportunity, she has sold her food stamps so she could use it to party and even has used her food stamps to buy alcohol and cigs!! No it’s not suppose to be used for that, but for some reason a particular store’s register was accepting it! Now these are the ones that do not deserve it!!

          • Smalldeer

            Bunny, are you daft? The cost of living has SOARED since then.

          • Florence Ursula Catherine Kram

            It’s difficult to bootstrap when pigs like Paul Ryan and the Koch-suckers don’t think people need the boots.

            You’re right, smalldeer.

          • Randy

            You are just lazy

          • Connor Hagberg

            not true . work hard yourself and big things will come back . and that doesnt mean working at a fast food resturant . . i work heavy equipment at age 22 and making 6 figures a year . . you cant wait for the money to come to you . yes i know im not a parent but i have so many struggles you dont even know. i pay for my family and girlfriend . 3 people i care for and you say you have it hard or people in general have it hard . well get out and work . make a future dont wait for it

          • chopper

            There are very few jobs for unskilled labor, and even less for people making six figures. I love it how people that have a job think it is because they did something great. If you had had different colored hair they may have hired the person before you! If you had not gotten that job, what would you have done to support yourself? Find another? Why doesn’t your girlfriend work to take care of herself? Does your family not work hard? You should not have to take care of anyone if getting a job is so easy.
            Please, if you are doing well, don’t have children to feed, and have only been on the earth for 22 years, you have not begun to find out what life is like. You should pray to the God of your religion thanking them for a job. Over 10% of the population is unemployed, I think you are old enough to know that that means there are not enough jobs! Telling them to find a job is one of the less intelligent comments here…

          • Randy

            I am 51 and have never been out of work for a single day in my life…..funny how people magically find a job 1 week before the unemployment runs out….funny thing

          • Randy

            So you are saying that after Ronald Reagan left office and the liberals took total control the middle class have been ravaged? I agree!! As a business owner I can tell you I no longer have employees as the government has made it not worthwhile to hire anyone….If I paid a person $20 per hour the actual cost would be closer to $35 per hour with all the mandates

          • chopper

            If they had a home, two cars and food on the table, it seems that they were doing a lot better than anyone that has to apply for welfare. Most of them have a roach filled apartment, no vehicle (so relying on public transportation), and cannot feed their children. There are types like this woman, and since they are on the news, they are thought to be the majority. Go down to the welfare office of a large city and see how people are living before you judge them.
            I struggled as a single mother, I had to go back to school because of spinal injury and surgery making my job as a nurse no longer an option. I kept working, against doctor’s orders, while going to school all while raising two boys alone. Yes, I had a car….I had to to get to work and go to school (there was no public trans). I was lucky, very lucky. There are people that are just not as lucky as I was and your parents were. Also remember, not long ago we stayed in the same area of the world as our families. Families lived two or three generations in the same house. We cannot do that anymore so we have to get help…..times change.
            I am a conservative woman now living in a very liberal country. Here we pay 25% sales tax and at least 30% income tax. It is truly a welfare state where everyone pays taxes no matter their earnings, but health care, medication and education even university, is “free” I am embarrassed, when I look at this thread, to say I am conservative, because so many here sound heartless and uncaring. No wonder the left finds us so evil! I promise you that the woman living with her parents is lying to get welfare. In fact, the only time a person on welfare is able to live well is if they are cheating the system. You should go to the welfare office, see what these “Great benefits” are, then get on your knees and thank God that you do not have to survive on them.
            My solution is much like the gun control solution. Spend the money to add personnel to enforce the laws in place. You will soon hear of the people living so high on welfare being arrested, and probably also see the desperation of many people that are living on only what they get…it is a sad, sad thing to see.

          • Bunny

            My father made a dollar something back then so in these days it’s still low income. However, I totally agree with what you stated. I have no problem with people who need it I said, it’s the ones who abuse it. I think that’s everyone’s stance on it. Don’t get me wrong, I have even been on it once and never did I feel unappreciative and also worked. That doesn’t mean we “deserved” it, it meant we qualified for it. We were a family of four that needed food stamps fore awhile until my husband (ex now) until we ended up being, and I kid you not, ONE dollar over the limit. I told them I’d give them the lousy dollar to continue a little longer in receiving the amount we were receiving!(yeah like that would work right-lol) Anyways, I think you and I are on the same page. People just need to stop abusing the things they receive, whether they work or not they can still be appreciative of the extra help by not abusing it.

          • Bunny

            For one thing, there WAS NO welfare back then. When welfare was finally around my father was to proud to apply. He worked all his life for what they had. All while raising 9 children. Well, one of my brothers up until he was 18-he died in a car accident and my younger sister died not long after birth so…
            I too had to use assistance at one time, albeit only for a few months, so yes I do know what it’s like. However, it’s not a life long thing.
            Anyways, the point is, now-a-days welfare is here and too many take advantage of it.

          • Randy

            I am tired of hearing so many women whine about being single mothers….in many…maybe most…this is a choice they made…yes some are widows or wound up in a very bad marriage that had to end but an awful lot just made a choice……they also make up a huge percentage of the welfare case load….just a fact

          • chopper

            Well, if you ever get someone pregnant, better put your money where your mouth is. The men are just as responsible as the women, probably more so. Men can spawn with many women in the nine months it takes to have a baby, and some do. Don’t just blame the women, they had to have sex with someone who obviously is not doing the right thing and supporting the family he created.

          • Randy

            That is most of them

          • Bunny

            Not everyone can do the same. Everyone’s circumstance and lives are different. However, with that being said, I will say what I said before, if you are in need and qualify for the help and IF you do the things you need to do to earn your own money and get off it then that’s the way. Although if your on it sitting back, doing nothing to get off and stay on it as your way of living, selling your food card, etc…then no, it’s abusing and taking advantage.

          • Smalldeer

            Most people do, the idea that people are living the “good life” on welfare is outdated and a lie.

          • Randy

            No it is not….I see it every day…they are living pretty OK

          • Eric Pint

            That’s BS both my wife and I worked full time and raised our children while we were in school. My 22 year old daughter is working full time and going to school full time, plus raising her kid alone. My daughter also receives no benefits. Why, how, because we help her. (financially) That is also part of the problem family doesn’t take care of family anymore. If more families helped their children there would be less on welfare. God forbid people sacrifice. A lot of people just aren’t willing to sacrifice

          • nankani

            Exactly! I was a single mom and worked and went to school and got NO help. It was horribly hard and I was tired all the time but it was doable. Wimpy society we live in today.

          • Bunny

            How can a family on welfare help there adult children on welfare? Sometimes it’s a chain of recipients living off the system.
            Some people are life-timers. having child after child with different fathers. Once the child meets a certain age-pop out another one. Like I said some people truly, honestly need the help, others are plain greedy lazy losers as the woman in the article!

          • Beth

            Seriously!? I worked a full time job and two part time jobs while putting MYSELF through both undergraduate and graduate school while also raising two boys totally on my own. I never received benefits of any kind! I paid my own rent, my own utilities, my own medical costs, my own grocery and miscellaneous costs, my own car payments, insurance costs, repair costs, etc! I also did not receive help from family or friends. I was 100% on my own. Stop with the bullshit excuses. If you want it go out and get it yourself! Stop depending on others. You people are pathetic!

          • chopper

            I wonder, how did you pay for sitters during this time? Your kids had to have been at the sitter as much as or more than they were with you as you worked so many jobs. See, you didn’t raise your kids by yourself, in fact, it looks like someone else was raising your kids while you worked and went to school…not to mention chores and studying. Perhaps you didn’t have to sleep? So, did your non-help do a good job raising your kids while you were being independent? Working full time and two part time jobs did not leave time for full time school, so under grad and graduate school must have taken nearly their entire childhood…and at least one of those jobs was paying simply for childcare so you could do everything else. No one can do it all, it is a matter of priorities. I do know one thing, now that my children are raising families of their own, I am very sad at how much of their childhood I missed because I was too proud to ask for help. It is a damn shame people are so judgemental , and I would happily give back my degrees, my homes, my cars if I had the chance to do it over… Looking back, I would definitely not work, but finish school faster and then work to pay my bills but spend as much time with them as I possibly could. Children should be our priority, they are the people that are going to make lives easier for future parents. Raising children is the hardest job that any of us are ever going to have, and farming that job out to others who are smart enough to take in your children and your money is why our world is failing miserably, in my humble opinion. Obviously we have, in the quest to be equal, put our children on the back burner and that is not going to change, but, until all employers have on site day care and working from home and the enlightened attitude that families come first(no matter how politically incorrect that is) the world is going to get a lot worse before it gets better. I live in a country where there is a full year of paid parental leave(both mothers and fathers must take some of it) which is just a small step in the right direction where our children are concerned, but how sad is it that companies are made to give that to them or many would do as they do in the U.S. and go back to work in a few weeks.

          • Beth

            For your information you condescending ass I am divorced. I studied and worked extra hours on the days the boys had visitation with their dad. We did our homework together, ate dinner together, and then I would study and do more homework while they were in bed. No one else raised my kids. School took me an extremely long time to finish. Yes, I hardly slept. I was lucky to get any more than two or three hours a night. My children did not want for anything including time with me. We are extremely close to this day and have a wonderful relationship. As far as chores I did those when ever I could. Thank god for small apartments. I missed a few football games and that was it. Not that I need to explain myself to you or anyone else. I wasn’t expecting handouts and did what I needed to do to provide for my kids and secure their future. You can be judgemental all you want but the moral of the story remains quit your damn whining and support yourself and your own family. Stop expecting the taxpayers to take care of you. If you can’t afford children don’t have sex and get yourself pregnant. The fact of the matter is people abuse the system all the time. As an auditor I have seen the abuse and the waste that happens first hand. It’s ridiculous! If you are content paying taxes to support someone else’s family go for it and have a nice life.

          • chopper

            Well, either you worked three jobs and went to school or…you raised your kids. I am sorry, you cannot do both at the same time. I may be a bitch, but reality is often a bitch…..

          • Beth

            You are either incredibly stupid or simply have no concept of time. You can do far more than you think if you try. Yes I was damn tired. It can be done. All you have to do is get off your ass and don’t let people get in the way. Sorry I live in the real world not fantasy land. People need to take responsibility for themselves. To say you are fat because someone won’t “give” you more. Seriously are you dumb enough to believe that? God wake up lady! Damn.

          • chopper

            I never said I believe that. I said that I don’t believe you worked full time, plus two more jobs, plus school undergrad and graduate plus raised children all without anyone to help you. I went to school full time and worked one full time job while raising two children, alone, I am a widow so I did not have the luxury of their father around. There is no way I could have done that by myself, and I was very grateful for all of the help I had and made sure everyone knew it. I was a nurse, so I didn’t make a lot of money but I was very thankful that a woman I worked with had a sister who could not have her own children, but loved them. She took care of my children for much less money than I should have paid, and there was a preschool on the campus of my school, so I was very lucky there as well. Scholarships and student loans were able to pay for that. By the way, I also made the president’s list all but one semester, and graduated with a 3.96 gpa, so no, I am not dumb. However, neither my school nor my job allowed me to be there only when my ex husband was around to take my kids. I think that giving that information would help many single mothers out there, please, tell them where they can work and take classes only when their ex takes their children.

          • aplbomr

            I didn’t take any assistance. I worked 2 jobs every semester and sometimes 3 during the summer. My parents paid for nothing – no car, no housing, no insurance. Nothing.

            Don’t sell me this bullshit that we need the government to keep us out of the cycle of poverty.

          • nankani

            And you should work while going to school. To think its normal and OK to get welfare because you are in school is what is wrong with USA. Most people do not get help. Over the years with Obama and his handout mentality its becoming prevalent. You should be ashamed to think this way

          • proudtexan

            I make less than most people who need help “making ends meet” I am funding my wife’s college education she does not work and we have a kid. I have ZERO problems “making ends meet” It’s called living within your means and proper budgeting. People really need to chill with this I’m entitled attitude. I think the us should cut all welfare and unemployment benefits. You can find a job if it was your only option

          • sue andews

            Becky…. I went to school, had a full time job and managed to do all this without government assistance. How did I do it….. That was what was expected. I didn’t have a child or two to support along with myself. I had a roommate, we made our own meals and Top Ramen with vegetables was a treat. We did it, and that’s what we did.

          • Randy

            To many people going to college as it is…..huge loans they will never pay in worthless degrees like “womens studies” or museum management. The trades pay well but require real work and most college kids are looking for the easiest road they can find.

          • Kenyon Murphy

            that is a false statement in this economy, i have graduated college 2 years ago and still trying to find a good paying job. I am not on any government assistance but i don’t make that much. I am very glad and thankful that i am in a better situation than most people.

          • Carrie High

            I’m with you. I finished my MBA last Spring and still work the custodial job that I have worked for 10 years. A degree means squat without connections

          • HarryTheCat

            A degree means squat without a strong economy. It’s so bad right now that even new grad nurses and engineers are having a tough time finding jobs. One third of new college grads are back living with their parents a year after graduation, and more than half are working at jobs that do not require a degree. I don’t see this changing until we get some real change in the Senate and in the White House.

          • Eric Pint

            I don’t know what state you live in but in Pa nurses have no trouble finding a job. However this is going to change cause almost everybody I know right now is either in school to get their RN Paramedic or LPN. The nursing field here is becoming seriously flooded

          • HarryTheCat

            The ones who are really hurting right now are the Associate’s degree RNs (ADNs) and the LPNs. Most hospitals are now requiring a BSN as the entry-level degree, and the ADNs and LPNs are scrambling to get jobs in long term care and physicians’ offices. Many hospitals are trying to achieve “Magnet” status, which requires them to have at least 80% of their RNs at the Bachelor’s level or higher. Nursing schools in the U.S. are turning out 50,000 more new RNs every year than there are job openings, and it’s taking even many new BSNs a year or more after graduation and licensure to find a job. Many people flocked to nursing as a recession-proof career. My wife graduated with her BSN in 2008, and there were 450 applicants for the 50 seats in her class. Applicants had to have completed their first two years of pre-reqs for admission to the final 2 1/2 years of the nursing program, and the lowest GPA they admitted was a 3.85. It was a little better when she applied for grad school, and she received her MSN this year, but even those seats are getting tough to land since so many RNs are trying to become Nurse Practitioners and CRNAs. Hopefully things will change for the better in the near future.

          • Processed Foods

            Long term care…… Man made food equals SHORTER life expectancy!!! SHOCKER…. Soon nursing homes and “long term” care will be non existent!

          • Guest

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          • Linda Yoder

            There are plenty of jobs in Dialysis! Not to bad but techs are needed as well as nurses. try them out

          • Christina Woodruff

            You don’t need any sort of nursing or ohlebotomy education to get that job. I was on dialysis for several years and asked. A dialysis tech is its own certification, and most facilities only to need two nurses.

          • Alfred Gonkarnou Gono

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          • darkdrogmir

            This is why I went for computer science. Even in as backwater a state as Louisiana is, I found a job right after college at CenturyLink. And they’re still looking to hire 800 more tech jobs, along with IBM starting up a new branch in northern Louisiana. Healthcare and computers, jobs that will never go away.

          • Alani Fliger Jarrett

            The ANA is predicting a huge nursing shortage by 2025 because there are so many older nurses that have chosen not to retire because the economy is so bad right now. I wish I was a time traveler so I could see if this will be true or not.

          • Proud momma

            I agree I am an LPN working on my RN in fl LPN jobs are everywhere but they pay low and offer no benifits. Congratulations to your wife. And may you both vo tinge to be blessed

          • red_rn69

            You are so right. I was an ADN/RN for almost 15 years. Graduated in 1996, and had a lot of trouble finding that elusive first job. Everything required experience…but how are you supposed to get experience if no one will hire you? Eventually started in long term care, but quickly moved to hospital job/cardiac and critical care. Was working in ICU x years, when my back literally blew out, and ended my short career in nursing. I miss it every day. BUT, relative to the story, I do NOT collect any government welfare benefits, food stamps, or anything else.

          • sue andews

            What people fail to see is that the healthcare industry is subsidized by the government. Government pays for “those in need” to attend school to becoming nursing assistants, medical assistants… then subsidizes the clinics via medicaid payments to hire these people. Medicaid pays for all the medical bills… much different than medi-care which is limited benefits and requires co-payments, or additional coverage to pay for the same treatment that is received for free by the medicaid recipients.

          • Cathy Reulbach

            Medicaid have few doctors who will accept them. These doctors take very low payments from the government, unlike Medicare.These doctors tend to work with quantity instead of quality to get enough money.
            Medicare pays much more towards doctors and because of that more doctors accept them. Medicaid is intended for the very poor, they don’t have extra money to pay doctor bills, where as those using Medicare usually are not very poor. Some people who get Medicare are actually quite well off and can afford to pay their premiums and the remaining balance of their Medicare bills, but not all can. Because of this some Medicare users also get Medicaid, but again they have to be very poor to get both programs..
            The quality of care from Medicare is much better than that from Medicaid. It’s hard to get specialist to accept medicaid so people in need have trouble finding quality doctors without having to drive an hour or more to find one.

          • Lace

            This is in the UK, so no.

          • More nurses

            More nurses…… Lol. Ironic! HORRIBLE man made foods equals an increase in need for nurses??! SHOCKING!

          • Natasha Holloway

            It is da retards have rn now

          • SissyO

            i think that people who go into these fields will do well if you look at the ageing population over the next 30 years- going to be a boom for the business,

          • Tonya M. Torrey

            Nursing jobs are a dime a dozen in MA….we have tons of nursing jobs! Maybe think about transferring

          • nankani

            Oregon too

          • illegalgarbagegohome

            You can thank all those STEM visa holders for that. Immigration of all kinds is destroying us.

          • Florence Ursula Catherine Kram

            Too bad your ancestors got in, isn’t it?

          • Kate Anderson

            our ancestors came in legally, registered at Ellis Island and got jobs. It is the illegal immigrants that are concerning.

          • Smalldeer

            They accept jobs Americans don’t want to do, unless you want to butcher chicken/cows, clean toilets, hand pick vegetables etc. Illegal Immigrants DO NOT receive TANF/SNAP contrary to what right wing media tells you.

          • Smokey

            That is a lie. They DO receive benefits. Your source?

          • Smalldeer

            Look at the website for TANF benefits in your state, it says it very clearly that benefits are not available to illegal immigrants.

          • James Whalen

            You are wrong…. Parents can be illegal but get benefits cause their children were born here

          • cdrodriguez

            I don’t know what county you live in, but it sure as hell must not be the US, because your statement is false.

          • Smalldeer

            I suggest you READ the website for welfare in your state. How about you do some research before you post uninformed comments.

          • Jennifer Robins


          • Cassie Ennis

            I work at a childcare facility and we have quite a few families at our center alone who receive not only food stamps, but cash assistance, WIC and daycare assistance. At least one or both parents in the house are here illegally but all kids were born here. Some of the families continue to have kids every year or so just to keep their benefits. It almost seems as if the government prefers to give the most help to those who are illegal.

          • frenchtoastgirl

            And you know that how? Do they tell you? Do you ask?

          • Cathy Reulbach

            All the government help is for the children, not the illegal parents. The children are American citizens and in need after all. Illegal adults do not qualify for assistance. Read the website and get educated.

          • Christina Woodruff

            My step sister is from holland, they moved here when she was 13, and there was some mess that they never bothered to straighten out with their immigration. When she was a senior she tried getting it all sorted out, and after she did and started looking into schooling she to,d me she wished she had waited until she went to college to get it straighten out because there was so much more available for illegal immigrants

          • JMG

            DHS workers are mandated to report illegal aliens who try to apply for assistance. They are not eligible for benefits.

          • randy blessing

            what planet do you live on?

          • Jennifer Robins

            YES THEY DO. WHAT PLANET ARE YOU LIVING ON??? They have a million anchor babies and that’s how they get their money.

          • Cathy Reulbach

            Sources please. Make a statement be willing to back it up.

          • Randy

            Be real…they all commit fraud

          • Cathy Reulbach

            love it when people make accusations without sources which in essence means nothing more than it’s just your opinion.

          • Nicole Ortiz

            yes they do. Illegal immigrants get these benefits all the time especially if they have children who are citizens. I know from personal experience that illegals not only receive SNAP but they can also easily find a SSN to use for benefit purposes. And to say they do jobs Americans don’t want to do is naive and untrue. They do the jobs that don’t yield enough profit to pay a decent wage!

          • Cathy Reulbach

            The children get the benefits, the adults don’t unless there is a medical emergency. As for having an SSN, I know that is true, because they need one to get a job, but they cannot claim any of the benefits of having an SSN number, because they would have to apply in person and prove who they are in more than one way. So while illegals do pay into the system, they will never get SS or Medicare, because they can’t prove anything more than that they have an SSN number

          • Randy

            Have you ever heard of fraud? Is it hard for you to comprehend that people who are willing to break the law to come here would also be willing to commit fraud?

          • Cathy Reulbach

            The United States have laws covering the issue with children born here to illegal immigrant parents. You call it fraud, I have no idea what the government calls it. Whatever the government calls it, then that’s what it’s called regardless of your Opinion.
            Most people who take the chance with their own lives and those of their children do so because they are desperate. I don’t pigeon hole people as just one type. Sure there are the bad guys, the criminals, the drug smugglers, but there are many who are just desperate to get out of an area that is strife with drug cartels, kidnapping, forcing those they love to work for the cartels and killing and raping their family members and themselves. I can’t blame people for trying to get away from this sort of thing in almost anyway they can.

          • Monica Miller Plumley

            Here is the correction of what you said: ILLEGAL immigrants TAKE jobs from legal residents by doing the work for much less pay. ILLEGALS do receive living assistance benefits. They do receive free healthcare, and education for their children. They continue to have more children born in our country so that they continue receiving financial gains along with the idea that the government will not deport them if they have children who are legal residents. There are MANY legal residents who would be happy to have work in the fields, chicken factories, or as maids/janitors. The problem is the employer would then have to pay more, report it to the IRS, and quite possibly provide benefits. If the illegals would be removed per our laws, than our unemployment rate of legal citizens would drop. Wages for those types of jobs would increase and life in general for legal residents would improve. Think how much money could go to improving our medical and educational systems if it isn’t overburdened with illegals. Crazy how MILLIONS of illegals can over tax our systems. Who’d have thought?

          • Cathy Reulbach

            Now here are the REAL FACTS. Not just people’s unsubstantiated opinions.
            From the website of the National Immigrant Law Center..”


            Categories of Immigrants: “Qualified” and “Not Qualified”

            The 1996 welfare law created two categories of immigrants for benefits eligibility purposes: “qualified” and “not qualified.” Contrary to what these names suggest, the law excluded most people in both groups from eligibility for many benefits, with a few exceptions. The qualified immigrant category includes:

            Lawful permanent residents, or LPRs (persons with green cards).

            Refugees, persons granted asylum or withholding of deportation/removal, and conditional entrants.

            Persons granted parole by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for a period of at least one year.

            Cuban and Haitian entrants.

            Certain abused immigrants, their children, and/or their parents.[5]

            Certain victims of trafficking.[6]

            All other immigrants, including undocumented immigrants as well as many persons lawfully present in the U.S., are considered “not qualified.”[7]”

            “The law includes important exceptions for certain types of services. Regardless of their status, “not qualified” immigrants remained eligible for emergency Medicaid [13] if they are otherwise eligible for their state’s Medicaid program.[14] The law does not restrict access to public health programs providing immunizations and/or treatment of communicable disease symptoms (whether or not those symptoms are caused by such a disease). School breakfast and lunch programs remain open to all children regardless of immigration status, and every state has opted to provide access to the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC).[15] Short-term noncash emergency disaster assistance remains available without regard to immigration status. Also exempted from the restrictions are other in-kind services necessary to protect life or safety, as long as no individual or household income qualification is required.

          • RC

            Nope, sorry. You have been duped. Americans will accept any job, as long as it pays a livable wage. Now, when these ILLEGAL immigrants come here, they do the job for , say $5/hour. Now, the dominoes begin to fall…and all jobs hours wages (or most, anyway except for the VERY wealthy who want to pay slave wages so THEY get richer) fall, to benefit the greedy elite rich. Thank about it for a change instead of just parroting what the government and the rich WANT you to believe.

          • Nicole Ortiz

            umm if they registered at Ellis Island, they were legal. Also, at that time there were not any of these welfare benefits offered or taken advantage of. Plus there was room for more people then, we are pretty much fully stocked now a days and have to put a limit on how many can enter.

          • Jennifer Robins

            My ancestors didn’t get welfare dumbass. They didn’t get food stamps or special ESL teachers. They were farmers and merchants that paid their own way.

          • frenchtoastgirl

            Well if we had qualified students who knew STEM/STEAM then that might not be happening. I would also wager that the legal immigrants coming over to work in our tech industry are more literate then most students here in the US.

          • Cynical

            Don’t blame the government for not giving you a job. The reason 1/3 of new college grads are living with their parents is because their parents let them. It’s not the governments responsibility to create jobs. If you can’t find a job then you are just plain lazy. Yes it may not be your dream career but if it helps you put a roof over your head and food on your table, it’s still a job. The problem with people like you Harry is your sense of entitlement. The government owes me nothing other than protection from those that wish to do this country harm and help uphold the constitution. I have been working since I was 13 years old. I graduated high school and college and never took any government assistance. I couldn’t find a career in the field of work I studied in college so I changed professions to a job that would hire me. I have been in this profession for 17 years now and hold an executive position in the company doing rather well for myself. I have worked in restaurants, digging holes, building houses, custodial work, maintenance work, etc. Yes it was hard but I didn’t ask the government to hold my hand. I worked for everything I own and am proud to teach my children to do the same. It’s no ones responsibility to help you with life but your own. As far as RN’s its funny that you say they are really hurting. My wife is a newly graduated RN and she found a job within 6 months. Not her dream job but a place that will help her get experience in her profession. If you think that a job is entitled to you because you went to school for it you are wrong. Quit being a whiny brat and take some responsibility for your own actions. No one chose your path in life but you.

          • Smalldeer

            Do you want a flippin cookie? Great for you, but not everyone has the same exact circumstance as you so stop being such a GIGANTIC jackass. Did you know that most people that are on SNAP are ALREADY working? Having a college degree is no guarantee of finding a good paying job, some are even forced to work at McDonald’s. I am so flippin sick of asshats like you that think that everyone is lazy or has a hand out when in fact it’s the companies that REFUSE to pay living wages.

          • edan

            OMG, Not forced to work at McDonald’s. I have a welfare family next to me. I have no idea how many women and how many kids, but no one is working or going to school, and they didn’t just start this a few months or years ago, either.

          • Knitting Again

            Do you realize its us Asshats that are the people paying for what you are getting for free? There is no magic money machine that prints those benefits you get every month. It irritates the crap out of me to pay my taxes and listen to unappreciative people like you, who don’t appreciate the people that are trying to support your “assistance” Your not “entitled” to it, you are just benefiting from it. I worked a full time job and a part time job to support myself and put myself through school. I also had three room mates, something that is unheard of these days.

          • Jennifer Robins

            It’s spelled *You’re dumbass. Maybe you should go back to school. Obviously, it didn’t stick the first time. Secondly, I have paid over 30,000 worth of taxes in one year. Thanks to my UNION job that I know people like you just hate hate hate. Unions are about the only fighting chance us workers get at a decent wage. You have NOTHING to say about greedy banks or members of the government that get the largest handouts of course.

          • SissyO

            When the government promises “free Stuff” it means we are going to steal the money from everyone else who actually pays taxes to pay for your shit. This used to be an embarrassing thing for welfare recipients to admit but now they just throw it in your face as they buy their wine and shrimp cocktail. It;s almost like a badge of honor, just like those STUPID pants that start at your butts, clean it up lowlifes and might have a chance

          • Me again

            So buy your own steak and supplement the SNAP for you vegetables, etc.

          • Nicole Ortiz

            GREAT point!!! a ton of people on SNAP already work full time jobs, they just cannot afford to live off the low wage. These are the people that are being taken advantage of!

          • Randy

            Very few people working full time 40 hour jobs are eligible

          • Amanda

            As I sat here and read all the comments on her I am sick to my stomach. I am a 29 year old woman with 3 kids I work daily and go to school full time with a double major in paramedic and phlebotomy and my husband is also in school full time. With all that being said I am on snap well i shouldn’t say I am because me and my husband were kicked off for being in school but my kids get them. I do eat steak but that’s because I used my taxes that I paid in to buy a half a cow to get us through the year when it comes to having meat in my freezer. I buy a lot of health food for my family and I make a lot of meals that we can eat two days in a row but for the government to try and tell me what I can and can’t buy is just messed up. Do I believe that people abuse the system you bet but when you really look into the facts you will see that the families that truly know how it is to have nothing are not the ones out there buying steaks and seafood. They are buying things that make can last for more than one day. I wish they wouldn’t have to punish everyone for the bad people that are abusing the system. The government is so messed up and they need to start with fixing the government before they can fix the rest of the problems that they see as a big deal. Maybe if the government would stop sending jobs over sea’s and making companies pay fines for not having insurance on their employees and stop fining people for not having insurance and making people have to have all the other b’s out there things could change but from what I can see the government needs to change in order for other programs to change.

            That’s all I have to say take it or leave it. I wish some people would understand what hard times really means to a low income family.

          • Alani Fliger Jarrett

            Neither phlebotomy nor paramedic schooling are majors. Those are just programs.

          • Laury Hales

            What’s that got to do with the price of tea in Texas? Her point is, she’s in school trying to better her situation, she’s on assistance, and she can still choose to purchase more healthy foods. Her point is, the stupid woman in the article is lazy. Can’t buy healthy food? My ass. I’ve lived in England and their fruits and veg are more limited in variety than ours in America, but they are cheaper because Brits are big on “locally grown” You won’t find out of season strawberries imported from Mexico that cost $4 a carton, but you will find reasonably priced in season fruits and veg. Can’t lose weight? GTFU. She may not be able to afford a gym, but there’s nothing stopping her from getting off her lazy tail and walking. It doesn’t cost any money to stop shoving crisps in your mouth.

          • red_rn69

            @ Amanda AMEN! It is hard to be in the cycle of low income, being in school, and trying to get a leg up on life! Whether you are a credit to the system, or a chronic abuser, everybody looks down on you when you use a SNAP/food stamp card. Cooking casseroles for 3-4 days’ of meals is something you have to settle for & get used to. Buying meat ahead like you do is smart, if you have the available cash to do it! It’s all about budgeting and planning, whether you get “benefits” or not! The economy is so volatile and unstable, many people don’t know where their next meals might be coming from. Good luck, Amanda!

          • Randy

            Then why don’t I see thin people using these cards? There is a sign at 7-11 which says you may buy take out pizza with snap…also bagged ice is purchased with snap…that is crap

          • Randy

            Most of them are fat….earn your own way and stop smoking…drinking booze….playing lotto

          • Carrie High

            Did you ever think that it could have to do with the food that is cheap???? Spaghetti costs maybe $3 for a meal yet a healthy salad, chicken, etc would run you closer to $15 to make.

          • Jennifer Robins

            Shut your pie hole, you moron. YES the government are HIGHLY OVER PAID PUBLIC SERVANTS. It’s their job to create an economy. Yes they DO quite in fact owe the country jobs. Why ELSE am I paying them 350,000 minimum plus a lifetime pension and health package for only working 4 years???? They all vote for raises for themselves. Sure no problem!! I’m sick of people like you pointing the finger at working mothers who use 150 a month for baby formula, but have nothing to say about greedy political entities who spend the 8 hours they are paid to do, dining at fancy restaurants, sending women sexually inappropriate messages, and scheming of more ways to tax and take money from people. Sick of it!! What’s the matter with you???

          • SweetGATea

            Wow! You obviously haven’t had to look for a job recently. I became unemployed, had my house foreclosed on and my credit took a nose dive. I couldn’t get a job in my industry (I was a restaurant manager) because of my credit score, so I was applying for ANY job, yet I was even turned down for a seasonal cashier job at Target, due to my credit. I finally found another seasonal job that turned into a permanent job. It is minimum wage + commission, but I am thankful. I also did it all without public assistance. The must frustrating part of the process was friends, family, and strangers who thought I was “lazy” because I couldn’t get a job even though i put in over 1000 applications and went to countless interviews for the past year and a half. As a restaurant manager for a major corporation, we would not hire anyone who we felt would not be there for a least a year because we would invest about $500 in their training (this was just to be a server). I had been in the restaurant business for 18 years, with LOTS of experience. This is probably why I couldn’t get even a server job. They probably thought I would move on quickly, if I found a better job. So all the jobs that you think are so easy to get, aren’t that easy.

          • Alani Fliger Jarrett

            I still don’t understand how someone’s credit score should limit the jobs they get. Someone’s credit score will take a nosedive when they are unemployed and using credit cards to get by.

          • Carrie High

            It does though. What does credit have to do with work ability? If you have crappy credit, it tells me you won’t steal to pay the bills.

          • Christina Woodruff

            Allegedly how you handle your personal finances reflects your work ethic

          • Jena Bowman


          • Carol Fox Fisher

            You are correct! So start trying to meet and make connections!!!! Job fairs, breakfast or luncheon networking events, or go on interviews you may not get, but it will be practice for later. You REALLY have to market yourself these days….fill out an application on line, but you have to FOLLOW UP!!! BUG them til they give you an interview!!!

          • Eric Pint

            The other thing people need to realize is sometimes you have to look outside your field of interest to find work. My wife went to school for physical therapy but instead now works in the accounting department for one of our local utilities. Turned out better for her, she makes more money and doesn’t have to worry about malpractice ins. The problem is pride, either lack of it or to much of it. Lack of it ends up on welfare to much ends up on welfare cause they simply refuse work outside their chosen field.

          • Christina Woodruff

            Exactly.a degree in any field is still a leg up in any industry.

          • Tex

            No, it means squat if it’s within a saturated market. I’m guessing business or something like that?

            I’m in my first year of Law School here at UH Manoa (Richardson School of Law), and I’m fairly certain I’ll pick where I want to work.

          • AF

            Let me know how that works out for you. I know quite a few law school grads with no job. You will end up picking the first court appointed lawyer offer that comes your way (if its criminal law you’re studying.) As for me, I make a very very good living with no degree. Joined the military, learned my specialized skills and built a career on those skills when I got out. Maybe more of you struggling folks should do a two year enlistment to get a solid foundation. Works for a ton of people. Military has made countless numbers of professionals. If we had a military requirement for people we would have far less struggling folks in this great nation.

          • Tex

            Hahaha, okay fly boy. I put my time in. Don’t act like a jackass and pull the military card, okay? You make us all look like jabrones.

            And who says I’m struggling? Man, I’ve been out for three years now and I’m seriously starting to understand why people cannot stand the military, especially out here.

            And yea, everyone just “knows quite a few law graduates.” Cool story bro. The few law graduates I know, are doing quite well. Like I said, cool story bro. You’re a real inspiration and breakthrough story. (face palm)

            And btw, my last PCS was to Warner Robins. Was there two years. Mostly laid back AF guys, but some acted arrogant and annoying like you.

          • AF

            Wow you have some kind of defense mechanism wired in that brain of yours don’t you? 1. AF are my initials not Air Force. 2. I do in fact know quite a few because my career is law and law enforcement. 3. I never said YOU were struggling. Maybe I should have made it a seperate paragraph but that last part was directed to those that are and bitch because they can’t make ends meet. Seeing as the subject of discussion was people struggling and using assistance I thought that would have been obvious. But then again I am taking to a future lawyer. 😉 lol. I jest. As a single dad it would be good to get another lawyer on our side of the court room that actually makes a difference. Ex hasn’t paid child support in years and not a damn person cares lol. If you do go criminal, don’t forget the letter of the law vs. The spirit of the law and which one ultimately is the most important.

          • Tex

            Okay, fair enough. Perhaps I jumped the gun a bit. Listening to all these liberal imbeciles on here makes me wanna lose it.

            Yes, you should’ve separated what you were saying. When it’s within the same paragraph that has sentences directed t me, is it easy to assume they all are. But no worries, I’m completely with you on that.

            Yea, IDK. I’m extremely torn, and the worst part is, I have very little time to truly decide before I start back tracking, class wise. I agree though, and that is the issue I have. The system is SOOOO one sided. Reverse the roles, miss some payments and your ass would be in a sling.

            What form of law enforcement are you in? I take it you are an MP? Good for you man. I always thought about getting into a PD, but I don’t know if I could do something like that. It takes a special person to do that every day.

            I’m from a small town between Austin and SA. My wife is from SA.

            So hey, my fault for jumping the gun.

          • AF

            No worries man. I was an MP but have long been out. Was a cop for a 7 years after but since went federal doing other LE stuff lol. So a total of 15 years of it in January. Dealt with countless lawyers in and out of court, expert witness testimony yada yada. Some of those guys have a special place in hell. Worst lawyer I ever experienced was a civil litigation lawyer. Screw that guy. Acted like a 5yo. Anyway, good luck to ya, either way you’re in for a long road full of difficult decisions both personally and professionally. I never envied a lawyers job and won’t start now lol.

          • Tex

            Wow, after the military and the middle east, I always saw myself doing that. But after having kids, I just decided enough was enough. I commend you.

            Oh yea, lawyers can be the wort humans on earth. I don’t want to be that kind of lawyer. I’m not into defending or representing bad people that do bad things. That has inspired me to go criminal, but that’s a dam headache and I’m aware. So, I think helping an area this country greatly needs help in, is best for me. I.E., family law, representing men that get screwed by this so called “system.”

          • AF

            Oh and what part of the Great state of Texas are you from? I’m from NE Texas currently down south.

          • Megan

            You disrespectful ASSHOLE! He served our country, have some F*&^ respect! You think people “cannot stand the military”? I can guarantee 99.9999999% HATE lawyers! You’re so incredibly rude and the epitome of arrogant. I’ve never heard of the law school you attend? Couldn’t make the cut to get in to a real law school?

          • Jennifer Robins

            You’re a snide little bitch aren’t you? Wow. At least he’s doing something. What do YOU do?

          • Monica Miller Plumley

            You realize that they are both prior service military right? You also understand they worked out their misunderstanding?

          • frenchtoastgirl

            I actually sort of agree with you and think it should be expanded; any program should include more then the armed forces, but the park service as well, re-open the CCC and Public Works. If you are conscientious objector (I’m thinking back to the draft, because this would be like the draft) you can still serve your country but in a different capacity. This may also help expose people to other parts of our country and the people who make this country up. Imagine exposing some kid from New Jersey to the Badlands or Yosemite. And conversely some kid from Iowa to the parks in Washington, DC.

          • Smalldeer

            There is no shortage of lawyers anywhere in the United States, the market is SATURATED with lawyers. Good luck with that.

          • randy blessing

            you’re just full of all kinds of good news aren’t you debbiedowner?

          • Jennifer Robins

            She’s a bitter welfare queen.

          • Randy

            Great….I am always saying what America needs is more lawyers

          • Knitting Again

            I turned my “custodial job” into a business. Started my own. Why work for peanuts when you can own the field 🙂

          • Cathi Korelin

            Jobs are out there. You need to move to get them.

          • Kay

            Maybe you got your degree from a crappy, unrecognized school. Yes, where you schooled matters.

          • Carrie High

            Actually, it was from a well respected state University.

          • Dawn

            I’m with you on this one! I was tired of retail jobs! I went back to school and got my associates and haven’t been able to find a job because I don’t have experience, hello, how do I get experience if no one lets me???

          • Shawn Herman-Gibson

            Welcome to America. A place where it doesn’t pay to do business anymore. Business owners are abused by the tax system, the government, the employees. The largest employers in the US in the past were small businesses. Make it easier for small businesses and you will see an increase in jobs. But thats not going to happen since our government is in bed with big business lobbyists. According to Mussolini, Fascism is a merger between state and business. Thats what you see thesedays. Welcome to Fascism.

          • bean

            Educated welfare fraudsters just learn how better to use the system

          • Bryant T Bear Ellis

            I would rather pay for my food and not have to be 60k in debt after school and have a lifetime of debt hurting me and my family

          • Patricia Hine

            With welfare , I can see people with learning disabilities on welfare But what are the excuses for people who had good grades in school ? I mean seriously, theses type of people can pretty much get a job anywhere and should not have no excuse to collect unless they are dying of cancer or something like that … I am so sick of ignorant people judging and looking at people who are born with a learning disability on welfare, But never question highly educated friends or family members who can get a good paying job collecting a government check . You don’t considered those type of people CON-ARTIST to make the disabled look bad all so they can take more from them by even lower their pay because evil people think they haven’t suffered enough ? You don’t think that shit is stage with people who go on a damn shopping spree buying like 300 dollar Jordan sneakers,living in a fancy place or wearing gold diamond rings on their fingers and driving around in a brand new car , Big shopping sprees for the holidays and even standing in line for free gifts and food While bragging how so highly educated while saying to people who have less : It sucks to be you because they got more ? Is it me or just a set up to make the real people who actually need it look bad ? Are many too blind or just that stupid not to spot a con artist on welfare , Just so they can make sure the disabled has less ? Is this why welfare will deny people who are illiterate when they fill the form out wrong , make them do it over again where they go weeks without pay where they end up in a shelter ? Is this why caseworkers don’t actually try to help them correct it ? Just so they can also catch them doing something bad for survival where they force them to work at a job they hate to pay off their debt ? While a person who is very educated gets it on the spot and even gets more than a person who has learning disabilities ? Where they say every case is different and that is why the con-artist gets more or even pays less while getting government housing ? ? Which I have even seen a women get like 2,000 a month from government assistance where they are younger than me and never really worked in their life where they even get more food stamps, get free gift cards, people paying for their gas for appointments and christmas presents from certain programs , while the disabled gets denied by these programs when asking for help and treat where they treat them as they are the con-artist .. Which my income is like a 1,000 bucks when including food stamps and I don’t even get a check for my child when they get like 500 dollars for each kid , Which I am sure they would never give someone with a disability that amount of money but give them like 50 dollars more for their child and if their deadbeat of a father ends up paying there losey 100 dollars a month they would lower the food stamps and make them pay more in rent . So how is that Justice in this country ? And why do they give so much to people who are not even from this country a check don’t speak english and even change doctors and welfare places where it says press 1 for english or 2 for another language ?I thought we all spoke english in this country for a reason ? Which so we could all understand each other and not confuse others more by mixing religion and other languages together ? Which I am sure many were lied to about our history as well and that is why america has become so corrupt where people are only fighting for LUST rather than REAL LOVE ? And It seems like this is NOT just happening in AMERICA but in other countries as well . Where SANTA aka SATAN has flew all around the world with his elves aka demons to only help educate con-artist who hearts are filled with greed than someone who would never try to harm them on purpose …I am not saying all educated people are all evil but just ones who are on welfare along with the people who will lie for them , give them more and steal out of the mouths of people who need it the most while they get a bonus check to serve and protect these pigs aka criminals , Who never seem to get busted when they rob others blind because of their family members that work for the law.

          • Patricia Hine

            With this I considered this post to be a flat out be a lie to a certain point Because the person who wrote this article is blowing crap out of his mouth Unless this person is one of those con-artist I was talking about that gets special privileges where they even have a sugar daddy on top of it .. Like yes they do not give us enough money to eat healthy because of the heartless stuck people get mad when we are eating healthy food where they watch what you buy and then look at the price .. Where their favorite words that fly out of their mouth is .. You don’t work you shouldn’t be allowed to eat good, While they are not even force to work at jobs they hate doing because they can pretty much work anywhere where they don’t have a learning disability because learning comes easy for them and that is why they want to to work at jobs they hate doing … But anyway to be overweight like this is no excuse Because I don’t get much either for me and my child But we are not beyond overweight where we need like two seats to sit and I don’t even get much exercise because I am stuck out in the middle of nowhere where I can not drive myself anywhere because of my vision and short term memory problems, I do understand there’s people out there that are a little on the heavy side because it runs in their family as they get older But not obese when they like 4 breast front and back and a big butt in the front and two roles in the back Which I considered that to be a selfish flat out a PIG who is just flat greedy and many people carter to those type of people and feel bad for them when they did this to their self because you will even have obese people working and admitting it is no one else’s fault but their self for being so big ..Which your comment seems to like to compete with the disabled and treat them like shit by what you wrote ..

          • Patricia Hine

            Because With welfare , I can see people with learning disabilities on welfare But what are the excuses for people who had good grades in school ? I mean seriously, theses type of people can pretty much get a job anywhere and should not have no excuse to collect unless they are dying of cancer or something like that … I am so sick of ignorant people judging and looking at people who are born with a learning disability on welfare, But never question highly educated friends or family members who can get a good paying job collecting a government check . You don’t considered those type of people CON-ARTIST to make the disabled look bad all so they can take more from them by even lower their pay because evil people think they haven’t suffered enough ? You don’t think that shit is stage with people who go on a damn shopping spree buying like 300 dollar Jordan sneakers,living in a fancy place or wearing gold diamond rings on their fingers and driving around in a brand new car , Big shopping sprees for the holidays and even standing in line for free gifts and food While bragging how so highly educated while saying to people who have less : It sucks to be you because they got more ? Is it me or just a set up to make the real people who actually need it look bad ? Are many too blind or just that stupid not to spot a con artist on welfare , Just so they can make sure the disabled has less ? Is this why welfare will deny people who are illiterate when they fill the form out wrong , make them do it over again where they go weeks without pay where they end up in a shelter ? Is this why caseworkers don’t actually try to help them correct it ? Just so they can also catch them doing something bad for survival where they force them to work at a job they hate to pay off their debt ? While a person who is very educated gets it on the spot and even gets more than a person who has learning disabilities ? Where they say every case is different and that is why the con-artist gets more or even pays less while getting government housing ? ? Which I have even seen a women get like 2,000 a month from government assistance where they are younger than me and never really worked in their life where they even get more food stamps, get free gift cards, people paying for their gas for appointments and christmas presents from certain programs , while the disabled gets denied by these programs when asking for help and treat where they treat them as they are the con-artist .. Which my income is like a 1,000 bucks when including food stamps and I don’t even get a check for my child when they get like 500 dollars for each kid , Which I am sure they would never give someone with a disability that amount of money but give them like 50 dollars more for their child and if their deadbeat of a father ends up paying there losey 100 dollars a month they would lower the food stamps and make them pay more in rent . So how is that Justice in this country ? And why do they give so much to people who are not even from your country a check that don’t speak english where they now change doctors and welfare places saying press 1 for english or 2 for another language ? I thought we were all to speak the same language for a reason ? And that is so we could all understand each other and not confuse others by mixing religion and other languages together ? Which I am sure many were lied to about our history as well from PEople who are evil and that is why america has become so corrupt along with other countries where people are only fighting for LUST rather than REAL LOVE ? . Where SANTA aka SATAN has flew all around the world with his elves aka demons to only help educate con-artist who hearts are filled with greed rather than someone who could use the extra help and would never try to harm them on purpose …I am not saying all educated people are all evil but just ones who are on welfare along with the people who will lie for them , give them more and steal out of the mouths of people who need it the most while they get a bonus check to serve and protect these pigs aka criminals , Who never seem to get busted when they rob others blind because of their family members that work for the law.

          • Patricia Hine

            I have severe dyslexia and the schools never cared enough to get me extra help of the times I did go to school But just allowed me to get bullied where I eventually started to act out and then quit because of it … They said the reason why they didn’t put me in LD classes was because I past some type of IQ test and that they just assumed I was just too lazy to want to learn .. But everyone can see on my wall I Try my hardest to write with most of my time ..So it shows with places like CPS, court system or school system their are people like you working to corrupt people mind on how they should think and feel including children .. I have notice many corrupt people who work for The system will always targets people with learning disabilities and treats them like slaves, By forcing them to get any job that only pays enough to get you by and not be able to pay for a good lawyer when your tights have been Violated ..Which proves people like you compete with the disabled and even steal their ideas and make money off of them when they are dead .. Just look at albert einstein and thomas edison who also had a learning disability , Where most of the time illiterate people don’t even understand what they are signing where they can end up signing their rights away and people like you feed off of that which is sick and demented who only think evil not good where even CYS workers will try to snatch up their child to get a bonus check to adopt them out because the parents didn’t understand what they were signing because you know don’t care that things don’t come easy for them so you take advantage of it … People like you should be with your own people so you can see how long you last where no one is their to clean up after your ass .

          • Patricia Hine

            With this I considered to be a lie to a certain point because the person who wrote this article is blowing crap out of his mouth unless this person is one of those con-artist I was talking about.. that gets special privileges where they even have a sugar daddy on top of it .. Like yes they do not give us enough money to eat healthy because of the heartless stuck people get mad when we are eating healthy food where they watch what you buy and then look at the price and complain even wouldn’t care if you child is starving but yet want to call CPS if your child goes without ? What the F is up with that ? .. Where their favorite words that fly out of their mouth that is so hypocritical when judging saying .. You don’t work you shouldn’t be allowed to eat good, While they are not even force to work at jobs they hate doing where they can pretty much work anywhere where they don’t have a learning disability Because learning comes easy for them and that is why they want the disabled to work at jobs they hate doing … But anyway to be overweight like this is no excuse Because I don’t get much either for me and my child But we are not beyond overweight where we need like two seats to sit and I don’t even get much exercise because I am stuck out in the middle of nowhere where I can not drive myself anywhere because of my vision and short term memory problems, I do understand there’s people out there that are a little on the heavy side because it runs in their family as they get older But not obese when they like 4 breast front and back and a big butt in the front and two roles in the back Which I considered that to be a selfish flat out a PIG who is just flat greedy and many people carter to those type of people and feel bad for them when they did this to their self because you will even have obese people working and admitting it is no one else’s fault but their self for being so big … I notice 168 demons like your comment who will talk shit on someone that starves their kids while they would allow the government to make sure they starve even rip up homes .. Loving the stinking thinking you got going on their ?which it shows your true colors how you only think evil and would actually want children to be laying out on the streets with flies flying around their head with empty stomachs or have the family ripped to shreds so the child can grow up thinking their parents didn’t love them ? Way to go ..Does the A on your report mean A for asshole along with the people who liked it ?

          • Patricia Hine

            With this I considered to be a lie to a certain point because the person who wrote this article is blowing crap out of his mouth unless this person is one of those con-artist I was talking about.. that gets special privileges where they even have a sugar daddy on top of it .. Like yes they do not give us enough money to eat healthy because of the heartless stuck people get mad when we are eating healthy food where they watch what you buy, look at the price and complain if they are there child is eating healthy but yet want to call CPS if your child goes without ? What the F is up with that ? .. Where their favorite words that fly out of their mouth is so hypocritical when judging by saying .. You don’t work you shouldn’t be allowed to eat good, including your children ? While they are not even force to work at jobs they hate doing because they don’t have a learning disability Because learning comes easy for them and that is why they want the disabled to work at jobs they hate doing … But anyway to be overweight like this is no excuse. Because I don’t get much either for me and my child But we are not beyond overweight where we need like two seats to sit and I don’t even get much exercise because I am stuck out in the middle of nowhere where I can not drive myself anywhere because of my vision and short term memory problems.. I do understand there are people out there that are a little on the heavy side Because it runs in their family as they get older But not to be obese who have like 4 breast front and back and a big butt in the front and back, Which to me I considered that to be a selfish flat out a PIG who is just to greedy to share and many people carter to those type of people and feel bad for them when they did this to their self.. Because you will even have obese people working and admitting it is no one else’s fault but their self for being so big … But anyone I have notice 168 demons liked your comment, That will talk shit on someone who starves the children and starves the disabled because they have learning disabilities But be ok with the government is starving them ?. What a Loving the stinking thinking you got going on their ?Which it is showing your true colors how you only think evil and would actually want children to be laying out on the streets with flies flying around their head with empty stomachs like yo see on the african commercials ? or have the family ripped apart so the child can later grow up thinking their parents didn’t love them ? Way to go ..Does the A on your report mean A for asshole along with the people who liked it ?

          • ginger

            You need to educate yourself. Everything you said is either absolutely wrong or completely out of context. My husband was furloughed, even though he still worked FULL TIME, because he was considered essential personel, but because the government contracts him, he didn’t get paid for a single day, nor did he rate any assistance whatsoever. And you think college students shouldn’t get assistance because they’re getting the “benefits” of what, exactly? We have to pay back almost 80 grand in student loans, even though he had the GI Bill and vocational rehabilitation, paying for some of it. But he was using his GI Bill at a time when there was NO living expenses or benefits paid out (which changed just after he graduated). I have many illnesses and am unable to work, so government assistance was all we had, to feed our family, pay our bills and our rent. It sounds to me like you need to be educated on real life instead of taking a tea bagger at his or her word that the world works a certain way. Because I’m here to tell you that reality is way different than what “they” tell people. And NO most of those people furloughed can’t retire “tomorrow” with lifetime benefits, not to mention there were thousands of people required to continue working that NEVER got paid for it.It sounds to me like you have enough pride for he rest of us, sitting up there on your horse pretending you’re better than everyone else. Pride is one of the seven deadly sins. Hope you don’t choke on yours.

          • joe

            Why in the world should I pay you because you are so sick you can’t work, yet you sure can type on the internet? If your husband worked full time and didn’t get paid, he is an idiot.

          • Eve Kendall

            You and people like you are what is wrong with the US. I’m so sick of azzhatz thinking “I’ve got mine so screw you”.

          • way2kay

            I definitely think a college student should receive benefits before someone who does nothing but sit home, make babies & never intend to get a job let alone build a career…things today are different for college students than when I went to college…I know college kids who are going to school full time, working two jobs trying to make ends meet, keeping up a high gpa but eating ramen noodles 5 nights a week because even with two jobs housing, utilities, cars & auto insurance & oh yeah, now thanks to the aca, health insurance too is most of their budget…so yeah, I’d rather they get govt benefits because when they finish school, they will be gainfully employed & will be putting back into the system that helped them out when they needed it…

          • Kathi J

            Whether or not someone in school gets cash benefits will depend on what state they live in. Some states, like mine do not pay what’s called ‘general relief’, they only pay TANF, so people without children might get a one-time $200 payment and some food stamps or medi-cal but they do not get monthly cash.

          • R Dale Goodwin Coffin

            Frankly you dont know what your talking about. The woman works 2 jobs and goes to school. She pays for living expenses and other things that have to do with school. So why shouldnt get some help buying food? For God sakes, she is after all doing something constructive to make her life better and maybe her children or future children. Why condemn someone for doing something to make their lives better just because she needs a little help? You should be ashamed of yourself. The system is abused yes but not by everyone. I would hope if I ever needed help I could get it without being put down for it. Im one of the lucky ones and I work at a well paying job with medical and dental benefits. But not everyone is so lucky. So lighten up and give some thought to what you type before typing it.

          • Bunny

            ►”I cannot believe a student would be entitled to welfare…”◄

            What are you kidding? In my state they PAY for your education too.

          • Smalldeer

            In most states in order to receive welfare benefits you must either go to school or work.

          • sue andews

            Really ???? I know federal employees who applied for unemployment and were turned down.

            To those who have limited benefits… come to California… where those that work support those that don’t. Section 9, welfare, food stamps, Medi-cal… all for free.. on on in… Gov. Brown welcomes you with open arms… Don’t have legal papers… no problem… you still get free medical care… have a baby… the more you have, the more you receive.

          • Allen Diaz

            Govt employees, at least at the federal level, don’t get a pension anymore. There is a 401k program and a retirement package. It is 1% of your base salary for every year you work up to 41%. If you are a federal employee that got in under the old program you get a pension but that would mean that you are at or very near retirement now. The two programs are FERS and CSRS. CSRS was stopped in 1985 i believe. I was furloughed but didn’t sign up for welfare but if some did, why is that an issue? Can you go 2 months with no pay? Luckily i had enough in savings to cover my bills but, unlike the stories told, most Gov’t employees don’t make $130k+ a year. Most employees make $70 or less. We still pay taxes, still pay for medical, dental and optical insurance like everybody else. Thanks to the ACA, my insurace doubled becuase i had to add additional coverages like conctraception coverage for my wife (who had her tubes tied in 2006) and my 7 and 10 year old daughters. BTW, there is a small percentage of federal employees that could retire tomorrow with a retirement package but it isn’t like I could. I hvae 20 years of federal service (that is including 13 years of military service) and i can’t retire until i am 67.5 years old. That will put me at 49 years of federal service. Do a little research before yoru oral diarrhea is released.

          • SissyO

            I don’t have any sympathy because many of us do not get anything besides what we invest in our IRAs and other self directed out of pocket savings plans. The federal worker will get his TSP, Pension (annuity) and social security and they will be way better off than a private sector middle class person who doesn’t make enough to invest in money markets, etc. Most of us have learned that what we will have in old age is HOPEFULLY what we earned in our IRA, and maybe we will see some SS, which I have never believed in. SO invest invest invest, had a good handle on it, or a good advisor, and pray the market doesn’t get cranky right before you are ready to call it a day. And then figure out a strategy to make that money continue to work to provide money for the future.

          • Jill Hodges Betts

            Are you not very bright? How much money do you think a college student actually makes while working and going to school full-time? Who do you think pays for their tuition? Most of the time it is the college student. They are entitled to help the most because they are bettering themselves to get off the system and support it instead.

          • SissyO

            College degrees are overpriced and these young people would be better served to learn real working skills in the military or as an intern in the field of their choice while in school. A degree without experience is like toilet paper. The federal government is responsible for the massive price increase in the colleges because of the outrageous salaries paid to crazy left wing educators who are paid so much to do just that- tilt the scale away from conservative values such as making your own way and working with what you got, Instead hold out your hand and we will GIVE you what we want you to have. That never works out- Ask Argentina, Bolivia, Columbia, and get back to me.

          • Comsense

            I know a lot of federal govt. employees that had to still go to work without getting paid at that moment. We had to think about how to pay for food those weeks and feed our children, while still WORKING. At the same time welfare recipients still received food stamps and NOT working. I don’t know any federal agents that applied and got SNAP.

          • SissyO

            Federal employees did and are still collecting. I have a problem with a person who basically is guaranteed in many cases double the lifelong salary of a private sector “worker” thinking they are somehow “entitled” to their “good ole gub’mt job”. It makes me sick. They should be happy they have a job given the massive stupidity of most long time, legacy, government workers, some who don’t even know how to use a computer. Sorry, for my tax dollar I expect more! Good thing for them the House is introducing a bill that in case Congress fails to pass a budget, fed govt employees will not be the whipping boys,w/ which I do agree with.

          • marc

            If you would look at the number of college graduates that are having to work minimum wage jobs because they can’t get a job with the degree they just spent more than they could afford on getting then maybe you would understand that not everyone that goes to college has rich parents to pay for everything. Don’t try to judge a walk of life you don’t know. Yes welfare and food stamps should be kept in check. With so many leeches on the system like the woman this article is about its hard for honest people who need a little help to get anything.

          • SissyO

            60% of college age people in the US don’t go to college. This whole price escalation and “forgiveness” of the loans those dumbness took out will now be the responsibility of some blue collar to absorb. Think beyond the emotion, dude- this was a problem your good ole gum’nt created that now we are having to pay for. Get your asses to work and not to school- the education they are getting is nothing but left wing nonsense.

          • Natasha Holloway

            It z Neva received any of it and I have four boys 1dad 2 in college 2 in his…get it togetha ladies

          • OUR12

            Pride goeth before the fall.

          • joe

            you got penalized? uh, no. You are receiving someone else’s hard earned money.

          • Ali123

            Hi, I’ve looked through this thread and your comments and I don’t usually comment. But your smug, sociopathic, darwinian bollocks is just what’s wrong with the world. We humans with the gift of reason and self awareness are able to change the world we live in and help ourselves. Yet idiots who spout nonsense like you – would rather live in a dog eat dog survival of the fittest existence. Which I admit it has been before civil society, scientific advances and human progression. Go live in a cave if you prefer it that way!

          • Heather Bailey-Kongira

            Really? Working 2 jobs AND attending school full time is taking someone ELSE’S money? So the money I pay in means nothing??

          • joe

            what, you think they are only giving you your money back?

          • nankani

            very proud of you!! that is so hard but doable. Happy for you

          • Mindy Suzio

            It seems that the government likes to attack the people that are not abusing the system.

          • Ivory

            I ran into the same problem just recently. They refused me any benefits other than food, my husband and I are full time college students with a teenager and an Autistic gradeschooler. They thought education was not a good reason and that if we wanted help we had to quit school. If we quit with no degrees we have loans to repay, and no ob prospects, we will be back on substandard pay before you know it, and have to rely on benefits of some kind forever. Priorities need to change, getting people self sufficient should be the priority, not keeping them in poverty for as long as possible.

          • Heather Bailey-Kongira

            Agreed. My daughter is as per gers and I adopted a son with fetal alcohol effects. But a degree should never be a priority. .. bunch of bs

          • Proud momma

            Absolutely! It is designed to help get people out of poverty!

          • mcarlson

            I am informed…. in live in Iowa and there is only a limit on FIP benefits (cash) NOT food stamps or medical assistance, which is what I was talking about in the first place. You can get food stamps and medical care as long as you fall within income guidelines and have an eligible child under 18.

          • angiewrn

            Yes that’s true enough, if you have no kids you don’t get squat, I became disabled almost 3 years ago, but since I have no children benefits are not good!

          • Renee Cioffi

            Oh my goodness, me too! My dad got hurt and couldn’t work for a while. My mom has horrible arthritis. So I got a job and tried to feed the three of us, pay bills, and get gas to go to work on 7.25 an hour. I’m 22. When I tried to apply for welfare, the lady
            Pretty much told me if I wanted any help, I needed to go get knocked up.

          • Deborah Lynn

            You should be getting disability and possibly section 8 housing. Food assistance…probably not because you are under 59(i think is the age) and disability is unearned income so you don’t get the 20% earned income deduction to qualify

          • Kathi J

            Section 8 has very long waiting lists, in my state you can wait up between 5 and 10 years and they only open pre-enrollment once a year, maybe. Hasn’t opened here since 2008.

          • Kathi J

            Some people qualify for food stamps and medical assistance long after their children are grown and gone from home. Many seniors qualify.

          • SissyO

            That is because welfare IS a stigma and that is part of the incentive to get off of it. My family was on assistance when I was very young, but my mom eventually joined the work force, earned a pension, and now lives a very simple life without it. And she’s happy and proud about it. Lifelong welfare recipients, and generations thereof, should feel shitty when they take my money. Remember, the government doesn’t make money, they take from citizens, so I am paying your way. It’s not a nameless, faceless. ubiquitous entity.

          • Bill_Beer

            Sadly, many people here in the UK don’t see benefits as a stigma, but a right! This woman is not alone in thinking she should get more from the state for being a lazy cow!

          • joe

            you voted for it! now enjoy it and STFU.

          • ChocolateGirl2

            You mean more from the TAXPAYERS!

          • Mopargirl

            If you were to become permanently disabled tomorrow would you feel that you are entitled to the benefits you are paying for? Would you still have a holier than thou attitude toward welfare?
            If I truly need help I’m not going to feel ashamed of it. It is unfortunate that the people that really need it can’t get it. If you’re single with no kids you might as well be homeless and eat out of a dumpster while a druggie with 5 kids and drives a new Cadillac gets a full ride.

          • Deborah Lynn

            If you are single with no kids and not disabled there is NO REASON you can’t work to support yourself. Stop worrying what somebody has that you don’t and take care of yourself. Some people need to learn to lower their expectations….you don’t need an upscale apartment…an efficiency is better than a cardboard box!! ANYTHING IS BETTER THAN NOTHING.

          • Gabby

            I have a debilitating disease and I am only 19. No kids, and single. Just because I don’t have kids doesn’t mean I shouldn’t get as much government funding. I am not able to get a job for myself and disability takes me through the wringer so bad. They will deny you if you can get up and down the stairs without help, but if you pop out a kid or two you can get up to 60,000 a year. Great, and you guys wonder why kids are having kids at 14

          • Sean Neumann

            No I am sorry. I need to know what debilitating disease you have. I need to know why you think you deserve as much money as someone who has kids needs. I need to know why you think there is not ONE, NOT ONE single job you are capable of doing to support yourself. I guarantee you that if you answer my questions within 15 minutes of being on google I can find you a job.

          • Felicia

            You can’t get that much in america… If yu read the article they are in England. You don’t get anything near that here.

          • Knitting Again

            Get an internet or secretarial job. Seems that you can use a computer, type, etc etc etc

          • mike

            i don’t know where you live but if you get a $10.00hr job which is good in the greater d.c. area where i live you can work 40 hrs a week and still not have enough to do anything more than rent a room if you are lucky enough to find one low enough. the average for my particular area is 800.00 a month yet the average job pays 8.15 hr which is our counties min. wage. this means even at 40 hrs. a week you get 652.00 every 2 weeks and 1304.00 a month before taxes. and since we have state, fed. and local taxes you walk with about 1125.00 a month. so minus 800.00 for your shitty room, utilities(which are never included here), auto and health insurance, gas you’ll be lucky to have $100 to feed yourself for a month. so someone like that deserves to get help over some illegal or assclown who wants to have a ton of kids and never work

          • Kathi J

            And few of those jobs work people a full 40-hours. You forgot something very important in your calculations, daycare, women who work at very low wage jobs sometimes have daycare expensive that exceed their weekly take-home pay and not everyone is going to qualify for subsidized daycare.

          • Helga Stintzcum

            This woman is getting plenty of assistance but thinks the taxpayers should pay for her gym membership??? She does not need to join a gym but get off her ass and start moving around…

          • melinda

            exactly buy a freaking workout dvd for 5 bucks from walmart and exercise in your damn living room, shes disgusting…id love to be in a room with her for 5 mins and sew her mouth shut that would keep her from eating solids but i bet she would fin a way to get the straw thru with some cola..or milkshakes..

          • chettmixx

            When you say average job pays 8.15 you probably mean entry jobs pay 8.15/hour…..With 2 years in school you can easily make $20-30/hour starting out which brings home roughly 2,500/month, enough to pay rent, car and utilities with some cash left over. You can grow from there. Also if you’re smart and marry someone like minded that went to school and has a decent job you now have two incomes at nearly $5,000 net per month.

            My Point: Look at those around you who are successful and follow their path.

          • mike

            i was using the average single person without schooling scenario. while yes if you go to school or get into a trade early enough you can set yourself up well. i was looking at it from an aspect of someone who got a min. wage job which as i showed would find it difficult to support themselves

          • just saying

            If you were disabled i am sure ypu wpuld get help it is a fight i have been there had help by the kindness of some people and yes felons make alot of money through fraud but they also use the money for bad andsome use it to pay expenses but i do know this iresponsible sex with someone that does not help support is wrong leaning and being attracted to that is bad concept shows someting else and being disabled making children you can npt afford is incompetent nature by no means gives any one a safety net it is trough kidness of other people and knowledge no welfare for the animals but they survive understand that land is not available to go back to the old days but it is what it is overcrowding to much but to abuse and show off makes you a sleazy and its hard to be sleazy but some people luke it tlhat way and when it comes to gaeed people like it th me i jave 25 aweek to live off 36.000 she has plenty

          • Those who apply for disability in the US are subjected to a nearly four year ‘waiting for resolution’ backlog. Four years with none or very limited income, soaring medical costs, pricey medications, and pain and suffering out of my pocket with an income of zero. I was homeless for three years since I used up my savings the first year I was seriously injured and subsequently, permanently disabled. I know people who are legitimately disabled, not due to obesity (I don’t believe obesity should be a qualifying disability, ever) who have been on the list for over five years and one who finally got theirs after seven years. I also know a few veterans who are still sitting on the list for over three years now and their applications are handled before any others. The backlog excuse: govt. understaffing. Obtaining social security disability is not easy to do for those who are legitimately disabled, they do not know the ‘right answers’ or the ‘right words’ to say when interviewed that will grant them access to the solution of the maze for being approved for disability. Also, there are few, if any benefits available for those who are adults without children, including those who are recently disabled fighting for benefits after paying in the required length of time which qualifies their eligibility. Then if they are lucky to be approved it takes months and months to get the first payment and often there are no retroactive benefits paid. After being approved there is still another waiting period to get medical benefits. Since most people who file for disability are under retirement age they have not worked long enough to establish a liveable monthly benefit amount because their working lifetime was cut short and the monthly amount is based on the total of how much one has paid in. Recipients usually only get about 1/3 to 1/2 what they would have gotten had they worked until retirement age. Supplemental security income is paid to those who do not qualify for social security disability and is based solely on household income, so, for example, if you are married your spouse’s income is counted. SSI (not a benefit–a “help some people stay off the streets gift”) amount and many who get social security (a pre-paid benefit) average income is 120% below established poverty level, about half the income of a minimum wage job. Food stamps allow for enough food for about a week if you starve yourself. So a place to live needs to be low income housing, renting a room in someone’s house, a shelter or even a car somewhere just to make ends meet and often you end up on a year or two waiting list for any housing. When I was crushed by over 300 pounds of product at work, I ended up incurring thousands of dollars of medical care out of my pocket for an injury that was diagnosed far too late to do any good, which is why I am now bedridden. Despite the idea of worker compensation which is intended to protect workers injured on the job, really only works if the injured party has enough money to cover years of no income living and hordes of lawyers to fight their case and even then the majority of injury cases are lost anyway. Specifically in my case, since nerve damage cannot be shown on an x-ray, the court said there could be no disability in spite of the resulting limited movement and the loss of function in 80% of my body. I made seven 100+ mile round trip to court, six months in a row (twice one month) and each time the company was a no show but were excused because they ‘called in’ in time. (Fortunately this was when gasoline was only $2.30 a gallon.) The injured party is also allowed to call and cancel the hearing for that day but they never qualify for the ‘good enough reason’ rule. I was just out of the hospital (not yet 48 hours) after recovering from severe internal bleeding where I almost died and that was not considered a ‘good reason’. (The workers comp case was essentially dead without x-ray proof.) Three years later, at my Social Security decision dispute hearing, the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) verbally asked why my case even got to a hearing since it was painfully obvious that I was disabled and granted disability on the spot, (historically that rarely ever happens, so few times it is not even recorded). The government had paid $600 and $1100 each to several of their (SSA) doctors trying to have one of them to say I was not
            disabled, none of them agreed and all six said I was totally disabled. However, no hearing was scheduled for two more years. Though I was awarded disability retroactive to the day I stopped working, it still took several months more to get my benefits (not the amount you would have earned if you were working, the amount that is based on how much you had already paid in) deposited (I was awarded in July and benefits finally came in November after several calls to my state representatives and senators) and I had to immediately pay back all the state benefits help I had received (total $3200 = $!00 cash a month to live on–which is why I lived in my car – including two Michigan winters) while waiting for my disability case and any help I had been getting (food stamps = $13.00 a month and cash $100 monthly) were stopped once awarded–not received–awarded. I have yet to receive proper medical care because Medicare does not cover the services I require which have contributed to the development of now life threatening
            health issues. So being sure that if someone is disabled they will get help, is
            quite a misleading comment and nowhere near the truth. Those who live believing that fraud is a ‘way of life’ are the ones who hurt the legitimate claimants. The other group the fraudsters harm are those who need strong pain medications and are suffering now due to the recent reclassification of a medication because of those who illegally obtain and use those medications to get high. It is never the fraudsters who are harmed. Social Security Disability is not welfare; it is a benefit, pre-paid via payroll deduction that is allowed only to those who have paid in for the required amount of time. Unfortunately, it appears to me that employees of the SSA are rewarded and/or promoted for denying benefits to deserving individuals. Don’t group Social Security Disability with welfare — the two are not even related and should be handled outside the US government in the first place.

          • Smalldeer

            There is a LIFETIME limit of 60 months for welfare there are no longer “lifers” like conservatives claim.

          • Tammy Balbinot

            I worked most of my life, usually one job sometimes two, was a single
            mother through my daughter’s teenage years and went to college. Then
            one evening at work as a LPN I sat down to give a resident meds and
            couldn’t stand back up, I was dead from the waist down. That is what
            led to my MS diagnosis. I had 3 relapses in a year and kept going
            through physical and occupational therapy so I could get back to work,
            but would up and disability because of my MS. I get just barely over
            $10,000 a year on disability and $15 a month in food stamps and this
            woman thinks she can’t live on “a remarkable $36,000 a year from the
            Plus she pays absolutely nothing for monthly home
            expenses. She lives in public housing with her two children by two
            different fathers. Including housing, healthcare and miscellaneous
            reimbursements, Briggs receives more than $62,000 a year in total
            government largesse, more than many executives. This is what Briggs
            calls “limited” benefits?”

            I would trade her
            places and see HOW she likes it! I am not saying it is easy by any
            means, but I am SURVIVING on a heck of a lot less than that and not
            blaming others for my problems … plus I am FAR from being obese!

          • Congrats!

          • Cynical

            Applause to you jdub. I understand the need for assistance and you used it in the manner it was meant to be used. As far as being shamed, you should that gives you incentive to not take from others. Too many people are becoming lazy these days and need to be kicked in the butt once in a while.

          • Brandy Land Pope

            S.C. has no lifetime limit. I know some Ppl who make a living off welfare and it makes me sick. I have had to use welfare twice in my life but as soon as I could I was off of it. It’s really pathetic in all honesty.

          • rose

            This right here is why the system was created! Good people who just need a temporary boost. I wish freeloaders didn’t make people like you look bad and feel ashamed.

          • cindy

            Not all states have a limit , inform your self!! I work in a OB clinic and welfare is so abused , its ridiculous

          • red_rn69

            @disqus_aD9jcQj8lj:disqus Congratulations on finishing school! I did the same thing as a single Mom, and it was NOT easy. And, you’re right…no matter what you buy, you get the LOOKS. It sucks, feeling like a second class citizen, just because you need help putting food on the table for your kids.

          • OUR12

            Congrats, jdub.

          • Rachel Winebarger

            Florida most certainly does 48 months i was on it at one point wile me and my husband were unemployed my husband is employed full time now and i am a full time student you have to do job searches or volunteer somewhere for 40 hours a week till u find employment.

          • jabney8

            There are all sorts of programs depending on circumstances and family makeup. There is no time limit on families with children in any state that I’m aware of. There is housing assistance that goes on for years until title 8, Cash welfare payments or unemployment have limitations but again – when children are involved – the welfare continues when the unemployment end. Woman have learned to crank out a kid to keep the benefits coming. It’s how generational welfare was established.

          • Rachel Winebarger

            Not here in Florida I have 2 special needs kids max is 48 months would u like me to show you from our website.

          • Deborah Lynn

            In iowa if you have a disabled child the 6 year limit on cash benefit does not apply

          • Milton E. Findley

            Yes it does, it can be extended for cause, but the five year limit still applies. The theory is that the SSI benefits for the disabled child provide the needed funds.

          • jabney8

            I don’t live in Fla dear – hence the icon.

          • Rachel Winebarger

            cash ends when you have gotten it for 48 months no kids no cash yes im aware i was in a home less shelter so i know about it all.

          • Milton E. Findley

            Here you go then, you are about to be made aware that cash benefits are limited to 5 years in all 50 states, and have been since 1996. This article is about a British citizen. Foodshare is available based on income, as is medical care. Not very generous medical care though. Housing assistance is both HUD, Federal, section 8, or a similar state program for the lowest income citizens.

            By the way, it is no longer considered to be welfare, TANF or W2 is what it is called.

          • jabney8

            Here you go then, you are about to be introduced to the “short bus” class of remedial reading. Let’s just go one step at a time:

            Cash welfare payments or unemployment have limitations but again – when children are involved – the welfare continues when the unemployment end
            .I audit the programs that issue the payments dear – I understand the requirements. Maybe you just didn’t get your full share???

          • Eve Kendall

            This i a straight up lie.

          • jabney8

            … and you are a straight up liar. If you want or need help to keep your benefits hon – let me know and I’ll see what I can do to help.

          • Kathi J

            Under the Welfare Reform Act of 1996 TANF is limited to 5-years for everyone, everywhere. Housing assistance, food stamps, medicaid are different non-cash programs and are generally limited only to income eligibility without time-limits.

          • jabney8

            TANF is a Federal Grant Program. While it may be the program of choice in some states it is not the only program available in all. Food stamps has converted to cash as well – or the equivalent via EBT and is accepted at just about any card swiping establishment. As I stated – there are numerous programs available depending on circumstances. The obsession with TANF is interesting though. Everyone seems intimately familiar with it. Somewhat worrisome …

          • Kathi J

            Few states use any long term programs other than TANF, too costly to do so and most cannot afford it and don’t need to do that anyway. SNAP can only be used for food nothing else. An EBT card may have both SNAP and the cash benefits on it and it will be cash benefits that can be spent other than solely for food. TANF is the “new” name for welfare, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. Used to be called AFDC, Aid for Dependent Children.

          • jabney8

            I know what TANF is – defining it does not change it’s status. Whether some or one or 2 or 10 states are involved it does not change my response. You are limited by the laws of your state. If you feel others are getting something you aren’t – speak to your legislatures. I audit the use of the programs in accordance with state requirements. And TANF isn’t the only game in town. Welfare remains the all encompassing term. Never used any of them – never will but as a responsible tax payer everyone should be aware of what’s out there and the horrific waste involved.

          • Marielisa Rivera


          • Rachel Winebarger

            you try finding a beatric doctor who does it on medicaid i would only get it because of my medical problem as its only covered as medicaly necessary. Yes i get medicaid and im working my way to get off of the help but till im done with school i need it.

          • Daedalus

            Beeecause weight loss surgery is definitely not covered on ass-cover insurance. However, physical therapy IS, so boom.

          • LeAnne0217

            though surgery is an option, it is not a cure. If she doesn’t change her eating habits she will balloon right up to the same weight. The sad part about this story is the children who will most likely also be obese if they are not already and they are not being taught to make healthy choices. The fact she doesn’t want to pay for a gym because it would take away from her eating pizza and chinese says she is not willing to make healthy lifestyle changes. I don’t know about the U.K but i doubt medicaid would pay for bariatric surgery, but who knows.

          • Deborah Lynn

            The lifetime benefit in iowa is for the cash benefit. FIP, ADC…whatever they call it today. food assistance is available to anyone with a child, if they meet income guidelines. If u have no children but are a college student you must be working a min 20 hrs/wk to receive food assistance. For those receiving it, what they don’t realize is that having earned income from a job could actually give u a bigger benefit because of certain deductions AND Of course cash from the job for other needs.

          • Milton E. Findley

            Accurate information Deborah. Well done.

          • Irritatedwithstupidpeople

            Not totally accurate, but close. You do not have to have children to get food stamps, just no job. Granted you get more, per person in the house but its not based on the number of children. I happen to be related to a young, 24 year old man, who as no kids, no job, and is not going back to school, and he gets almost 200 a month worth of food stamps. No he doesn’t do drugs, and no he doesn’t sell them, but within less then two weeks he will be off of them (hopefully) once he gets starts his new job. He get them when he lost his work and will get off them when he has work agian.

          • mommachick211

            As of January 2014, nationally, there is a lifetime limit of 60 months for cash assistance. It doesn’t matter what state you are in or if you move to different states. Your time on cash assistance travels with you. Also, it no longer masters how many children you have. There is a limit on how much you can receive. Your benefits do not increase with more children. I had to be on assistance after I was laid off and lost my unemployment benefits. I work now, so I no longer qualify for cash assistance, which is fine with me. I hated being on cash assistance. But I still need snap benefits to help with food costs. My husband is a full time student and we were almost denied our food benefits because of the fact that he is a student. The only reason they didn’t deny us for all assistance is because we have a child under the age of five. Honestly, I think students should receive more help. They are trying to better themselves so they don’t need help in the future. Any way you look at it, the system is flawed. People need to stop taking advantage, and help themselves! I know it’s hard, but that is life! It’s not supposed to be easy!

          • Kathi J

            TANF has a federal limit of 5-years.

          • Guest

            Lifetime Limit of 60 Months (Five Years) of Cash Benefits
            Adults age 18 and older and their children can get cash benefits for only 60 months. This includes months that you got TANF cash benefits in another state. This is your lifetime limit. You can never start over.

          • Spy Hunteress

            This is for the state of Illinois so again as first stated, you haven’t a clue what you are talking about. Surprise!

            Lifetime Limit of 60 Months (Five Years) of Cash Benefits
            Adults age 18 and older and their children can get cash benefits for only 60 months. This includes months that you got TANF cash benefits in another state. This is your lifetime limit. You can never start over.


            Actually the lifetime limit is a Federal one but some states have specific situations that they exclude from the lifetime requirement such as disability…

          • Linda Jewell

            No limits in Maryland, and it’s often several generations.

          • Allison

            Alabama also has no limit

          • Jenni Andrews

            I work full time single 1 child and I get benefits on a 7.25 job and still pay all my bills with no help. Now if anything unexpected happens I’m screwed but it can be done!

          • Dsf730

            But she’s trying. That’s important. This woman is not. But she has money for tattoos, piercings and hair dye. I’m just guessing, but she probably smokes & has cable TV.

          • tbeck

            You are right about the state if Illinois and what pisses me off is the elderly suffer because there are to many lazy ass people that can work but won’t. I know several that have worked hard for what they have and then have to start selling their property just to make it because they fall on hard times but can’t get assistance because their income is just a little over the limit. The system is so screwed up.

          • Melissa Dinardo

            The 5 year limit is for cash assistance not food stamps. Also if you have a life long illness the 5 years does not apply.

          • Ivory

            The lifetime limit of 60 months is a federal requirement, some states have different terms or none at all but the federal guideline is always in place. The limit does not apply to food benefits only cash assistance by the way, there is absolutely no limit to how long you can receive food assistance anywhere in the US.

          • UrbanBreeze

            … but no one has a problem with the MILLIONS that Walmart gets every year in corporate welfare .. thats just one family. Not to mention all the millions in supplemental income their employees NEED because they won’t pay them a fair wage.
            This is no problem for anyone though, smash working poor into the ground while the wealthy get a golden ticket.
            Makes sense.

          • SMS

            Same way in Texas i think..

          • Chell’e Fye

            Illinois has a 60 month limit after that you can never receive cash assistance again. You can always get food stamps there is no limit to that

          • Bunny

            mcarlson – I love it when people think they are so smart and smugly state “INFORM YOURSELVES least you look stupid.” Do they realize they look even MORE stupid just by saying that. LOL.

          • Mike Stern

            Illinois is a maximum 60 months

          • Cathy Reulbach

            Wrong! All states have a lifetime limit, some actually have imposed less than 5 years. If a person is still getting social services, they are not getting welfare but some other program. many people may not see a disability, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have one. Here in the U.S. obesity alone will not count as permanent disability. By the way please take note, this article is based in the UK, not here in the states! The fact that 479 agreed with you is disturbing because that means 479 people are really ignorant of the rules.

          • RC

            Well then. stop having KIDS. If you can’t afford them, STOP having them. Where the hell is your common sense?

          • hildamoustakas@yahoo.com

            hey, some of us on social security get less than that and yet we still makes ends meet and eat healthy…these people are just a bunch of leeches….we don’t get welfare or anything of that nature…just get off your ass and do something positive with your life!

          • Nonya

            You are working at the wrong Wal-mart…. I started with $12.30 per hour 2 years ago….and I don’t need assistance….One needs to learn to budget…

          • Jena Bowman

            I live in Iowa and let me tell you this there is a five-year limit on family financial assistance. SNAP benefits are based on your income. So even if you work you can still get assistance but it won’t be as much as if you weren’t working.

          • disqus_g9vTsrR9is

            Any assistance or just cash? Cash benefits is what the 60 month limit is about.

        • essaryswife

          Great Britain, where she lives, doesn’t have such limits. They should, but they don’t. And I know several states don’t have lifetime limits here in the US.

          • Milton E. Findley

            All 50 states have the same limits, it is a federal law. Some of the practices and applications are different, but the time limits are the same everywhere.

        • John Best

          What states are you talking about. The f– king welfare state of Illinois has more cradle to grave scum than you can imagine. If it wasn’t for them shooting each other, shitcago would’ve went all Detroit years ago.

          • Milton E. Findley

            No Mr. Best, you are in error, all 50 states have the same programs available under federal laws and regulations. Illinois is no different than any other state. Who is this them you are referring to? Black people?

          • Bruce Wayne

            Thanks for being the voice of reason in this thread, sir.

        • Dana

          People have found ways around to get what they want. Our state requirement (Iowa) as far as work/school programs aren’t for those on Food Stamps that I know of. If its cash assistance then yes there are requirements and they take the recipients child support (if any) to pay back the state. Now the parent paying support has to pay the state for the kids insurance (state funded) too.

        • gar216

          That’s not true at all. There are loopholes that allow people to abuse the system for the duration of their adult lives.
          The sad thing is that people work harder to exploit these loopholes than they would if they actually got a job.

          • Milton E. Findley

            No, there are no loopholes that allow individuals to abuse the system for the duration of their lives. And no, when jobs are readily available, people take them and work. You can look it up, and should, because you clearly are unfamiliar with the laws and regulations.

          • gar216

            Wish in one hand…

          • Deborah Lynn

            not loopholes, but criminals who use children that don’t live with them to get benefits….like moms who’s kids actually live with grandma…but grandma makes enough money to not need welfare so the information on the kids doesn’t show up twice in the system. and now that Iowa and I don’t know how many other states, only does a review every six months, a person can technically “steal” from the system for 6 months getting benefits they shouldn’t until that review comes up. Cutting the number of people working for DHS has opened a LOT OF DOORS for fraud within the system.

          • gar216

            In PA a woman must go back to work (if on assistance) 2years after having a child or she loses assistance. Its amazing how easily they have another child every 18 months. Its also amazing how all of those children end up diagnosed with ADHD which qualifies them for even more benefits.

        • Think before you speak

          In my state, there is a 5 year cap on cash ONLY. Healthcare and food assistance can last a lifetime.

          • Milton E. Findley

            That is true in all states.

        • Tina Rogers

          She is not from the US, this is from England!!!!!!!!

        • Jessy Shrewsbury

          Sadly, Virginia doesn’t have these limits. People make lifelong careers out of welfare.

          • Milton E. Findley

            Virginia has the same limits as all other states.

          • AdMan

            You’re wrong. Welfare programs are administered by the states even though it’s funded federally. They can run them in many different ways.

        • ma

          This is not true for every state just fyi

        • geegee

          after they get kicked off welfare, they just sign up for SSI..

          • Milton E. Findley

            Getting SSI is very difficult, it takes years, and it too can be ended. If there is an existing condition that can be proven, SSI is an option, but it still takes years.

        • Andrew Shreves

          cmon now….. check ur vocab…… ‘lest’ you look a fool yourself.

          • Liz Yo

            “Cmon” “Ur” who’s the fool?

        • Cathy Terrell

          Small deer….that is true here in Southern Cali, I don’t know about other states!

        • Diane Frank

          They did away with that law awhile ago..no lifetime cap anymore and have as many kids as you like sad but true

          • Meredith Putvin

            Wrong… You are just quoting Romney’s misinformation… http://www.factcheck.org/2012/08/does-obamas-plan-gut-welfare-reform/


            Work requirements are not simply being “dropped.” States may now
            change the requirements — revising, adding or eliminating them — as part
            of a federally approved state-specific plan to increase job placement.

            And it won’t “gut” the 1996 law to ease the requirement. Benefits
            still won’t be paid beyond an allotted time, whether the recipient is
            working or not./end Quote

          • Diane Frank

            REALLY…not here in NJ you can be on welfare forever with no work mandate

        • CharInOhio

          EXCUSE YOU BUT ……..there are loopholes and the people who are career welfare recipients know how to use them ……I used to work for welfare agency . AND ….although there are rules, they are broken and people still recieve benefits ……or they will only cut off a certain portion of them , not all of them ……this lady lives overseas anyhow ……not in America ……….they are ALL on benefits where she lives … and the benefits are very generous …….Watch the show “Britian life on the dole”. There are some links probably to watch the shows online someplace ……EVERYONE gets benefits there almost !!!

        • Lilly

          This article is also about a woman from BRITAIN. (Did you read it?)

          • Bruce Wayne

            Yes, but this discussion is about welfare in the United States. Or didn’t you read it?

          • Lilly


        • Ed Walden

          Obama did away with most of those requirements.

        • Dee

          “Christina Briggs, 26, of Wigan, England,” <— not in the US. Totally different rules (and from what I understand, extremely generous and liberal with handing out the welfare).

        • Tracy yelverton

          There are ways to get around laws for those who know how to work the system. I know in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas my taxes will feed them all till their last breath. Inform yourself

        • jabney8

          Every new child brings a new round of benefits.

        • Lyle LeMay

          Your wrong lol

        • SissyO

          Define the benefit. President Obummer did away with the requirement that proves you are looking for a job in exchange for unemployment. There are so many welfare programs its ridiculous. I think if you are drawing any benefit you can’t be allowed to drive any vehicle that costs more than 25k and you can’t get a mortgage.

          • chopper

            I think you would find that the people drawing the aid because they need it are not driving such cars or buying houses. Most of them, not the ones that do it for a living, but because they need it, they are feeling lucky to be able to feed their children, put a roof over their heads, and be able to afford gasoline to look for a job. There are those that abuse the system, but they are the exception, not the rule. I have been there, for three months I had to get welfare so I could pay rent and buy food. I went against doctor’s orders and went to work because I felt the same way most of you here feel. Because I did that I was in a wheelchair at 43 and not only have limited use of my legs, but my hands and arms as well. I could not use any of my limbs now full time. Typing this message has done me in already and my hands will soon be useless for awhile. I lived in Iowa then, but now live in Sweden….where “everyone gets free benefits”. Believe me, everyone here pays for those free benefits. If people in the states had to pay the taxes that are paid here they would think someone was out to get them and demand less taxes. Nothing is free….nothing.

          • Bruce Wayne

            Believe it or not, there are people who have a nice house and a nice car who then lose everything (someone gets sick or fired) and can no longer afford even basic necessities. There are people on welfare driving $50,000 cars, because the car was paid off before they went broke and now it’s literally the only thing they own, and still runs well, and probably gets decent gas mileage.

            And I’m not sure who would qualify for a mortgage if they are on government assistance; the amount of money you need just hanging out in your bank accounts to get a mortgage is way more than the maximum you can have to qualify for foodstamps.

            But for what it’s worth, the mortgage on my condo is like $266, which is close to $800 less than renting an equivalent apartment in a similar area. There are cheaper apartments if you don’t want to feel safe in your own home, but even the cheapest of those is close to $650 around here, so still almost three times as much as my mortgage.

            So–I mean, owning a place (that you can later rent out or sell if you want) is way cheaper than renting, which means maybe someone could spend the difference on food, and not need food stamps. Just a thought.

        • lizzy liz

          In Florida the more children you have the more benefits you get. There is no limit and while they do require job hunting prooffor cash assistance, that is not the case with food stamps. I was on public assistance until I finished my degree and was able to get out of a bad situation but some people abuse it and stay on public assistance for a lifetime. Always leaning on the government because they can.

        • Time4brains

          Indiana has no such limit. INFORM YOURSELF *lest* you look stupid.

        • Ruby Gale

          Smalldeer, read the article ! she lives in the UK

        • Kevin Hays

          I wish you were correct. Sadly though your not.

        • Sara

          Amberlamps didn’t say anything to make herself look stupid. You look like an ass for being so rude!

        • Sarah Shepard

          There’s only a lifetime of 5 years on cash assistance. That has zero effect on food stamps, housing, energy assistance etc… The US also has plenty of “lifers” on those programs. And their food stamps go up every time they have a kid

        • Heather Thornberg

          This chick is lives in England n their welfare laws r completely different so I’m confused as to why you would post this while saying others look stupid bc so do you. Read.

        • Will Watkins

          Arkansas doesn’t have that welfare limit. I know several people who receive SNAP and housing benefits for over ten years.

        • Marcus Baker

          LEST you look stupid…..

          But apparently already too late for some…..

        • Cheryll Dyer

          Not so in Tennessee! I know for a fact there are plenty of losers enjoying welfare for many years.

        • jonna carlson

          This article is not even about anyone in the United States. It is written to create emotion, as it obviously has. If you go to the original link where they say the article was originally published, you will see that dollar figures are completely wrong, she gets about 8000 a year after you translate it to US dollars.

          • Nita

            According to the original article she gets the equivalent of $31, 928.60. She gets 20,000 pounds a year plus housing.

        • Melissa Bremmeyer

          Everybody says that but my sister has been on it for 10 yrs cash and food and more free stuff everyday

        • Meagan Rogers

          CA has a 3 year life time limit last i

        • Whisper

          This is from Britain not the US.

        • MaisieMartin


        • Cole Dixon


        • Tonya Brown

          WRONG! chick here in Louisiana has been getting food stamps for 11 YEARS! All her adult life. Brags about it. So yes, you can be a career food stamper.

        • kat

          @Smalldeer- apparently you’re uninformed as well. In Idaho there is no lifetime limit. People can re-up their benefits for however long they want as long as they meet the eligible criteria. I’m not saying its a good thing but at least know your facts before you get on someone else’s case for not knowing theirs.

        • tanna

          That is for t.a.n.f. not for food stamps. T.a.n.f. is a 60 month limit. But medicaid, and food stamps have no limitations.

        • Doxie7

          Well they don’t in Florida..there are people on it for years…baby after baby..know one has 3 under the age of 3…they just keep pumping them out and living off the system….

        • Eric Pint

          Pa does not have a lifetime limit I don’t know where you got your info but you are sadly mistaken.

        • Botero

          Evidently the 60 month cut-off period doesn’t exist in SC. We have generations of single mothers on Medicaid. The young girls are reared and trained on “how to work the system” and, believe me, they do!!!!

        • Monica Dinerlife

          BULL I KNOW SOMEONE BEEN ON WELFARE/ ( SSI WHICH IS WELFARE, ) ALL HER LIFE, BECAUSE SHE HAS A LOW IQ,,, AND SOME STATES THEY MAKE SEVERELY MENTAL WORK, i know some states, that someone with copd ( whos worked all thier life, only way to get benifits is to have a part time job )

        • LiberalsNotWORTHYofLIFE

          Obama the BIO TERRORIST in chief removed the work requirement some time ago, inform yourself you stupid liebral subhuman trash!

        • Dat Bish

          That lifetime limit of 5 years is complete BS. Now before you judge, I have a job and have had one the last 10 years, and have received some sort of assistance for almost the full 10. So maybe you should do a little research before you say these lies.

        • Florence Ursula Catherine Kram

          Apparently you need remedial reading comprehension. The young woman is English. She receives benefits based on the system adopted by Great Britain, which, last time I checked, was not the same as America. It’s not coming out of your pocket, so you can resume your normal state of ignorance since you’re not directly affected.

          • Smalldeer

            Did you not see STATES? I think it’s you that has a reading comprehension problem.

          • Florence Ursula Catherine Kram

            Shut up now while you still only look stupid. There is nothing about states in the article. The writer converted pounds to dollars with no reference point after the first example. Those pounds to dollars amounts are as close as it gets to mentioning states.

          • Smalldeer

            Lol, you are calling ME stupid? Oh you poor thing.

        • Kay Ewing

          That’s for tanf not snap.

          • Smalldeer

            I suggest you look at the new requirements for SNAP then. Please inform yourself.

            Conservatives are ALL about ceasing help to the poor, but continue to subsidize corporations who are raking in BILLIONS.

          • Smalldeer

            Employment Requirements

            Generally ABAWDS between 18 and 50 who do not have any dependent children can get SNAP benefits only for 3 months in a 36-month period if they do not work or participate in a workfare or employment and training program other than job search. This requirement is waived in some locations.

            With some exceptions, able-bodied adults between 16 and 60 must register for work, accept suitable employment, and take part in an employment and training program to which they are referred by the local office. Failure to comply with these requirements can result in disqualification from the Program.

        • chevroman3

          I would sure as heck like to know where these states are.I’ve known people that have been on welfare for 10 or 20 years!!!

          • Smalldeer

            Check the requirements of your state, Einstein. There most CERTAINLY are work/school requirements AND a 60 month lifetime limit.

        • HadToDoIt

          Lest* you look stupid. Just saying.

        • BAMM

          I believe you are the one who looks stupid. This is in Europe…not the United States. They might not have a work requirement.

        • Sarah

          That’s all fine…but she lives in England, not the US.

        • cdrodriguez

          You need to inform yourself!

        • Cynical

          This article is about a British woman. This has nothing to do with the US. LEARN TO READ least you look stupid.

        • MeanieHead

          No they don’t. Obama removed that and told the states they had to do away with it too.

        • clr1390

          It is not in the US idiot.

        • Cliff Gridley

          Thats not true keep having kids and they keep exstending it I know people that have 10 kids and have been on welfare their whole lives

          • Cliff Gridley

            I volunteer at a food bank and they laff about it

        • Jenni Andrews

          I live in SC and have never seen any rules here as far as benefits, but there needs to be!

        • georgiachick

          But they do not enforce it. Generational welfare is huge in America and if you don’t think it is you should inform yourself.

        • chrystal winters

          I am not sure what state u live in but there is no lifetime limit where I live . thank goodness . children should have to starve because there parents don’t make enough money .

          • chrystal

            Shouldn’t *

        • lilmiss841

          Cash is the only thing limited…food stamps and health care are not

        • Maggie D

          Almost….not all states!

        • trog

          Oklahoma doesn’t have a work/school requirement for food stamps. And there is no 5yr limit. Maybe on cash benefits, but not food stamps.

        • barb

          “LEST” you look stupid!!! lol

        • Jennifer Rapier Milne

          Nailed it. Thank you.

        • Tired Mom

          I’m thinking you’re the one who needs to educate yourself before commenting. Look it up -I don’t know where you get your information but MOST States do not have a life time limit. That’s why whole families; multiple generations are on welfare and receive benefits when they should be working. Standing in line at the grocery store comparing their groceries versus my groceries -Wow. Then I watch them go out to their car that’s a whole lot newer than mine and I work 65-70 hours a week only I’m salaried.

        • Jenndebaun

          actually they may have these so called lifetime limits but they are ignored and if you can get a “Dr” to write a letter you will be exempt from the work/school requirement

        • KH

          The rule is not followed if a person re-applies. I work with these families daily and have done my research. It is abused to say the least.

        • Cmiracle

          That’s only for a welfare check. Not food stamps or section aid.

          • Cmiracle

            In the state of Ohio

        • Denise

          Where i know people who have been on for 10yrs. Or more because they have children. They just keep having them in Ohio this is the new racket free housing. Free food. Free medical. New cars BIG screen t.v.
          I work and have health problems and can’t get help oh that’s right i am older and don’t have children

        • Kat

          You are wrong and need to inform yourself. They have a limit that they DO NOT enforce. My sister has 9 children 4 fathers. She has gotten welfare for 23 years and it has never slowed down. It’s ridiculous. They always threaten to but never do.

        • SMS

          Not saying your wrong.. But i have never heard of that at least not in Texas…

        • StimmyDrums
        • Noelle D Irvin

          They lose the cash part after 5 years but there is no max amount or max time limit on food stamps. They can actually get them even if they don’t have children.

        • Alani Fliger Jarrett

          I think you are thinking of TANF, which is only five years.

        • curt s conn

          Smalldeer you not correct in you statement that every state requires work/school requirements and limits of month that you can receive assistance. In Indiana that the case and some life on it a lifetime and keep having more babies so they can get more $$.

        • Bunny

          Smalldeer ►There is also a LIFETIME limit of 60 months/five years, meaning that after five years you are DONE, and it doesn’t matter how many more children you have.◄

          Maybe where you’re from, but that’s untrue for others. If your kids are older than 5 and you have another kid you DO get assistance again. There’s not a “LIFETIME” limit.
          Now who looks stupid.

        • nicki

          That is sooooo not true. There’s no lifetime limit, at least not in CA. I know people who have been on welfare for 10+ years

        • MothersEarth

          Never seen anybody cutoff though, ever. I drove medical transport for low income & medicaid recipients. Some with same welfare benefits for 20 odd years now.. Been called different things, but same money coming in.

        • Trev

          Why are you posting as Smalldeer & EveKendall on this thread? YOU look stupid.

        • Paula Steele

          I really like that limit idea. Should bring it into australia.

      • Andrew Shreves

        nope, even that, get a better job, find a side way to make some money, live on less, dont make others pay for your ‘standards’ of living. slob

        • Cathy Terrell

          I’m sure most people would get a better job they could.

      • electro

        I admire someone who is getting help but is also willing to help themselves by finding some kind of paying job. That fat slob just wants everything for free. Where did she get the money for the orange hair and tattoos ? Cut her fat ass off and see how fast she can earn a living if she has no food, cause apparently she likes food.

      • You’re exactly the kind of person I referred to when I stated that some people actually do need welfare. Thank you for being honest and not scamming the system! 🙂

      • lulabelle21st

        Oh I see, that makes you better. Bitch you are still poor just the same as she is.

      • Angela Murray Brown

        Note she from england not the states

    • Adrianna Laree

      No, she’d have to pay for shoes.

      • Weeks

        Nice use of a contraction, MJ likes that.

        • Jon


    • Rich Gallaher

      she’s a pig, all they do is wallow in mud

    • Abigail Cappel

      I don’t think that kind of language is necessary but she should be taking better care of herself. Please don’t, however, call someone a pig or slob, especially when they are over weight, for the overweight individual who works very hard, works out, and asks for no government assistance it’s a little offensive.

    • Melanie Davis

      She should be ashamed of herself….

    • Knitting Again

      Have to wonder how people lived back in the days of NO assistance. Anymore, it has become a way of life for some, they feel they are entitled to it. Somehow I managed to raise three kids, work, and put myself through school. It is possible, if you mentally take “public assistance” out of the mindset. Yes, people will say you are not in the same circumstances, no one ever is. Its a mindset. If your circumstances aren’t what you want them to be, change them, and don’t rely on other people to take care of you.

  • ladaha1

    she can’t afford healthy food but she can dye her horribly colored hair and tattoo’s.

  • jb80538

    Cut off her gravy train.We need to do that in the US too.

    • MJ


    • OffensiveIntentions

      Gravy… GRAVY you can’t cut off the gravy…. what would she put of her Pop Tarts??? Next thing you know you will want to cut off her dips for her chips… Oh the Humanity of it all!

      • Jenna

        Effing hilarious

    • Lauren Williams

      Only thing that needs to be stopped is the entitlement abuse. It’s ment to be a short term crutch for families fallen on hard times and hell half of our military is on some sort of welfare now in the us.

      • LadyScot

        Hell no they have a job so they don’t qualify lol.

        • Shawn Birkholz

          Actually they do qualify because things like food stamps and WIC are based on salary and family size not the fact that they have a job. And It is not a laughing matter.

          • Jill Hodges Betts

            I can answer that one. We qualified for food stamps and my husband served for 18 years. The military does not make that much. I think it is total crap that our men and women can die for this country but this country won’t pay them enough to live off of. We had 3 kids. I brought two into the marriage and we had a child together. Did we get food stamps? No. But we sure did qualify for them.

          • Ivory

            While my brother was on active duty in the Marine Corps, he and his family lived in base housing, and he worked delivering pizzas in the evenings and they still qualified for and got food stamps. That disgusts me, wage suppression is the problem. If every one could make a living wage at full time no matter where they worked that would be a step in the right direction.

          • Theresa

            Exsactly. Just because you qualify doesn’t mean you need them. My husband and I qualify and choose not to use them because we don’t need them. We manage our money well and if we can’t afford something we go without. The military gives you enough money to live off of. Sure it’s not anywhere near what this lady is collecting from the government but it is enough to make it.

          • Anonymous

            It is

      • Dee Nicholson

        or to help our elderly who exists on a pittance of SSI moneys they get or to the disabled who are in the same boat.

        • Mary Jo Spain

          right Dee i get 16 a mth for food on a disability income- far less than what a person working 40 hrs awk w no O.T gets and we keep hearing how no one can live on min wage i get less have been by ,myself for years on this.

    • Jon DiMaggio

      and the pizza train, and the poptart train, and the chips ahoy train..

    • Antuan Develle Claude

      She IS the gravy train.

    • LARIYA213


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  • Brenda Johnson

    Orange hair, tattoo’s and piercings. Her problem isn’t lack of money, she’s too lazy to cook.

    • Leta Seay

      I’m not sure that hair color, tattoos or piercings signify laziness, but I will agree that she probably doesn’t cook a lot.

      • mikestrong

        Oh please…she’s LAZY

      • jabney8

        It certainly signifies a lack of priorities.

        • Zack Grutza

          LMAO how does tattooes and orange hair signify priorities? lol

          • mike

            Spending money she doesn’t have to blow on stuff she doesn’t need ie tattoos and hair dye is what shows lack of priorities

          • Rodney Vero

            @Mike: “Spending money she doesn’t have to blow on
            stuff she doesn’t need” – this is the PERFECT definition of capitalism ol’
            chap! In one regard, she’s a complete failure, but when it comes to our
            “financial system” she is perfection personified!

          • mike

            Yes but when it is the taxpayers money there needs to be restrictions… if she got out and worked for her money then she can blow it all on junk food, tattoos, and all the hair dye she wants. But at the same time be cut off from the government aid at that point also

          • Rodney Vero

            Agreed, but that’s not the way the laws are currently setup ol’ boy…

          • Ferrari fan

            her claim is that she doesn’t have enough money to eat a proper healthy diet, yet she manages to have the money for tattoos and hair coloring. priorities.

          • bigsurprise

            well , I agree that it does signify a lot of expenses go to those things….expenses she could use to feed her and her children healthy food…which she claims she can’t afford on the money they give her. I see she is being given a lot of money in total…a LOT of money that many people would love to be receiving …and she makes petty excuses about not being taught how to…I am sure she has heard that simply walking will burn off calories….It is very hard to support her statements and claims here …so yes…I would have to agree that she seems young and able and lazy

          • Anthony Whitaker

            I think it’s funny that the chips she chooses are called walkers lmao

          • WuzYoungOnceToo

            – “LMAO how does tattooes and orange hair signify priorities? lol”

            What a stupid question. Do you know of any parlors doing tattoos and/or piercings for free? Or stores that give away hair dye?

          • Kira Parker

            I know some people who get tattoos free or like for $20 and if she’s getting all that from the government who’s to say she isn’t stealing her hair dye? You never know.

          • eric B

            to be fair, those tattoos she has don’t look to be all that ‘high quality’ most likely were done in a kitchen somewhere for free, or ‘favors’

          • Who’s to say she hasn’t had those tattoos for years, maybe from a time she lived with her parents, or god forbid had a job.

          • jabney8

            Gee hon – not enough money to eat well but enough to pay for tattoos and bad hair. Let me think about your question for a minute…. Never mind dear – you should be the one thinking about it.

          • Cheryl Currier

            Cost $ for hair dye and tattoo’s. Money the government is giving her to eat properly…not dye her hair and get a tattoo. THAT is lack of priority AND fraud!

          • Kyle Cooper

            The priorities should be get a job, make money to give yourself and children a good life. Not eat ho hos while sitting in a chair getting tattooed with the governments money. What a slob

      • Ferrari fan

        at least not cook anything that cannot be prepared in a microwave.

      • John Hoegemann

        it would be tough to do while on her back!

      • Brenda Johnson

        You know you’re right, I have tattoo’s & I cook, clean and take care of my family & work a job. The food she buys show’s she’s too lazy to cook. She needs to love her kids more than the easy junk food. She’s teaching them a very poor lesson.

        • Brenda Johnson

          Plus the point I’m making is I know the tattoo’s, piercings and hair dye are not cheap. When she became a mom her job was to provide for her children even if it means she can’t do those things.

    • Tina Hs

      She’s never been educated on how to cook, either, apparently.

    • Kevin

      her problem is she’s lazy and she has no soul

    • John Hoegemann

      Oh, but she thinks she’s attractive……lmao

      • Hamm Sammichez

        An ugly warthog with an orange dye-job & tats is still ugly.

    • LaShanna Bates

      I am heavily tattooed,pieced, and depending on the mood depends on my hair color… I have a clean house, healthy food and happy children without any government assistance… Don’t stereotype

      • 86thTransVietVet1

        Not a sterotype, she is making terrible choices, doesn’t see the problem and continues to make them at taxpayer expense. Her hair and tats along with her lack of discipline show her for what she is.

      • CourtyB

        Did you comment before you read the story?

      • fangaroo

        Either way your name is still LaShanna lulz

      • Jenna

        That wasn’t the point…

    • americanpie

      tattoos and piercings have nothing to do with laziness. i have twelve piercings, eight tattoos, two jobs, and i’m a full time college student. i still make time to volunteer at the animal shelter and help take care of my friend’s family. your argument is invalid.

      • fangaroo

        Why are you so insecure you need to defend yourself to the internet. How fat are you?

      • Jenna

        I’ve got plenty of tattoos and piercings and seemed to manage to not be offended by something that wasn’t even stated in the first place, but was somehow offended by you being a dumb dick tart. Body modifications cost money was the purpose of the comment…

    • Bette

      And that money comes from where? Her children’s food allocation????

    • Amber95G

      My thoughts exactly. If she can afford hair dye, tattoos, and piercings she can afford healthier food.

  • James Berry

    It also looks like she has plenty of money to get her hair dyed a ridiculous color and plenty of tattoos. Bleeding taxpayers dry with her pop-tart diet.

    • collegebasketballfan

      How do you know that she didn’t get the tattoo’s before times got tough for her or that she actually paid for them and/or the hair color? You don’t.

      • jabney8

        actually hon – anyone with sense does know. Look at her roots. 30 days is a good run. Think she fell on hard times, got her paperwork done, found housing and stuffed those cabinets in 30 days?

      • James Cox

        you think this woman has EVER been a PRODUCTIVE member of society? Really?

      • James Berry

        You skipped right over the word’looks’ in my post. But you don’t care about that, do you. Go right on defending someone that you also DON’T know that she didn’t get those tats with the money she takes in lieu of working. But the real issue is that she wants the British government to give her more money for being fat. Or, maybe she wants it so she can get that sleeve she’s been dreaming about while she stuffs another pop-tart in her shovel mouth.

  • Paul Sharkey

    Tie yourself to the back of a slow moving train to Scotland and lose weight that way. Oh,by the way that tattoos are pathetic. How much did they cost along with the piercing and hair dye? You are pathetic

    • Kevin Williams

      You all should be a shame of yourself take a good look in the mirror an say what if that was me now drop to you knees an ask God to forgive you all

      • mike

        If it was me I would not be blowing the money on junk and milking the system, she wants the government to pay her extra to lose weight. If she got off her lazy ass and looked for a job then she can pay for the tattoos and dye her hair all she want. While the taxpayers are footing the bill bread and water is all she should get after the first couple of months of milking the system.

        • Michelle Miller-Leiby

          If she got off her ass to look for a job, who knows she would somehow say she needs assistance to buy clothes to do so. This makes me sick. I know a few people who are on disability and get minimal help from the government. Hell between her food stamps, housing & medical assistance, she makes more than I do a year. Plus she probably gets money from the 2 dad’s for child support. She needs to be cut off and or given a time frame telling her she will be cut off. I thought I read somewhere that they were going to start monitoring what is bought with food stamps. I guess not.

      • Ferrari fan

        if that was me I’d be making a lifestyle change quickly.

      • Shaniqua

        If she drops to her knees she couldn’t get up. And if she drops to her knees she won’t get pregnant if she swallows. It won’t matter.

      • Paul Sharkey

        No shame here,give her more money and she would only binge more. She needs an intervention and professional help.

  • MJ

    Also the fact that she has 2 kids from 2 different fathers just goes to show the ill effects of drinking and mating. Obviously those men were way to drunk to notice how fat and unattractive she is. Alcohol really does impair judgment.

  • Schr0dingersD0g

    How much are those tattoo’s? $70k a year? To stay home and eat bon bon’s…. No wonder none of them want to work. Are the muzzies making that kind of dough too?

    • collegebasketballfan

      $70,000 a year for tattoo’s? WTF tattoo place do you go to? lol

      • Xerocky

        He was referring to the amount of money she’s asking for.

    • Shaniqua

      Those are cheap trailer park Tattoos You can tell because they’re ugly and show a 3rd grade education. They probably cost her a night with 2 different guys. Wait, I may be on to something.

      • Schr0dingersD0g

        They’re not called trailer parks in the UK… They’re caravan parks. And indeed, you’re on to something.

  • tom

    you are obese because you sit around on your fat ass all day, go for a walk

  • Debra Lee

    Thats what I was thinking. Those tats cost alot of euros!

  • schr8er

    NAMU LIVES…. and she has the guts ( although there is plenty of that ) to say she is fat because she doesnt get enough money…. Well, apparently she must be eating too many STUPID pills too then…. GET A FRIGGIN JOB AND LOSE ABOUT 150 pounds ya leech

  • Scooter Tramp

    Enough money for piercings, jewelry, and orange hair dye … as well as all
    the JUNK FOOD, and tattoos. Hmmmm. Obviously this woman has TOO MUCH

  • Julie Smiley

    things like this just piss me off, I make way less than her and I work, or I did until my shoulder gave out. Now I’m having a hard time making ends meet on L & I, and getting food stamps, and I eat way healthier than her. I’;m also borderline diabetic, so all the sweets are out, as I care more about my health then she obviously does for herself or her kids. I need my shoulder totally replaced, but can’t do it as I would have no way to pay rent, cause the surgery isn’t work related, it’s arthritis, so when I have it L & I will cut me off and I won’t be able to get unemployment as I won;t be able to work for 3 months at least after surgery……..to see someone sitting back collecting, with nothing wrong with them other than being a fat cow. All I want is some assistance to pay rent while I recover, but there isn’t any for those of us that have worked hard all our life. I just want to recover and go back to work……..not live off assistance. They should be putting these people on diets and make them work for a living, I’m so sick of paying for people like this, and when I need a little help I can’t get it…………totally fed up, lose weight, get a job, walk for christ sake, it’s free…………

  • Xerocky

    Funny how she has money for tatoos then. So many of our ‘poor’ seem to these days.

  • azboltfan70

    Last i checked, vegetables cost less than potatoe chips and marshmellow cream you lazy freeloader!!

  • Bob Markle

    Walking doesn’t cost anything

  • DJack Klingler III

    Bitch has enough extra money to spend on tattoos. They aren’t cheap. Well maybe hers are and maybe she spread for them, but who would want to hit that even for a free tattoo?

  • Stuart Goodman

    your fat because your eating a bunch of CRAP! look in your cupboard nothing but junk food

  • Mia Miller

    Fat bitch. Hope she has a heart attack and FAST, so maybe her kids will have a chance to be raised by someone who’d actually introduce them to an apple. Effing ridiculous!

  • Betty

    stop the tattoos , get out and walk… take your kids to play…. as for food. I use foodstamps and live a healthy life style… I dont buy take out , I buy fruits & veggies, low fat low sodium , it works …she just got excuses …. GET OUT AND WORK YOUR ONLY 26… I wish I could I have a disease thats slowing taking my life …and cant… STOP THE EXCUSES and blaming everybody else….

  • Christy Shade Verstreate

    Disgusts me it is no different here in New York State. Welfare is a career for a lot of people. I am newly disabled for the last 2 years due to a work injury and some other health problems. I am fighting now for my disability benefits. My husband averages between 40-45 k per year however by the time we pay all of our bills including health insurance and caring for our two younger children full time and helping our two older children one in college and one getting on his own but still needs some help (BTW he does work a decent full time job leading to a good career) we have nothing left. I cook meals at least 6 days a week 2x per day without government help. Then I see pizza places who now accept EBT (the government credit card) it makes me sick.
    Pizza parlors and such are a treat. I think if you’re on the system like that there shouldn’t be a ban necessarily but a limit on how much junk food and food with empty calories you can buy! If working people have to budget and limit then by all means people who live off of our hard working tax dollars should have to!

    • jabney8

      All extravagances should be banned. There are hardworking decent people that are paying for this type of thing and in order for them to pay for lame and lazy and still meet their own responsibilities they are skipping extravagances – why shouldn’t the non-earners show a little respect for the folks feeding them.

      • Christy Shade Verstreate

        I agree with you. The only reason I say some is because I think of children and they should have a cookie or some ice cream from time to time. This is why I said a limit because kids do need a treat and it’s not their fault. I guess I just can’t see them going entirely without a goodie or two. Maybe a lack of cookies a week or something like that should be allowed. However all the pop and candy etc..should not be allowed.

        • Joshua Mans

          Where do you draw the line though? It’d be much too gray. Kids do not NEED a treat from time to time. It’s a luxury. It may not be their fault its happening, but they don’t need a treat just because its not their fault. Maybe an occasional one as a reward, yes. But that should come out of other funds, not government assistance. It’s also just assistance, it’s not meant to be lived off of. People who live off of it and abuse it with junk food are a big reason why you’re struggling so much to keep your disability benefits.

          • Christy Shade Verstreate

            Absolutely I agree it is supposed to be a hand up not a hand out. All I was saying is there should be a way to monitor what it is spent on and if someone buys a pack of cookies a week vs a cart full of crap I don’t have a problem. When I used assistance when I needed it I bought these items. I am still human and so are my kids. Granted like I said I only used it when my family needed help never for any other purposes. Or I would even say buy flour and other ingredients and bake your own at home. I often bake with my children it is fun and they are learning to do it too.

      • PolishKnightUSA

        This is an interesting article to compare to Emma Watson’s recent speech praising feminism. While some women have been liberated by feminism and given more opportunities to make more money, in the bigger picture it’s meant wages being lowered as women flooded the workplace and the middle class squeezed and the lower classes pushed down even further.

        So poor men unable to find a decent job or get an education are on the streets or in jail. For the women, they have the option to breed for profit which is like the state giving bank robbers money and guns so they don’t have to bother robbing banks. It’s made the problem a lot worse but if the state hadn’t stepped in, millions of women would be on the streets too.

        Stop and wonder for a minute: What would Britain, the USA and even Europe be like if this were still the 1950’s, all other things equal, and we had all this extra money spent on the above for middle class families (even unequal ones between the sexes) going to the space program, alternative energy, etc?

        • jabney8

          There wouldn’t be “all this extra money”. There wasn’t and isn’t extra money to begin with. This money comes from those middle class families. Maybe they wouldn’t be in debt heading into retirement – having been able to pay for their childrens education, they wouldn’t be reliant on the government for health insurance having been able to afford to pay for it. There never was extra money – only that which has been stolen from working people and the silence of those working people as they adjust and sacrifice in order to remain responsible. I don’t believe wages were being lowered. I’ve never experienced a disparity in pay that wasn’t directly related to experience and performance. We changed the welfare rules which at one time had to do with a household with children, a time limitation and a requirement that work search be conducted. We have eliminated those and opened up SS to provide for those men that would be homeless and are now simply disabled – further impacting the middle class that was covering the expense during their working years – depriving their savings for their retirement years and now reducing the benefit they were forced to pay into.

          • PolishKnightUSA

            Obama ‘changed’ the welfare rules back incrementally. Heck, even before Clinton signed off on welfare reform (after the 3rd time it came before him), there were restrictions on welfare that largely didn’t do much good. One was, believe it or not, limits on cable TV. They were eliminated at some point and later, welfare recipients got subsidized cable TV as well as mobile phones (to this day, Americans who have mobile phones pay a special tax on them as a luxury. I’m sure regular phones were a luxury back a hundred years ago.)

            Anyhoo, when a labor supply increases then wages naturally fall and women entering the workforce caused this along with massive immigration to keep Democratic party votes coming in. Lower wages and fewer marriages along with increased immigration means even lower wages via higher taxes or inflation. It’s a downward spiral.

            Back in the 1950’s, they were predicting we’d have flying cars by now. Instead, we got this. Thanks feminism!

  • Stuart Goodman

    I wish I got that kind of money I’m on disability and only get 880 dollars a month. its not much

    • Jody

      Me too I live on $740.00 a month from disability and social security. I pay rent $300 a month plus utilities. I get 98.00 a month food stamps. There’s not much if anything after I get my 20 something meds.

  • POWMIA_Bones

    tattoos cost more than food

  • lostd2005

    I am on Disability due to heart and health problems and way it look here she has more food then i do. Its not easy to live on 79.00 a month i am to a shame to even go to a food pantry. There is people out there that needs it more then i do. Just to let you all know this is an old picture of me it after this picture my health started going down hill.

  • Tim Conway

    It’s amazing to me how many people are clueless when it comes to weight loss. Eating the junk this woman eats, she could exercise sunrise to sunset and it will do little more than make her more hungry, and she would eat even more

    • Tim Conway

      And the author recommends high sugar fruit as a solution? That may help slightly with nutrients, but the problem is much larger than replacing some high sugar junk food with high sugar fruit. She could be shown how to lose weight on her current budget, but she obviously isn’t interested.

      • Nunnuvyerbizness

        The difference is that fruit contains naturally occurring sugars, whereas junk food contains refined sugars. Naturally occuring sugars are lower in calories and are far easier to digest. The other big difference between fruit/veggies and junk food is that fruit/veggiesalso contains other essential nutrients, such as vitamin C, potassium, calcium, iron, zinc, B vitamins, just to name a few.

        • Tim Conway

          It’s not true that naturally occurring sugar, aka fructose, has less calories. All carbohydrates have four calories per gram, natural or refined. Sugar is sugar, and any sort of it has the potential to spike blood sugar, especially in someone who is insulin resistant as this person appears to be. Fruit is nature’s candy, and recommending candy to someone this overweight is counterproductive.

          The problem with the second part of your argument is that you lumped fruit in with vegetables. My argument was about high sugar fruit and NOT vegetables. All the minerals and nutrients you listed can be obtained solely with non-starchy vegetables without the high sugar fruit.

  • Gstephens

    Plenty of money for face piercing, tattoos, and hair dye, but not enough for healthy food. wow! Makes sense to me…HMMM.

  • Drema Hawkins Harrison

    The fat A$$ needs to work and earn money!!!Stop with the tattoo’s and stop with the junk food!!Stop with the begging for more money!!!!

  • nancyj1922

    Oh my. What do you say to this? Except GET A JOB! Stop mooching off the universe. Stop making excuses. And ORANGE HAIR???????????? Who do you think you are, Ronald McDonald?

    • Rockette

      Lol love that. Ronald McDonald. 😀 Nancy ur awesome.

  • laloma seibert

    i am fat i have no one to blame but myself if you start quite buying junk food you could afford something beside try getting a job my husband and i both worked and i couldn’t afford all that junk food the problem is you

  • Kim Buza

    Disgusting! Haven’t been ‘ educated ‘? Give me a break! Junk food costs WAY more than healthy, nutritious food. An apple keeps u satisfied longer than a flippin pop tart! And maybe someone would hire her if her hair was a natural shade as well.

    • Marky Michaels

      Just an FYI… in my area apples were priced at $4 a pound last week. Lean hamburger was $3.49 in the same store. It ALL costs money now, and I think a lot of it has to do with all this government subsidy money. Of course I did NOT buy the apples. Unlike my money, apples DO grow on trees and I’ll let them rot before paying $4 a pound for one.

  • GoneFishing

    Fat on excuses, lean on justification.

  • LH

    Cookies and Junk Food cost a lot more than Fresh Vegetables and Fruits. She makes a lot more money on the system than most people working a minimum wage full time job. She needs to be investigated, that is not a nutritious diet for two children. She should also be made to find a job or lose all her benefits including housing. It is okay to use the welfare system in desperate times, like when you are in between jobs, but not to live off assistance forever. An like someone said “walking is free”, you don’t need a gym to exercise. The system need to look at her tattoos, piercings, and dyed hair an say “Oh if you can afford all that then we are paying you way too much.” Can’t believe she is asking for money. This is what you call Low Life imho.

  • Joanie Selman-Prince

    What a lazy ass! She isn’t too broke to dye her hair orange or continue her fat diet. This woman is totally disgusting…as jb80538 said, “cut off her gravy train”!!!!!!

  • Ray Liptak

    Fat bastard. It’s called walking. Try it.

  • Notmymess

    If their prices are anything like ours, fruit is cheaper than cookies

  • mikestrong

    Oh my gosh what a piiiig. Loserrrr

  • Lorie Bahde

    This cow is a useless drain. I am a stay at home mother of one. My husband works. 30,000 a year. We have two cars, health, car, and home insurance. Mortgage, electricity, water and propane in the winter. We all three will enjoy ice cream or a couple cookies from time to time. We are all with in our healthy goal weight for our ages and height. My sisters and mother have this same mental illness as this drain. They are all over weight and it is not their fault. Well I am here to tell you it is.it all comes down to the choices that you make. My husband and I run at least twice a week more like four. We also eat lots of those what she calls to expensive veggies. All my bills are paid on time and we still manage to go camping, to plays, and other local fun. This pure bs .

  • Chuck_Key

    She’s fat because she’s too lazy to work and eats too much!
    We don’t want to hear your moaning, liberal cow!

  • Diane Pinson-woods

    Well, actually, Healthier food is a bit more expensive. However, there are better choices than junk food. Junk food is NOT a meal. She just buys it cause she wants it, not cause it is all she can buy.

  • Rick Harmes

    Self entitlement and pure laziness are the attributing factors. We have made it far too easy to milk the system. Why are WE employed paying for her survival, but barely afford what we already have, which may be less than she milks the system for. Shameless.

    • Guest

      Every one should be a shame of them sell talking that bad about her I want all of you to take a look in the mirror an say what if that was me

  • Donna

    Are you kidding me!!!!! I only make around 21,000 a year. And I work my ASS off for that at my job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I don’t get any help from the gov. for bills!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll take her job!!!!! And she can have mine!!!!!

  • Kalifornia_Refugee

    Yet she has enough money to pay a tattoo artist… Or maybe he does the tattoos for some other “fee”

  • Rev. Roy Gallant

    I work my ass off 6 days a week, and I don’t make half that…….most days I’m too busy to eat lunch. I can’t AFFORD to get fat!!!

  • Kerby Loring Stahoviak

    Maybe she needs to cut back on the hair color and tattoos. Looks like she stuck her head in a pumpkin.

  • becompassionate

    and hair dye!

  • Sonvya May Duncan

    I read many of the comments on here and I am very disappointed in the name calling, that is not helpful. I do agree that getting tattooed is expensive and the hair dye does cost money. So apparently her priorities are not in alignment with the world. Why don’t we “educate” her on healthier recipes that are not expensive to make, and educate her on excerise? That would be helpful where name calling is not. Ms. Briggs, you are in charge of your life, you are an adult with children to raise. My suggestion is to take a short walk with your children daily, if possible to a park where they can play outside. Then as you build up endurance, push yourself to a new goal daily. Go to the library and educate yourself, again your an adult, show and teach your children to be independent and that government help is a stepping stone not a lifestyle. Good luck with your life….remember you are in control!

    • DentalA

      Why should she do anything to help herself-she’s making plenty of money-and her kids will probably be fat as well and collect when they’re older-she’s just knows how to work the system. So unfair to people who really deserve it-being fat is not a disability-just an excuse to leech off the govt.

      • Sonvya May Duncan

        You are probably correct that she will not change, I find that sad. I have a very good friend that is truly disabled and receives less than $800 a month to survive on. Makes you wonder why some people who have worked hard for many years get next to nothing and others who refuse to work get silver platters handed over to them.

    • Aggie Carlson-Chiarillo

      Too bad she will ignore you suggestions, They are good ones, but unless someone else takes charge she will do nothing

    • Rockette

      Not many people will listen.. but least that u are very well spoken.

  • Lois Albrecht-Anderson

    She looks like a couch potato. Tats, make up etc. cost more than healthy food.

  • NN

    Fat lazy bitch

  • Joan Lindquist Lindgren

    Not enough money to buy healthy food, but has money for piercings and tattoos? Cut off her money now and make her get a job!

  • silverdart

    Kids??? Who in their right mind would want to even see that thing naked, never mind actually having sex with it!!!

  • Sean P. Tolan

    Send her here for an education surrounding what real problems are…she might even lose a few pounds along the way…

  • stacell72

    She does need to get off her ass, what kind of example is she setting? She get’s a hell of a whole lot than most people, needs to grow a garden, but IDK what in the world she having 2 baby daddy’s has to do with her eating junk.

  • Ashley Henry

    Why do people always have to be labeled. Whether its fat or skinny or whatever. I don’t agree with her fueling from the government but come on. Where is the class? Some people work there butt off and still are what you call “fat”. People really need to stop being so damn judgemental.

    • collegebasketballfan

      The sad thing is many of these judgemental types probably went to church today too. Hypocrites!

      • Christy Shade Verstreate

        I didn’t go to church today! However we are a hard working family who sees this everyday right next door to us! People want everyone to feel sorry for them with a new sob story everyday. Has 5 kids that run wild while visiting a booty call in jail. Parents own the home they live in so welfare pays the rent to them. She has a car a nice cell phone and has all of her bills paid. Runs around the neighborhood preaching about God while listenining to explicit rap music and gossiping about everyone all at the same time. She by the way goes to church every Sunday! So no I’m not a hypocrite or judgemental a spade is a spade and that’s how I call it. If I wanted to spread my legs to 5 baby daddies not get married not make them lay child support and choose not to work or get an education, I would be rewarded. However I chose to work since the age of 15 get married and have children with a man that works his fingers to the bone. I was permanently injured from working and have to fight for what I’VE EARNED while someone else gets my earnings for free. Then when asking for assistance am told no because my family makes 50$ to much per month on a fluctuating income. Now that’s a system to me that is so very corrupt.

  • collegebasketballfan

    I can attest it is a LOT cheaper to buy junk food vs healthy food. Not a lot in the way of coupons for healthy food, unfortunately. If you are a low income person and want to make your money last…unfortunately buying the unhealthy items is the way to go.

    Also..please don’t judge this woman without knowing the actual facts of her situation. It’s easy to point at her tattoo’s and weight and judge, but for all we know she may have gotten those tattoo’s in a time before she hit hard times.

    How many of you identify as being a Christian (or any religion)? I don’t think whatever God you worship to would be happy with the way you talk about people. Just saying.

  • Lynn Louise Watson Edwards

    You have money for tatoos orange hair and piercings and use the food stamps for junk food looks like your problem is not lack of enough money but the inability to make good choices.This is why ignorant people should keep their mouths shut. By the way maybe you should try to improve your situation instead of asking for more hand outs. I have had to work and fight for everything I have in life. You cannot get a decent job when you look like a clown with hair tattoos and piercings like that. Choosing healthy foods and getting off your ass instead of sitting around watching tv and playing on your cell phone. You can also make crafts and sell them on ebay. Babysit after you clean your act up. There are things you can do. She chooses to be where she is as do many I know I myself have been homeless for a year. Now I am remarried with a supervisor job in the government and buying a house 3 years later. I had some help and showed appreciation by paying it forward and now hire some of the same women I was in the shelter with.

    • collegebasketballfan

      Healthy food is usually not a good option for someone with limited income. You don’t cut many coupons out of the paper for healthy food as you do junk food. It is a lot cheaper to buy junk food, unfortunately.

  • Hargraves Ian

    I know many 24 year old women who have 5 and 6 kids (minorities) who have never worked, got pregnant in school and never paid a dime into the system, free houses, free food, free utilities, free medical, free school, free school meals including breakfast and after school, clothing vouchers a the whole nine yards and the kids all have different last names! $6500 a year net cost per kid in school, no wonder we have a financial problem and now we are looking after the worlds sluts and whores as well we call them Illegal immigrants!

  • Sarah Mahala

    She can’t afford a gym and doesn’t know how to exercise herself?? It appears she knows how to stand up. I would assume she walked to the area she is in in the photo since I don’t see a house behind her. I guess she isn’t smart enough to know that walking is exercise and it cost nothing money wise, but I guess she doesn’t want to hear that much less actually do some walking. I see she can afford the tattoo on her hand which appears to run up her arm at least a little. Let’s see, take money used for tattoos and spend on food. As for exercise, get a job and work!!! You will get at least a little exercise by working and have better food if you don’t waste money on tattoos. She is like way too many Americans and illegals here in this country, they think the American taxpayer own them a living because too much of the time they are too lazy to work. Looks like both countries need to cut off the gravy train and start a work program. No work, no money!!!!! Might actually encourage those on welfare to look for a real job or get an education to be better self-sufficient.

  • Kevin Williams

    You all are the work of the devil evil to talk down on others wow really

    • Rockette

      Dont think every one is trying to be evil.. its just really saddening she is not educating herself bout how to shop properly and to use governments funds properly.

  • James Cox

    I notice she was able to afford tattoos…..did she use government money for that? I would imagine that would be a crime. Misappropriation of government funds.

  • old lady

    Really? How does she even have the nerve to put her face out there in the public for everybody to see. $62000.00 in benefits ? She is really a scary looking clown. She obviously has no clue how to teach her children good moral standards.

  • Lynn Louise Watson Edwards

    Junk food is not cheaper than healthy food if you know how to shop. I am a mother of 10 and have been able to get fruits vegetables and other nutritious food for alot less than junk food. It is called going to stores such as outlet stores etc. When you go to name brand grocery stores it is more expensive. I also spent a little on seeds and grew some even in container on my apartment porch. Junk food is just easier to cook. Making casseroles and salads would pull that woman away from Jerry Springer is all. It is able to be done because I did it. For a family of 10 I cooked for $800 a month.

  • Harriet

    Oh my what a delutional twerp!

  • Egor ‘Bobby’ Redcloak

    This is at the same time as the genuinely disabled are being declared fit to work and having their benefits cancelled, the unemployed hounded off unemployment benefits by private companies attempting to make them work for other private companies just to retain a few pounds a week. The average unemployed person, who hasn’t been knocked off by civil servants and forced to go to food banks, gets less than £4k but people like this, who the government use to justify cutting welfare are remarkably untouched. It proves what a sham it all is, the genuine are forced to starve while mired in the futility of looking for work on an overcrowded island with increasingly less wealth, while the greedy self serving wastes of air in Westminster or in normal houses like this woman, get fatter and fatter.

  • DanaLanders

    This generation of entitled…disgusting!

  • Ross Wilcox

    This bitch has no shame. Also, what kind of degenerate dudes are knocking up that pig-faced cow in the first place!?!?

  • m1

    tatoos, take away foods…all extravagance….she needs the help of a counselor who understands eating disorders and how to use benefits more wisely

  • Brutal Honesty

    People who can’t support themselves should be sterilized.

  • Marky Michaels

    And what does she feed her children?

  • Crystal Irene Dodson

    Are u kidding me buy healthy food its cost the same amount ur big cause u choose to eat the way you do it ain’t no one else fault!!!!!!

  • Marky Michaels

    Believe it or not, there was a time when having children you couldn’t afford was something to be ashamed of.

  • Bobby Riviere

    “It would be good if the government offered a cash incentive for me to lose weight.” That isn’t an incentive to do anything other than even LESS than what you do now… whilst plumping up even more. These losers have one skill: making excuses – and they suck at that, too. “I can only afford junk food.” Yet, fresh produce items are among the cheapest goods which groceries provide. “I haven’t been ‘educated’ how to exercise so I can’t.” Physical movement results in calories expended. Tougher activity equates to higher fat loss. Lesson over. “It isn’t my fault, it’s the government’s.” While both the British and American governments have much to be made to answer for, your fat ass is first and foremost an invention of your own. Let it be known that I would be more than happy to volunteer a few hours each week to teach lessons such as these (and others) to all lefties as part of a comprehensive ‘Introduction To Reality’ educational course.

  • Marky Michaels


  • kevk

    this looks like a made-up story……every thing shes saying is there 2 provoke anger…and its working by all the coments made….no one is as stupid as shes making out to be. who ever wrote the story they got the reaction they wanted

  • Tinaw1969

    Where did she get the money for all the tattoos?? It’s just laziness! Get your fat ass off the couch and get a job!

  • mike

    It is lifetime welfare leaches like this that piss off the people paying for it ie the taxpayers, the us used to have limits on how long you could be on welfare but that has been done away with. We now have people that make a living off of it. I know of quite a few people that “work” the system for these “benefits”… those that do work work jobs that pay cash under the table. I am sorry but if you are receiving welfare, housing, or any other form of government aid of that type then first you need to have a drug test, and prove that you are pounding the pavement looking for work, not driving that nice new car, sporting new high end clothes and purses, or have the latest and greatest cell phone.

  • mike

    This quote is from the dailymail.uk site. “I don’t feel bad about the taxpayer funding my life and my child’s medical problems, because I don’t treat myself or buy anything excessive.” Hair dye is a treat and for someone on government aid is excessive…

  • Patrick R

    We’ll this is the nanny state coming home to roost. And to think she has the hide to blame society for her “lack of education”. What a disgusting pig. And she earns more than Do just because she has the capacity to lie on her back and breed.

  • Kiwi

    She is what I see when I barf in the toilet.

  • Michelle Mexicali

    Why can’t food stamps (in any country) be for very specific foods? Meat, produce, canned/fresh veggies, dairy, beans, and nuts. The end. This isn’t supposed to be a lifestyle, this is a temporary help. Bread, pasta, cake, cookies.. anything with flour or sugar, it’s not necessary those are the very foods that make people fat. I buy my own food, I spend $200 a month and eat quite well.

  • Kiwi

    That junk food costs WAY more than ingredients to cook healthy meals. Forget the tacky hair and piercings. She even outwardly admits that she doens’t exercise because it would cut back on her junk food budget.

  • bigsurprise

    And the WORST part of this , is what she is exampling and teaching her children…..Children grow up being what they have been exampled…This is a large part of why the welfare system is so abused

  • Susan

    Personal responsibility honey, personal responsibility. Nobody owes you ANYTHING.

  • Rockette

    People like her make me feel ashamed. I work my ass off trying to teach my child better. You choose to be fat not one makes you this is why I want to lose weight. I am proud I have lost more than 20 pounds since January! The steps to losing weight isnt hard. Pick up ur feet and go for walks its free, stop shoveling food in ur mouth. Did u know according to a website http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2013/07/31/chewing-foods.aspx tells you that the smaller bites you take and the longer you chew your food it will will take for u to finish a meal and will allow the enzymes in your saliva to help break down the food. As it goes on it also says it takes aproximately 20 mins for ur brain to process that your stomach is full. By doing this maybe not being so strict you will maintain a healthy weight. The internet is for good things and bad things this lady needs to educate herself she needs to go to the library and learn healthier things in life rather than sucking life support onto the governments system. END RANT thank you. P.S. im in a smaller boat. But its my choices in life that has got me where I am today and im taking steps to better my life but in my story im not using the system im trying to get out there im trying to lose weight. Im not one to speak but honestly it is sometimes hard to lose weight. Especially when people make fun of me as it lowers my self esteem. Im sort of understanding o alot of every ones opinions but then again I can agree with alot. I know that after this is posted im going to probably get bitched at but at least I am trying to make a change in my life and not using the system like this lady is. THANK YOU FOR LISTENING TO MY RANT AND HOPE YOU ALL HAVE A GOOD DAY. ^_^ IM NOW GOING TOO GO MAKE A HOME MADE POT PIE FOR MY FAMILY.

  • whyAct

    So if the government offered you all that money you would deny it? I dont think you can honestly say no. Its extremely hypocritical for you to complain about her money when In all reality you all just want more money yourselves. Maybe you should support her and find out how you can get the same benefits she has instead of throqing your tax dollars down into some infinite game of risk of bullshit that you cant even keep up with.

    • Christy Shade Verstreate

      Sorry to burst your bubble there still are some people who have pride and take pride in teaching their children about hard work!

  • Kathleen Roland

    I used to weigh more than her. I have been losing by simply walking at night and cutting back a little on my intake. Never understood why my siblings were blond, blue eyed and skinny. While I had brown hair and eyes and ate less than them but gained weight. Found out I was adopted, met my birth father and his family members are all heavy. Anyway, I never sat on my ass and collected welfare, I worked. This bullshit with fat people getting welfare and social security disability for their weight is ridiculous. I have had a bad knee since high school but I still work. They’re lazy. If she bought healthy food she wouldn’t be able to buy as much and wouldn’t eat as much. A snack of chips (crisps) once a month or some other treat is fine, but you can’t live on that crap.

  • Patricia Molinar

    Walking is free.

  • Blackbear

    No incentive to work! Put plenty of incentives to sit at home get tattoos I’m certain she could drink a sailor under the table! We have the same problems here in the U.S….government rewards those who are unwilling to work! She is just plainly lazy! Get a job you bovine!

  • Robert Jay

    I guarantee her two kids are black.

  • Louise Thomas

    Just sickening to think of all the injustice in this worldamd this BLOWZER is crying over not getting enough FREE AIDE…..DEPLORABLE. MAKE HER LARD ASS ACCOUNTABLE AND GET OFF THE TAX PAYERS TITS!!!!!

  • Jason Forehand

    Butter Sketti

  • Barbara J Cooley

    The problem not only is her laziness but the idiots at the government that need to control what these welfare people buy with “our” money…like when you are on WIC, they have a list of foods you can purchase, that should be the same with food and cash benefits…the only time money could be used off the government benefits is when they pay a bill online or over the phone otherwise they should NEVER be allowed to remove cash of any sort from that card….it’s “our” money and we should have a say on what they do with it!!!!!

  • sami

    This is disgusting. I don’t support fat shaming but good god this woman is repulsive. Not only is she setting herself up for a miserable short lived life but she is doing it to her children as well! It doesn’t cost a penny to go out and walk around the block or take her kids to the park. And last I checked apples were a lot cheaper than pizza or Chinese.

  • NNNNNNNNNNoooClintonplz

    I am not so disturbed by the bad food choices as the govt paying for them and then paying for the healthcare too (as in Obamacare) She does have a point …maybe if you are on govt assistance you can follow Michele Obama’s guidelines..(but more inexpensively done) and from the cookie pool get the Y membership..or like they have said here just go for a walk. I know some very hard working obese people. I don’t’ find that weight so offensive because at least they earn what they eat. BUT if you are not doing your best stop whining about the govt. Why should they do better if you won’t?

  • Shaniqua

    She looks like a Hog. How could there be 2 different fathers ? Are there 2 guys that dumb. Cut all her freebies.

  • Tiffani Nottelling

    For the love of God dont send her here! We have enough of those here in the states

  • Jennifer Sutherland OBrien

    my family is on assistance for food. We do not get to buy a ton of food or even enough to get us thru a whole month, but I do NOT buy any of that crap. I might buy a cake mix for a birthday or just for a special treat from time to time, but the majority is spent on foods that have to be cooked. Like whole potatoes and meat to fill the freezer so that I can cook actual meals for my family. I try to stay away from processed foods. I buy fresh veggies and fruit. My kids are not over weight and as I might be a little over weight, it isn’t because I eat a bunch of crap, it is due to a thyroid condition that my doctor is having a hard time getting regulated. There is NO excuss for this. a 350 lb mother because she doesn’t get enough money for food. How about stop buying potato chips and buy a bag of apples instead. or 3 bunches of bananas? this is the most retarded thing I have ever heard of.

    • Christy Shade Verstreate

      Or buy a bag of potatoes and make your own oben baked chips still healthier.

  • Autumn Elaine Porath

    This is the perfect case of system abuse!! I won’t lie I get public assistance. But my husband works as well we don’t get much and i find ways to make what we get last and buy healthy foods. We are big ppl and i would never blame the price of healthy food and the lil i get on why I’m fat.. she I’s a waste of space. Lazy just lazy.

  • Amber Murphy

    While I don’t condone living off the government, any government, because welfare should be a temporary means of help. I do believe, at least in the USA, that the amount of money given for food is not enough to eat very healthy. Processed foods costs far less than healthy choices. So to make food last and have more of it, it’s more financially smart to go with unhealthy foods. With that said, you don’t have to be educated to know that walking is exercise. It’s free and good for you. Also it does cost money for tattoos, piercings and hair dye, which if you can afford those things, you can afford some fruits and vegetables. Maybe even plant their own. She has too many excuses.

  • Eclipse

    No you’re obese because of not eating right, exercising, and blaming others for your condition.

  • aquafuji

    Well she wasn’t to lazy to spread her legs in order to have two kids from two different fathers. These people are parasites and only know how to manipulate the system, then bitch because they feel the system has failed them. Cut the funding and make this cow and make her get a really job!

    • Nicole Martin

      I agree that she is using her weight as an excuse to get attention and maby someone will feel sorry for her, lady u control ur lifestyle its your fault u are a big girl, u can easily walk it off and just stop eating so much damn junk food! U already get enough assistance maby ur amount needs to be reduced to reduce the weight! But people should not be judging someone because they have different baby daddy’s! She may be ugly and we cant understand why one man let alone 2 would find her attractive enough to put they sperm in her, but alot of different people have different baby daddy’s and we don’t know the reasoning nor is it anyones business! I just get tired of women being judged because of the number of kids they have by different people this is totally irrelevant to her getting assistance!!! Except the fact that the state does offer childcare assistance for 1 child or 10 children no matter how many daddy’s and that makes it so more single mothers can get out there and GET A JOB!

  • akka1234

    Amazing that she can’t afford healthy food – but check out all those tattoos – compliments of her government! Welfare fraud at its finest…

  • SomebodySayHo

    Meh, big chicks need lovin too.

  • Mari Alvarez

    I simply cannot believe how ANYONE could defend this needless waste of taxpayer money.

  • Lindsay

    In the last six months I’ve become horribly ill and it’s changed my entire life. I had to start just working from home trying to do what I can to get by. I get $200 a month in food stamps yet I eat healthier than anyone I know because I budget and use coupons to get fresh, healthy options. Half the time the junk food is twice as much as fresh produce. And when I have the energy, I walk around the block a few times to get exercise. It’s easy to live within your means and in a healthy way if you aren’t lazy and are a clever thinker. This woman is a total nightmare.

    • Christy Shade Verstreate

      I know a lot of the programs also give you like produce vouchers also. Many farmers markets also accept food stamps.

  • Tammy Bockrath

    She’s just a fat, lazy bitch!!! She just wants more, more, more on top of all she gets already!! What kind of beast is she?? She needs to get a damn life, that’s for sure, why doesn’t she work?? What’s her excuse for that?? She’s just lazy and doesn’t want to do anything with her fatass!!! Just excuses and not good ones at that!! Think she needs to go back to school and learn a thing or two….I think the government would be happy to help her in that area too!!! Damn!! You greedy bitch!!

  • Sherri Cullen

    Get a job and exercise u fat worthless
    pig…eat a few heads of lettuce a couple times a week, thats cheaper than steak or chocolate!!!

  • Jamie

    What a piece of trash. I love how she can afford the color for her hair and decent clothes. I work two jobs and I also go to school full time and I am not eligible for anything. I am proud to say that I dont even want government help because I am a strong independent woman. Get a job you worthless fat ass scumbag!!!!!!!!!!

  • Debbie Klos Burris

    Well, she can sure afford tattoos….and after getting my first one a few weeks ago, they are expensive!!!!!

    • Christy Shade Verstreate

      I got my first one this past July and my 20 year old daughter went for her first one too. She wanted to do it together and she paid for mine. She’s a full time college student and works as a waitress and can handle most of her own business. I would expect that this woman and others like her to be able to also. Shameful

  • Melinda Allen

    Send this message to her from me. You are fat because you are lazy, and don’t want to work. The govt is not your baby daddy. Get up off your fat ass and find a job. To uneducated to do a diet on your own, get on the internet, you can find anything there! Sincerely, someone sick to death of paying for people like you.

  • kas63032@hotmail.com

    The next humper is going to need a 5 kilo bag of flour and then look for the wet spot.

  • Callie

    And yet she has the funds for hair dye, tattoos, and piercings?? I call immense bullshit on this woman. She’s abusing the system and should be cut off!!

  • Tracey

    I wonder how she can afford all those tattoos?

  • falonsaretard

    Those piercings and tats probably took a bit out of her healthy food budget. I often see people with the newest phones applying for food stamps .

  • Kitty Huebner

    Fat yutz needs to put down the pop tarts and chocolate fingers and get out there and walk. I don’t know all that much about cooking but I know how to make a salad and eat fruit

  • B Dog

    You think she’d get serious if they cut her off? You now understand what’s wrong with welfare.

  • Sharpshooter

    Is she holding the fence up, or is it the other way around?

  • J Lopez

    She doesn’t have enough money for healthy food but she has money for hair dye,tattoos, and piercings. Go figure. Get a job!

  • Katrina Armanda Nadeau

    code of conduct … darn

  • UMTigerFan

    Lady, you’re obese cause you don’t shut your mouth when there’s food in front of it!

  • Ed Riegel

    what a pathetic piece of crap. off to work i go to pay for her orange hair,body piercing, and tattoos. GET A JOB LARDASS…

  • Wiggle D

    Goes to show you that social programs everywhere aren’t thorough enough in their application process. Give one fat hooker a free cookie, and then they all want them and will do anything to get it.

  • texashorseman

    why do so many that complain if being poor have tattoos all over their bodies? Those are not cheap.

  • rlw1678

    IF I can pay all my bills (including mortgage and student loans0 AT $60k a year and buy healthy foods for my family so can she. she does not work. she is lazy buy real food and cook it your self. complain u have to give up pizza and Chinese food to afford a gym then you are not worried about loosing weight. I hope your children get their meal before you do. I work a full time job and still seem to manage it. $60K of lazy money is not enough then get a job.

    • Christy Shade Verstreate

      The dingo didn’t eat your baby but we know who did!

  • Pete Barich

    Might I suggest a walk to the nearest library, ask for a list of books on nutrition and start reading! Have her start her own education now, for no cost…to her…
    She might also swing by the self help aisle, and child education section as well…
    I believe she may have the free time…

    • PeteyGLaFlare

      Sounds like she has 0 interest in loosing weight and 100% interest in getting more money.

  • tonychrome

    It seems that the one thing she was educated in was how to milk the system.

  • tatum

    They need to send a nutritionist to her place and tell her to shape up or lose your kids, because I’m almost positive they are on their way to being incredibly unhealthy like her. It’s child abuse and should be handled as such, her only incentive should be her children’s well being. If she doesn’t see it as much of an incentive then next thing has to be in patient eating disorder treatment, because she is so very obviously mentally ill and clearly needs help. Other people’s lives are being directly effected by her disorders, that’s when this problem has become unacceptable for the government to keep throwing money at it anymore.

  • aclyburn

    Seriously!!! That’s a lame excuse! No education!?!? You can pretty much Google anything. Where there’s a will there’s a way…


    Excuses..excuses and never even try to find work..but hey she’s collecting more than most Americans make in a year for doing absolutely NOTHING! Maybe if this goes viral the parasites in this country will move to her neighborhood.

  • tomfairbanks

    Another ignorant leech, breeding the next generation of ignorant leeches. And they vote for whatever politician promises them the most free stuff. Society is screwed.

  • Jojo725

    She has money to get tattoos, piercings and her hair done. Where does she live? I make less than $20,000 a year, left an abusive marriage, get no child support to help support my two daughters and make too much money in MA to collect welfare. ( I do receive some foodstamps.) I work hard to support my family as a hairstylist, but this lazy slob does nothing and is collecting more than 3x what I make.

    • tomfairbanks

      We live in a world gone mad.

  • yeti7557

    Lots of money for tattoos, colored hair, piercings, etc…

  • Alex B

    This story is so far from the truth, Top Right News wrote it just to piss people off.

    • Glock29

      IT WORKED !!!


  • Nelson Phillip

    Tattoos are free when you are on welfare? Maybe when you go get orange hair it comes as a added bonus. This is what USA has become a country of circus creatures, fun to look at and wonder where such a creature came from, but happy we don’t have one and can go look at on rare occasions.

  • valgal10

    So she has enough money for tattoos and orange hair ?? It’s all about priorities, if she was working for her money she would have priorities.

  • Mr. X

    This is the definition of a bad person.

  • Mike

    The best and cheapest exercise to learn is ” push yourself away from the table ! “

  • Smitty37101

    She can afford tattoos but not food for herself I work everyday and don’t bring home 60000 maybe she should get off her fat ass and work for a change

  • Paul Alvarez

    You know what might help reduce fat? Working.

  • Keldon McFarland

    At least she’s not in the US. She could be Michelle Obama’s poster child for the “injustice” of “food inequality”

  • Paige Spiecker

    I learned to cook simply buy COOKING, and everything has directions on it…no education needed. I lose weight by RUNNING, no education needed. I feel sorry for her kids, they’re being raised to end up exactly like her. The world is filled with people like this and it’s disgusting. She’s obviously not hurting for money – she just doesn’t have any interest in losing weight or making something out of herself. She’s 100% content with being a disgusting waste of human potential.

  • Shelley Campbell

    Go for walks, jog, eat fruit, fresh veggie snacks, less takeout! There are a lot of ways to lose weight that don’t cost a thing and I’m sure her Doctor(s) would agree! Stop being lazy and looking for more handouts!

  • Shooga J

    Trash. Will never, ever, look to change herself. Welfare is an addiction. It is far easier to sit home, feet up, potato chips and cola in hand then going to a job. And the Government does NOTHING to force these people to get work. Who is REALLY to blame here? A person taking advantage of what is out there or a government that makes it so damn easy to get? Personally, I am choosing the latter…

    • Christy Shade Verstreate

      For some it is an addiction not all. I used it when it was necessary. I was in school full time and my husband worked but only made like 10$ ph and we were supporting 2 kids with lack of family. Or when we had to move because we lived out of state and had to come back for family reasons. We needed a little help getting back on our feet. Of course we had jobs in a matter of months. When my husband lost his job we needed a little help. So not everyone who gets on stays on. Also they didnt pay all of our bills we paid our own rent and utilities.

      • Shooga J

        Does this woman look like she has any intention of getting a job? Your situation is what it was designed for. People who are suffering temporary hardships. This woman is clearing 60k a year tax free. And whines for more. The system is destroyed. It will never be fixed. We are slowly watching the “Detroitization” of the civilized world.

        • Christy Shade Verstreate

          I know I was just simply saying not all of us are an addict LOL. If everyone used it for what it was designed for society would be more productive and less entitled. I have neighbors all around me that simply disgust me. They behave exactly like this. They buy so much junk don’t cook or plan out meals and kids just ear whatever and whenever they want. They get there food stamps and in a day they are gone with nothing really to show. Tragic simply tragic.

  • justKevin

    “I tried swimming but it cost £22 [$36] a month and it meant I had to cut back on my favourite pizza and Chinese takeaways,” she said.
    Walking is free, and you should probably go without the Take-out. Make your own food, it’s so much cheaper.
    Chicken is cheap and easy to cook. Salad is cheap and easy to make into a delicious salad.
    STOP making excuses and start making changes!

  • David Michael

    I’m surprised that two different men were actually desperate enough for sex to impregnate this cow.

  • Ruth

    How do you get THAT much money! I work my butt off and am disabled and get less than even half of that & am not 350lbs and not eat that crap! Welfare is lookin pretty good fron here

  • Christy Shade Verstreate

    Now I am a woman of a larger stature, but I cook regular meals for my family 4 children and a husband. I have a gym membership that I use when I am able to sometimes it might be often other times it might be a month or two all depends on how I am feeling or how a new medication might be affecting me. We might have pizza when we have company such as nieces or nephews or for a birthday party.We might go out to a china buffet every other weekend my kids like the hibachi and egg soup. However these are foods I can also make at home. We have make your own pizza night and I will cut up some left over chicken and add some pineapple juice some teriyaki sauce and broccoli.
    Easy way to save money not just on takeout but gas too. On top of this it is good bonding time my little girl is my kitchen helper. She knows how to make meatloaf and helps make soups and bakes her own cakes now. She will be 8 next week. I video her baking and post videos and she feels like she has her own cooking show haha.

  • Kathy Norris

    Walking is free. If she can’t leave her kids use a wagon and take them with. No excuses. Oh yea, the the money incentive to lose weight will come when she has a heart attack.

  • Who would hire her anyway?

  • Elleth Elven

    Oh but she has the money for orange hair dye.

  • Sarah Flores

    But she can have her nasty ass hair done and afford tattoos?! I work my ass off and I don’t see any of it! Useless!!!

  • Sarah Flores

    My husband just lost over 60 pounds spending no extra money. Just smart excersise and diet choices.

  • Dylan L

    Funny that they picked someone from Wigan to make an example of. I doubt many people here have read The Road to Wigan Pier, but if you oppose socialism, you should try to read it.

  • Michael W Nichols

    I’m 350 pounds, I work a 13+ hour day 6 days a week. I see no reason for her to not work…

  • TL1976

    Just another person milking the government thinking they are “entitled” because they are them. You are no better than anyone else. Read a book, educate yourself, stop whining and do something about it. I only make $26K/year and I would NEVER use government assistance. I pay all of my bills myself. I just got a 2nd job so I could pay my car payment. It’s called hard work. Screw that crap. These stories piss me off. LOL

  • angarone

    Dear Ms. Briggs: Your parents failed you, and you are failing your children.

  • NothingMan00

    Two different fathers? There are two men on Earth desperate enough that they’d impregnate that disgusting she-beast? Maybe they got sucked in to her orbit and couldn’t escape it.

  • Heather

    A 5 pound bag of brown rice and a family pack of chicken tenderloins costs me less that a box of poptarts, a bag of chips and two nights of takeout. Those two items are both healthy and filling. Add some cheap frozen veggies to that bunch which is only about $1 a bag…then she is set for a healthy meal. No excuse for this. She needs to be educated, yes. I feel a simple pamphlet from the government (or a charity group) on how to eat healthy on a budget would greatly benefit a TON of people.

    • Christy Shade Verstreate

      Then you have healthy leftovers you can freeze for another meal I’m sure.

      • Heather

        Oh easily. I generally will make enough for two days at a time so I can just keep it in the fridge. But you could easily make large batches and put them in freezer containers for those days when you don’t feel like cooking.

  • Thelma2

    This woman is the epitome of a parasite. Cut her off.

  • Heather

    And if they have internet workouts can be found online for free. I generally workout on youtube videos. Or do squats while I wait for my dinner to cook. A walk around the neighborhood is also quite free and doesn’t take a PHD in fitness to figure out.
    Does she need someone to tell her to blink and breathe too? And how much does that orange hair dye cost? How about putting that towards some vegetables. Its hard to find employers who will take you seriously when you look like you wash your hair in cheese puffs.

  • ice heart

    WTF, eat less and get a job to loose 250lbs, welcome to the real world!!!!
    Milking it and then trying to find a excuse is Supid.

  • Vince Stagbaugh

    Instead of a stupid little mouth piercing, how about a big metal clamp on her whole mouth that only open for 10 minutes a day? That will cut down her crappy eating habits.

  • stacey

    can of vegitables is under a dollar and theres ramon noodles it would be better than that junk ive had food stamps and got 200 a month and I bought healthy stuff to and she is just lazy

    • CourtyB

      Ramen noodles are in no way a healthier choice.

  • trisha

    how about doing something with your life. you have kids. give them a reason to be proud of you as a parent. going out side and walking five miles a day isnt hard and you dont need educated on it. simply put your lazy. your too comfortable eith the way your living. i hope you get cut off all your spoils. im. single mother of two, i work pay all my own bills, yes i get government money for food. i only use it when its needed. and when it is needed we still eat healthy. your choosing to live thatway. your choosing to teach your kids the wrong things inlife. you will be the cause of an early death for your kids from being fat. your shoving unhealthy food down their mouths. your making your kids fat. they will get teased and riddiculed. mean?! its the way of life. you are just a lazy person and quite frankly a waste of space, and a pathetic excuse as a parent.

  • Rachel

    are you kidding me??? i cant get food stamps at all because im on social security survivors benifits and its too much for a single mother of 2 children. No i dont have a job i had one but dont have it now and i dont have any money for food by the second week of the month every month after main bills are paid for …rent utilities and car payments. i make on that money less than 2k a month but it doesnt go far. she should stfu i could only dream of having that much money.

  • ThatOnePerson

    I buy a box of mini tacos from the grocery store for $3, and they last two weeks. Sure, they aren’t the healthiest thing ever, but they don’t make me obese either. That, and I can run outside for free.

  • Avril Brown

    Beans are cheap and not fattening. This is totally false. It is her choice to eat as she does. I also notice she seems to have enough money for clothes, tatts, piercings and that ridiculous color of hair that is NOT natural, (nor free).

  • shannon

    Her hair color and tattoos could buy lots of food!

  • Andrew Dennison

    “i tried swimming but its cost $36 a month and it meant i had to cut back on my favorite pizza and Chinese takeaways” what a fatass

  • Rhaenys

    My fiance works 50-60 hours a week in a job that requires hard labor, at $15 an hour, and would LOVE to be able to take home $36,000 a year (he takes home about $24,000 after tax). I am currently in my junior year at my university, working two on-campus jobs and taking 18 credits per semester, averaging about 40 hours a week of academic work. Together, I can estimate we’d make about $50,000 a year, and that’s a generous estimate. We have received no government handouts, no welfare, no food stamps. We make our own money and ride with the punches.

    Look at how many Americans are on welfare who truly need it, who work 40-80 hours per week to make ends meet. Look at the veterans we shove into the streets, who suffer from mental and physical problems but receive no aid from the government nor their fellow citizen. Look at those who worked full lives who are now disabled and receive barely enough to make ends meet. How can you, Christina, look at yourself in the mirror, and think yourself a good, honest, hardworking person?

    You receive more money in free benefits than a majority of American citizens make per year. The median household income for the majority of the United States is between less than 35,000 and 41,000. You aren’t even paying rent! The average American has thousands of dollars in yearly expenses. You have almost none.

    How can you sit there and claim you aren’t receiving enough benefits? How can you sit there and claim it’s “too hard” to lose weight, that it’s “too expensive” to exercise? My fiance and I have no government benefits; we stock up our cabinets with dozens of canned food items and bags of bulk foods like rice and beans. We spend about $75 a month on food. We have no trouble feeding ourselves. How can you claim you don’t receive enough money for healthy foods? Canned fruit, canned vegetables, rice, beans, soup—there are literally dozens of healthy, cheap options out there. You just don’t want to acknowledge them.

    Why? I hate to call names, but it is because you are a dishonest, selfish, lazy pig of a human being who has never had to do any sort of work for herself. Grow up! You are an adult with two children. Do what is best for them. You don’t need more money, Christina. You don’t need to steal more from the pockets of good, honest, hardworking citizens. Get your act together. It is people like you who ruin the system for everyone.

    • Glock29

      Tell it!

  • Macorichi

    this cant be real, if it is she shouldn’t be getting any aid

  • Richard

    First thing you can do is make her jog her fat ass down to the welfare office to pick up her handout. Then she can go on line and find things like ‘peanut butter, beans (you have to soak and cook them}, and many other vegetables can be purchased by bulk a lot cheaper then canned goods. You can also cut down the portions of food you eat. They should have a requirement for a weigh in once a month and if your getting fat off welfare, you should be required to report to a central dining facility twice a day and be fed, and no more grocery shopping.

  • anonymous

    This fat f*©k is disgusting. First of all, get a damn job. I work full time and don’t even get paid that much. Second of all, I apparently am able to afford an entire diet of fresh fruits and veggies, unprocessed meats and health conscious foods on my budget, and I exercise and I only weigh 145lbs. Third of all, why are you even getting welfare? Sounds like the government system is basically paying for you to eat yourself to death, and what’s worse, you have the audacity to tell them they should pay you MORE, and give you INCENTIVE to lose weight? What a selfish entitled little b**ch. Seriously, let’s just put a drip line of straight butter in her veins and speed up the process! Then it’s one less entitled, bratty, fatty lazy, useless person on government welfare. Worst of all, I feel for her kids, because chances are, this idiot will raise them to be just like her. I think the UK & THE US seriously need to do nationwide purges of the welfare system. I understand some people need it, but I’m sick of working myself to death so that my taxes pay for lazy entitled f*©ks like her.

  • Aleta Huotari

    she can afford to dye her hair and get tattoos? I know how healthy food cost more a bag apples 5lbs cost more than 5lbs of chips. When you have to stretch money for food, yes junk food is better. A case of soda vs milk? ha soda more to drink cost less. Buying nice meat vs hot dogs, Hot dogs wins! But she could cut back on junk food, eggs for example, are cheap and we live on a lot of eggs at my house because of cheap. Pb n J?! cheap and healthy. I can get a loaf of white bread at WM for 98 cents vs a loaf (smaller) of wheat for 1.50. So which would you buy? So I see her point, but then she could also cut back on portions to stop so much junk food. There are ways. She has to work at it tho.

  • Laura Parson

    Wow! Where do I start? First off, food should be about quality not quantity. I can clearly see she wants to eat MORE than she needs. She needs to eat less and eat better. By eating less, she should therefore have more money for HEALTHY food. I am a stay at home mom living on one income. My husband is a cop and we don’t have any extra money. Frozen vegetables are cheap. Wait for a sale and get a $0.99 head of lettuce. Baby carrots aren’t expensive. They cost less than a box of poptarts. Poptarts are 400 calories for two (one package). Right now in the US, ground turkey is cheaper than beef. It’s also a lot healthier. Eggs are cheap and won’t make you fat if you eat a correct portion of them. She owes it to her children to learn to cook healthy meals. I don’t claim to be fit, skinny, or a health nut…but I do try my hardest to feed my family things that are not going give us diabetes. Now my daughter is 3½ and she’s a little overweight. She prefers starches and carbs over vegetables. As a mother, I don’t give in to her begging for pasta every night. Once a day, I focus on giving her a low carb meal. Like green beans, low fat cottage cheese, and chicken. She is maintaining weight and super healthy and happy. I have cut back on eating so that I can be sure to afford healthy produce for my family. I have, in turn, lost 30lbs. So what I have to say to this woman is, money does not automatically make you thin. Life is about choices. Do the work to coupon, shop produce sales, buy fruits that are in season, and for the love of God never buy cheap packaged pastries! Lady, eat less so your kids can eat better. Get a job. Orange hair is not helping you get one. Your poor life choices do not automatically entitle you to free everything. You better work your butt off to get yourself back on track. Quit boasting about being on welfare. It is not something to be proud of. It something to help people get back on the feet, not to live their lives on. So grow up and act like a responsible mother.

  • Keith Mulder

    Get a job fat ass

  • IHateFatChicks

    What a disgusting, pathetic morbidly obese pig.

  • Bridget Morrissey

    What would be a better story is a family of four showing how they can turn their food stamps into amazing meals that last an entire month.

    But that wouldn’t get enough hits…

  • brenda

    Are tattoos and piercings free?

  • Dreamer

    Hulloooo people!! You say walking and running are free exercise, but she said she hasn’t been trained on how to exercise on her own. Duh!!!! Much like working or learning how to close her legs so she doesn’t create kids she doesn’t know how to support, it’s too difficult for her to know how to put one foot in front of the other! But clearly she learned how to color her own hair. That’s just the right color on her. Doesn’t wash her face out or anything. Because that’s a financial necessity she needs to make a priority. Good grief do I feel sorry for her kids. The government needs to take them away from her. Stat. She can’t figure out how to walk, she’s got no business raising kids. It takes a lot more effort and ingenuity to raise kids than to figure out how to walk for exercise.

  • mamamia

    What BS! I had to use foodstamps from time to time and ALWAYS purchased wholesome food. I checked to see what was on sale every week. I never bought junk food. I knew it was unhealthy and cost more per ounce than wholesome foods. I taught my children to eat healthy because I was raised that way. If someone needs to be on foodstamps, they should receive some type of tutorial on proper nutrition and cooking.

  • Dori

    If she can afford bod piercings and tattoos, then she can stop getting them and buy healthy food instead, take the month and buy healthy foods.
    If she has stairs in her house/apartment, she can walk up and down them for 15 to 20 minutes a day while holding can veggies swinging her arms, and/or bring them over her head, then back and forth helps with the upper arms.
    She can even do “Jumping Jacks” great for whole body work out, which is all free.

  • Gloria Long

    It’s people like this who give the people who really need it a bad name. While healthy food can be higher then junk food there is still no excuse for her attitude about it. She is a beautiful young lady who is more then capable to get out here and work. I wish I did not have my medical problems. I miss working and getting out and interacting with real people every day. This is just way to much and if you looked in America you would fine more and more ppl like this. I feel sorry for her in a way…she is too stupid to get on the internet and check out youtube for excersice tips. If youtube don’t have it you don’t need it.

  • David Haschak

    Plesde tell me this is an article originally posted by The Onion or something please please please!

  • Jonathan

    She can afford tattoos … I cant even afford health-care or even food most the time I should be on disability but im capable of workin that over weight chick is just lazy

  • christie

    Can’t buy healthy food but she can sure pay for tattoos. Those things are expensive! Situations like this are what is wrong with this world. Give the assistance to people who actually go to work everyday and bust their asses.

  • Is

    It’s called getting a job and working hard for your money like everyone else does. And for the obesity part, well that’s no ones fault but your own.

  • Charleston

    She needs “educated” to exercise..Who “educated” her about getting pregnant…

  • Hilary-Rose Hendrix

    Healthy food in the US is quite expensive but it is ABSOLUTELY NOT in the UK. In fact my husband and I were loving HOW cheap all the veg and fruit was this summer when we went to visit my homeland -meaning less than a dollar for bags of apples, pints of blackberries, strawberries blueberries etc. Banana less than fifty cents per pound. Cheese less than two dollars a pound and not processed but just like fresh from the farm! Cereal made with natural ingredients and colouring from fruit and veg. I could go on and on. In fact MOST food is made WITHOUT artificial ingredients or colours or preservatives. This girl is completely wrong. I was raised in a very similar neighbourhood and economic situation, schooling etc. I am not obese and I choose healthy food for my children every day on a shoe-string, just like my mother did, just like so many hundreds of thousands before her did too. The only way this girl/woman has been let down is by the way she has been taught/told that she is a victim and that someone else is to blame for anything and everything. She is destined for poverty and continuing sense of helplessness because people have thought it ‘kind’ to keep her dis-empowered and a victim rather than being there when times get tough to encourage her on to do the hard thing when it is difficult. Sympathy and more hand-outs is not what she needs but belief in her own ability to shape her life and that she can, if she puts her mind and heart to it, accomplish anything.

  • Taylor Handloser

    Just sickening. I’m 27 years old, and I’ve been on disability for chronic daily migraines for around 2 years, before I got ill and unable to support myself I was learning to tattoo for over 2 years. Since having help not only from the government but my family as well I’ve slowly been working toward being independent again and it’s been a long hard road to better my health and get to the root cause of why I am sick. I still have debilitating pain almost everyday of my life but learning how to function and do day to day activities despite it. What the hell is her excuse, she’s fat and lazy…really?! People like this need to be pushed, and dropped from whatever help their getting if they aren’t truly trying to help themselves. I receive the bare minimum to take care of myself and that money goes to pay bills and medical, not beauty products or other niceties.

    • Glock29

      Keep working towards that goal Taylor…good things come to people who earn it. Many of us have been in your shoes and know how hard it is just to function everyday with unbearable pain but there is light at the end of the tunnel and things will turn around for you soon.

  • me

    Does not seem like she is too tight on funds for some fresh tattoos, piercings, and hair color!

  • kim

    Wow what a dumb lazy a*s. Bet she has access to Google! Google cheap healthy recipes, and a work out routine . She should be charged with child abuse if she’s filling her kids with all this junk! And she’d have more $ if she stopped getting tattoos!!

  • Arriss

    This is sad, people like this ruin it for all the other people who truely do need government aid.

  • This is made up propaganda. No one gets that much on benefits and for all you doubters, make a make believe claim here and you will see for yourself https://www.gov.uk/benefits-calculators Don’t believe the shite.

  • John Best

    I thought America was the only country where “poor” people were obese.

  • Michelle Hopkins

    This is ignorant i get help with food from the goverment i however work a full time job i know healthy foods tend to be more expensive but there are still healthy choices you have even with limited income my kids always have well balanced meals and healthy snacks. I admit that i am fat but its because i like food and by the time i done with work and chasing my kids im too tired to workout noones fault but my own and am thankful that i can get help when i am in need at the monent.

  • Odysseus

    The fact that any of you believe this is astonishing.

  • Robyn Brierley

    Oh dear God don’t people feel bad about being so public about a problem they can solve???? I do understand bigness as I have been that way also. But my cupboards were never stocked with stuff like that. Never. Maybe if she was made to work for her money she could lose the weight and relieve the welfare system

  • Robyn Brierley

    The other thing I noticed she cant afford to live ‘right’ but can dye her hair mmmmmmm she sounds like a con artist

  • Just did the benefits calculator. If she is able to work, she is entitled to £17,060.60 per year, that includes council tax reductions and housing. A person earning £14,000/year at work, will earn £23,994.64 after benefits (including council tax reductions and housing benefits). She may be entitled to more if she is unable to work and is claiming ESA or disability benefits, but you are talking about an extra £2/3k per year, which may be why she gets £20k in the articles.

  • Rev. Kelyla Spicer

    Make me sick…..people starving and we can see you are not. The money you spend on food could buy you a pair of shoes to go out for a walk. Or buy healthy food and get a job. Being obese has nothing to do with lack of funds…..obviously.

  • Paula Kevin Madewell

    So we get her those tattoos and piercings too man I wanna be a poor girl too oops I already am yet I work for what Lil we have! GEEZ!!

  • Lauren Williams

    Im fat and I can squat 380lbs…she can squat it if I can. … thats in addition to my 200+lb her body weight is a weight for working out. FREE
    …also healthier food is only expensive if you dont cut out buying the crap with it! This is coming from someone who knows. ..

  • Twi Tch

    That manatee can afford red hair dye, piercings, and tattoos though…

  • Seth Winfrey

    This entire article is stupid. Yes, I see its point, but why would you make an entire article bashing one person? It’s not even subtle about it! Yes, she’s being completely irresponsible with the money she’s given. Yes, she shouldn’t be getting that much. Yes, it’s 100% her fault that she’s obese, but why would you create an article to make fun of and bash one person? I understand the motives behind it, and yes, the government is giving these people way too much money, but I mean…come on. Where’s your humanity? It’s like a blown up form of cyber-bullying.

  • Adam

    I am 26 and i work 40+ hrs a week…I Bring home less than $27,000 a year with NO GOVT ASSISTANCE. Sometimes I do not even buy groceries for weeks and sometimes months at the time….Maybe she would lose a little weight if she had to live on my pay scale.

  • Liz Haskell

    Youre a completely disgusting pig. Get off youre lazy ass and get a job instead of being a LEECH on society. People like you dont deserve help. You deserve a card board box to live in.

  • Melody

    but she has enough for tattoos…

  • Kiley Jordan

    I actually knew people like this!!! It’s disguisting! Nasty fat asses who would rather stuff their faces, and continue to be lazy. Sorry but, you’ll be dead soon and it’s your own fault.

  • Brandie Michelle Parker

    the fat bitch needs 2 get off her fat ass and get a job.It’s not the government of any countries responsibilty to feed cloth and shelter her and her probably obese kids.she needs to get up and get a job.than she can lose some weight

  • Brandie Michelle Parker

    I get food stamps and that’s it.I’ll how to shop.I fed me my brother and husband on $200 food stamps each month she pushes her fat ass away from the table and keep her legs closed she would b goodd

  • Katie

    Any government money at all is too much for her. If you’re incapable of even trying to be healthy and then want to complain about it then you’re taking advantage of something that other people are much more deserving of.

  • Chris

    Maybe she should actually cook instead of only buying expensive prossed foods. As example to cook a 6person pot of chicken in dumpings is around 5$ with left overs

  • Sarah boys

    I have a bachelors degree and I still don’t make that much a year, I actually make less than half of what she gets. I only get healthcare benefits from the government.

  • Susan Gallagher Miner

    Prepackaged snacks are expensive…how about a vegetable?

  • Kate

    People like this are sickening. Get off your lazy ass and get a job like the rest of us people that have to support you. Stop blaming the government because you can’t tell the difference between an apple and a damn twinkie. Some people should be put down.

  • Karri Miller

    Ok, first get moving, walk, walk, take stairs, park far away in the parking lot, won’t cost a dime! Next, junk food is very expensive, you are using that as an excuse for being lazy, get off the couch and start walking, get off junk food and fast food, no soda, and the pounds will start to come off, but don’t blame welfare for being so heavy, thats all you dear!

  • countessD84

    Here’s an idea: cut off all fundings of this parasite and whatever she has left, she should buy some seeds and grow a garden. Too sensible? Tough titties.

  • kelsey

    Thats sad she makes more off the government each year than my husband does as a u.s. solider. 🙁

  • Catherine Nanny Noles

    Hmmm, yet she can afford to have orange hair and tattoos. I have no problem with such things (I have tats myself) but this woman is absolutely, without a doubt, bonkers!

  • lalalindsea

    She can afford all those tattoos and up keep on that hair color probably gets expensive but she can’t afford a bananna. Bitch please.

  • Troy Jones

    Yet, she can afford trashy tattoos…

  • Hannah

    People are stupid. Fruit, vegetables, chicken and beef are just as expensive as that hog food. IF she was smart she could find many healthy recipes online for less than 20$ which is going to be less than a take out bill for her. But she probably doesn’t want to put the effort in to cook for herself either (because she’s really got it that bad.) Idiots like this are always looking for someone else to blame their problems on. How about you point your finger at yourself and do something about it. With the amount of free money she gets its more than enough to eat healthy, she obviously just is looking for an excuse. In my eyes she needs to get cut the hell off and find an excuse to get off her ass and do something for herself and stop looking at everyone with her hand out.

  • peyton

    Nobody wants to point out her freshly dyed orange hair that cost money or that piercing on her face which costs money AND the multiple tattoos that also cost money! Lol shes fat cause she wants to be. Shell just die sooner but I feel for her children.

  • jojo

    She had tattoos! Wonder how much that cost the government?

  • Nancy

    Did the government pay for her tattoo’s also. I worked through two rounds of Cancer while I was raising two children. Sometimes you need a hand up not a had out and it is not supposed to be permanent. That girl needs to show her children a better example!

  • Keith

    Here’s a clue: stupid, fat, ugly and lazy is no way to go through life. You’re well on your way to being a revolting fat bound heifer rolling around in her own stinking filth because you can’t get off the couch. Enjoy your impending health related misery, YOU STUPID FAT ASS COW!

  • Kristi Keizer

    Get off the system and get a job at Walmart or something ladies like you makes it very hard for people who really needs help.

  • Mark Hoffman

    I find it amazing how she can’t afford the “healthy” foods but she can afford the tattoos, piercings and bright orange hair dye.

  • Joey Tribianni

    you’re gross bitch!

  • TedDiBiasse

    Walking is free. After a while, jogging becomes another free option. Then, running becomes another. I run because running is free in every sense of the word. i.e. It costs me zero dollars, and it give me the freedom to enjoy the world around me and eat whatever I want. The funny thing about it, however, is the more I run, the less desire I have for eating junk. Go figure.

  • Candi-lynn Pandora Chauvin

    Quite frankly, I’m ashamed of the author for this article more then I am of the individual featured in it. When you’re writing a story, you are -supposed- to remain unbiased and professional. This entire article is biased and a little too difficult to digest. I myself have said before that a fixed income (whether welfare or disability which is what I’m on) makes it difficult to always eat healthy because healthy food tends to cost more. Now, I’m not pumping my kid full of fattening food and junkfood (heck, my kid prefers fruits and veggies over anything in the kids snack isles) but I’ll admit that I myself eat unhealthy foods because what ‘healthy’ food I do manage to buy on payday automatically goes towards my kids lunch at school, where unhealthy foods are sent home. I don’t know this woman, and I don’t know this author. But I can damn well tell you that an article this poorly written, and this judgmental makes me disgusted at the author more then it does at the person whom agreed to the interview without knowing they were going to bash her like crazy. Makes me wonder just how ‘out of contents’ her words were taken to make it seem this bad. I am in no way agreeing with everything she said. But she makes an excellent and very real point. Eating healthy cost MORE. Bottom line, it DOES COST MORE TO EAT HEALTHY. And regardless of the way this article was written, or the way the woman in the article was portrayed… I’ll support that message. Healthy food is expensive. Whether you’re 100 lbs all soaking wet, or 300lbs over weight. I’m surprised everyone is quick to rag all over this woman, but no one has the balls to say what I felt, which was that this was the worst, biased piece of judgmental crap I’ve read in a long time. If this article would have been well written with facts, and the basic message of ‘healthy food is expensive’ rather then a smear campaign, I’m sure the comments would have been more productive. This article alone is enough to be considered ‘bullying’… I’m not even going to get started on some of the childish and abusive comments the article elected. No matter her life choices or eating habits… Does it really affect you so much that suddenly have the right to bully her and make her feel worse then simply reading this biased article does?

  • jvd5695

    No. You’re obese because you’re a stupid cvnt.

  • Allen Davis

    Good to see that you don’t mind paying for those tattoos and piercings… Lazy sow too slumpy lazy to get a job or take the stairs then want to blame others for her tub? We didn’t force that junk down her tube, she did it voluntarily.

  • Marcia Esterly

    Im disgusted by this article. I am disabled and i get $1,000 a month. If not for my moms help, i would have nothing in my cubbards. After i pay all my bills which does include rent, electricity, phone, etc…All i can afford to buy r healthy drinks like V-8 juice, V-8 Fusion and things like that so i make sure i get vitamins and nutrients.

    This woman probably didnt show pics of her children cus they look just like her. Which is totally sad cus they didnt asked to b fed that way. She is able to live like this because of her two children. If the government tries to take anything away she’ll just have another one. Ive always felt it should b a rule that if u r already on welfare and u have another child, u should b cut off.
    Im not trying to sound like a racist cus im far from it…( im dating a black person), but thats what a lot of our illegals do. They come here have babies and get on welfare. Then they keep having more babies and get more welfare. How nice it must b for them to not only escape to America but then they get to live here free and clear, clothes and shoes and stuff included.
    Meanwhile, the person who paid into the taxes and social security, ie…me, get hardly nothing. And i cant work, they can.
    Sorry, i didnt mean to go off like this, its just very frustrating to c someone who has so much handed to them and they still arent happy. I remember the article saying she doesnt have enough money to go to the gym and pay the dues at the pool place, yet part of her diet included meals at the fast food joints. That just amazes me. I bet if she ate out 1 less time a week she would absolutely have the money to go to a gym. Thats just not what she wants!
    Terrible, terrible story.

  • Sara Swanson

    Instead of spending money on her tattoos maybe she should go spend it swimming I have serval tattoos but I work 60hrs a week what a joke she is! !

  • Jason Layman

    Governments need to use as a training article to show works what not to serve. When I worked at social services I didn’t make 1/2 that with an education.

  • Seth Silky Karzican

    squat that weight you fat bitch and you will get in shape. stop ordering fast food and garbage.. you can eat healthy cheaply.

  • Joe Milo

    Yet she can afford all those tattoos. Chest, both ankles and I don’t want to know any place else.

  • Shannon

    She has money to tattoo her chest (who wants to look at it???) And to put that hideous color in her hair…. But not to feed her kids healthy food or exercise??? Wtf???

  • Tina Rogers

    There are just no words, except ” WHY” !!!! Why are they letting her get away with it???? SMH

  • Guest


  • Matt Blaney


  • Edge Stosal

    Must be nice…I know of a woman here that is very similar, but doesn’t complain about getting 1600/month cash, EBT, rent 50/month, electric paid for….Meanwhile, I am a disabled vet, and I and others don’t even get remotely that! Not to mention have to fight for our benefits after the fact. BUT, she does make one valid point – health food here in the US is much more expensive. But, not an excuse to try to eat healthy…I lived in Australia for a year, it’s the other way – the gov’t there at least promotes healthy food by making it cheaper, and encourages people on their welfare system to work.

  • James J Quinter

    How did she pay for the tats? I camy buy a damn job and my unemp ran out. Wife cashes inher retirement and we buy salad stuff and fruits because they are cheap. This woman is just a friggen joke. 60k a year in assistance and I cant get an extention on my unemp. Sad…. Real sad.

  • Gayle Robertson

    She can afford her tats and I doubt her hair is naturally orange. Priorities have a lot of o do with this too.

  • Nat Sloane

    lookin like da hamburglar that ate ronald mcdonald with dat orange hair.. good god she a beast!

  • Chris Leavenworth

    This is the type of stuff small minded, unaccomplished, conservatives read to feel better about themselves.

  • Dana Blocker Szafranowski

    Ummm then how does she afford all those tattoos and piercings?? If I can do it as a single mom with no assistance then she can. Before you think I have this big time career I’m at waitress at two restaurants. It’s call not being lazy. Pfft people make me sick. Take responsibility of your own actions!!!! BTW I pay for my home too. Ungrateful a$! People

  • haley

    Funny she can afford a bunch of tattoos but cant afford vegetables for her and her children. She is a sorry excuse for a parent and is slowing killing her children. Way to go!

  • Abbe Perlove Sinnwell

    Lazy ,selfish lardass!! Go walking everyday and buy some fruit!!

  • cheryl

    If you took the money you spend on pizza and chinese take-out and went to a farmer’s market and bought fresh fruit & veggies and a cook-book. Teach yourself on how to eat healthy…. Don’t blame the [TAX PAYERS ] welfare for your ignorance……. Your children will become what you inspire them to be….. Don’t blame everyone else for your lot in life if you do then you will raise some idiotic children just like their mother. there is FREE help out there…… You just need to get up off your ass and do it… If not for yourself than do it for your children….. They deserve better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • al kl

    She makes more then I did working full time

  • Kelly Barcelos

    But she has money for tattoos and hair dye!!! This is so stupid. I cant believe the nerve of some people!!! You dont need the gym to loose weight. You can walk or do anything productive… you dont have to be educated to loose weight. Its common sense on what to eat and how much. Im over weight. And I work and go to the gym and I still im still heavy im not blaming anything or anyone but my own damn self. You make sacrifices to eat healthy and/or go to the gym. I quit getting my maniacures and pedicures and cut back on shopping and the cable bill. If you want it you have to make it happen.

  • Jessgirl26

    WTH! After I had my son I lost my job, so did my SO. We both found jobs in the restaurant business to get by. I felt guilty for applying for food assistance. Even with the 120 a month for food we struggled. I did purchase limited amounts of fresh veggies, and fruits due to the little we received. We ate tons of hotdogs, mac n cheese, and ramen noodles. When my son was ready for solids we focused the assistance we received around his nutritional needs. Don’t get me wrong, every once in a while I would grab cookies for him or ice cream. When I did that I would still make sure he ate healthy even if his dad and I didn’t so much. This lady is friggin stupid as hell. Perhaps the food assistance programs should be regulated more like WIC. Only certain items can be purchased on it. I’m grateful for the help we did receive, but I’m happier that we both have great jobs and no longer need the assistance. It’s there to help get you on your feet. Not to live off of.

  • Allie Erickson Kurschner

    I see she can afford tattoos. They are not cheap. Leeches!!!

  • nickyg

    still has enough money for tattoos….too many excuses how about you take control of your life and ownership of your actions

  • Mandy Gersch Juricic

    Well tattoos are not free nor cheap and she has plenty of them. Plus her funky hair color. She has enough for that. To. Loose weight you do not need a gym . Just walk!!

  • JoJ

    i hope her children are taken from her. this is absolutely disgusting.

  • Pamela Cremeens Chester

    What a waste of space, I am tired of working my ass off and making less than 20k a year while this moo moo cow sits and stuffs her fat face all day…..

  • kathleen huls

    you say you don’t get enough in government benefits to feed you and your children, yet you have plenty of money to dye your hair Bright Orange and pierce your face and get yourself tattooed all over. gee, I think you are getting an adequate amount. Stop making poor choices

  • Virginia Filtrante

    What a complete crock of bullshit. She can obviously afford ridiculous colored hair dye, tattoos, and piercings. Yet she can’t afford to be a GOOD role model to her children by NOT being a lazy whale? Okay then.

  • Patricia Davidson

    has the money for tats . like the dye job, and the the lip thing? OH NO cannot afford good food. You are a Fat Lazy bitch who thinks the world owes you to Sit on Your ass

  • Pam Leal

    Tats, piercings and hair color are not cheap either! I raised 2 kinds on way less working all my life. After 33+ years in my profession, I am now disabled and disability is 16K a year (and I do NOT qualify for any assistance). Try that one–never any take out foods here! Maybe $100 a month for food… We also do not have United health care as she does, so deductables and 20%, as well as all meds. Bet she has a nice vehicle too. No housing expenses? Really? Sorry sap of a human being. Filling her kids with junk so they will end up like her! That is neglect/abuse.

  • sherry1053

    Honey go get a job doing hair and get some pride learning how to care for your family you brought into this world.While you are on welfare go to beauty school..The Gov will pay for beauty school and child care.Find yourself and love yourself..you are beautiful.

  • alan

    She has enough money to get some tattoos

  • amada

    I live in neveda united states and I receive $146.00 a month for food for 2 kids, get a job and it don’t cost anything to walk around the block to get exercise, if you keep feeding your kids that junk you are going to make sure that there fat too. That’s child neglect, grow up

  • Christy Shade Verstreate

    I have this lady living around the corner from me. Well not her exactly but same behavior. Only this lady has 5 kids and covered in tattoos. Living off the system making no effort to fix her life and she is like 38. Younger than me and I have 4 kids 2 are grown up but we still help them in college full time and work 1 part time and 1 full time. We also have 2 in elementary school still. When I cook meals if they don’t like veggies I sneak into whatever so they eat without knowing they are.

  • Sally Iwata

    I make nine an hour (USD) and I only get two hundred for food stamps but all I buy is healthy food for my son and I. Granted, it only lasts half a month since it really is expensive to eat well but in the long run its better for both of us. We could live like royalty on what she gets paid. I can’t receive public housing assistance or daycare assistance with my pay either so she’s definitely lucky and I don’t understand how she gets away with it. Over here in America if you don’t have a job I believe they cut your benefits.

  • Melissa Units

    The only one working in my house for awhile was my husband we recieved foodstamps and I was still ashamed to use them I felt terrible I dont know how these people can be so proud! And the little foodstamps we did get we bought all our meat for the month. And now that I am working thank god I hope we dont need them anymore. And honey in case your reading this I’m not quite as big as you and I work! Get a job!!!!!!!!

  • julian

    U r observe bcuz of all that mess in ur cabinet

  • Amber

    Ughh you make me sick! You fat mess, get a job, take a walk, do something other than stuff your fat face. I would be mortified to be the topic of this article.

  • Tawny Rogacki

    Isn’t giving all that junk food dangerous for the children? She’s putting their lives at risk for diseases at such young ages diabetes, heart disease, cholesterol, high blood pressure so many other things. It’s not fair for them to suffer because she thinks healthy food is expensive. That’s child endangerment more on her part. Also being a plus sized person I do know that the clothes are more expensive due to the use of more material, if you lost weight you wouldn’t need such expensive clothing. Finally she says she hasn’t been educated on how to exercise have her kids, can’t she ask someone? I’m sure after getting attention for this other solutions will be available.

  • Patricia Davidson

    I am glad she had the money for the tats , and hair dye, but she cannot afford healthy food? Seems to my the the Fat Bitch has her priorities wrong

  • Dave

    Typical liberal…blame everyone and everything except yourself.

  • whenitsallburning

    Pssh, fat Americans… Oops, Ruh roe.

  • Andrew Chilcote

    Did anyone else click to the Dail Mail interview and see she also has 2 kids? Why did toprightnews conveniently leave this detail out? Probably to make this a more black and white story of hating people on *not American* welfare

  • Vernice Aikey
  • Amber Tasior

    Omygosh. I work hard for my money, making less than what she is given, and somehow I’m miraculously a size four. Must be because someone is bribing me to be fit, I wouldn’t be able to make healthy choices by !y own free will or anything… Take a little responsibility for your actions.

  • kattiger

    Eating the right portion saves money and exercise cost nothing I’ve never been charged for jogging down my street. Take responsibility for your self and your action.

  • Hector Ramos

    i guess she gets free tattoos on her fat ass? tattoos are expensive ..even the small ones..yet her buffalo sized body seems to be covered in them. Fruits and vegetables are sold by the kilo in the produce section…and are much cheaper than any of the crap you are stuffing into your pie hole

  • Glock29

    This is what socialism & progressivism breeds! This is in the UK but exact same thing happens here in the USA everyday!

    It was sad to read many of the comments where quite a few are struggling and cannot seem to make ends meet without help from the government! This is what our Marxist administration wants. Please make sure you folks get out and vote for conservatives this November! They are the only ones who will allow individuals to prosper again in the Republic!

  • Harlee

    I’m a larger person too, but.. like seriously?? I dont even make half of what she gets and I eat healthier than she does. She’s a waste of money and air.

  • Jim

    It’s not “Government money” it is my money, the government gets money from hard working tax paying citizens. Without taxpayers, they have no money!

  • deana

    i know so many people who use this excuse how is it i am on disability and receive no food stamps and my diet is vegetarian and walk every day to lose weight. It is free to walk and really fruits and veggies are not that much money if you can by clothes and everything else and junk food you can afford to eat healthy just stop wasting money.

  • Michelle Wallace

    It’s sad to me that there is so much judgement in this article. Do I think she is entitled and ungrateful, yes!! Instead of persecuting her, we should be helping her get back on track. Don’t push her down, lift her up. We, as people in general, are so quick to judge. Instead of bickering about her, let’s think of a plan of action, and get her (and others like her) help.

  • Alicia Lynn

    But her fat ass has enough money to get her hair dyed and get tattoos!!
    This makes me absofuckinglutley sick. I bet her kids are chubba bubbas too.
    Sad, sad, sad.

  • Cynthia Tanzi

    Not enough money for healthy food but enough money for tattoos and dye job?

  • Kaos Lynn Rose

    i get 200 dollars a month from the govt and that feeds 4 ppls and i weight 175 ..its cause i still get lots of frutis and veggies…you hardly see any junk at my house….just looking at her cabnit gives me a tooth ache

  • Ashpope1

    And what about her tattoos. Im sure those costed her a pretty penny. Just saying. She could’ve bought plenty of healthy food for the price of just one of those tattoos. But oh let me guess… She didn’t pay for them, her friend did. Yeah right. Wtf is wrong with people? And the government just continues to give to them. Also the price she pays for all those cookies, she could buy a bag of Apple’s and oranges, or bananas or something. Some people are just ignorant and have no damn Shame. Smh

  • FrankM

    I laugh that you get all the juck food and dont look in on getting inexpensive fruits and vegtables and other healthier foods just because its says healthy on the box and is a lot doesn’t mean its healthy I bet you I can take her grocery shopping receipt And Compare it at that store with real healthy food

  • Manuela Reierson

    I work 2 jobs just to make a living, get of your ass and stop taking advantage of welfare… Helps with the weight too!!!

  • Jim Cook

    Couldn’t help but notice her fat ass has money for tattoos and piercings, smh

  • Dida McP

    Sorry, but healthy food is not that expensive. All you have to do is cook for yyourself. Pop-tarts and snacks are not necessary. Buy raw meat, veggies, maybe some noodle. There is no excuse for this.

  • Terry Nummer

    how did this fat bitch get all those tattoos if shes so poor?? they arent cheap, seems that money could have went to gym membership

  • Punkin44

    Thinking everyone has read the story. I think the point people are trying to get across, is how the system differs from state as well as from country to country.
    What got me about this story is the fact that she can pay for that hole in her face, the ink in her skin, the horrible orange hair dye. Yet she has the money to pay for that needless crap, and she stuffs her kids with pop tarts.
    Yeah I have tattoos and I had pink hair not to long ago, but I also have a husband who works 3 jobs to support us. We have a budget , but I still manage to get healthy food.
    She needs to quit blaming the government for the fact that she is lazy. How hard would it be for her to go online and search for healthy food?. IF she can pull herself away from Facebook long enough!.
    Side note.. About the Brits calling Americans fat lazy pigs… Look in your own backyards.. Lol

  • Cooper DJC

    I would like to add my opinion to this post. ….I’m a mother of 2 amazing kids and yes we’re on state assistance. My kids have insurance, I get cash to pay my bills, toilet paper, shampoo, etc. And we get food assistance but guess what it’s nothing like the amount she’s receiving. My kids are 13 and 6 and eat like football players. I’ve actually lost weight because I cut back my portions of lunch and dinner so my kids can have more. And we do buy fruit and healthy choices. We watch the advertising of local stores and buy them when it’s on sale or in season. Excuses are like butt holes, everyone has one, and everyone else’s stinks, lol. That’s a little saying my grandma told me. I feel sorry for this woman because I think she may have been taught that this is the way to live. I bet if you asked her about her parents, the lived the same way. And I also agree with the people who asked how she could afford to have tattoos, piercings, and her hair done. Those are not cheap. I have had a bad tattoo for almost 2 years that I have wanted fixed but can’t afford to, it was an amazing tattoo to remember my brother who passed and both my kids, and the dirt bag who did it said he’d fix it but I’m not going in for him to mess it up worse. It just really bothers me when I see crap like this because here I sit only getting little over $ 850 in assistance a month for my kids. I don’t receive child support, dad is in jail and isn’t working, and I don’t live in a house that excepts housing assistance. She lucky I’m in the USA because I would probably find her and ripe her clown hair out of her head and call her some not so nice words. It would probably be cheaper if the state took her kids and put them with foster parents and paid them to raise the kids. Cut her off and make her live under a bridge for a month, bet she loses weight then. Hehe

  • mrhappybean

    Fatso can’t afford healthy food but spends her “free money” on tattoos. Nice.

  • Tara Rivers

    Who’s paying for all those tattoos& hair color? None off that’s cheap!

  • Katie

    Can’t afford healthy food but can afford those tattoos right?

  • Judy Hollifield Wright

    Try dieting.

  • Adrienne Turner

    Why would she even let this article be done? Those poor kids! Hopefully they will get healthy meals at school and taught about health and fitness since their mother isn’t teaching them. I don’t know about food prices over there but a couple pounds of most fruits and veggies cost less than a couple of packages of cookies. She just isn’t trying. She shouldn’t have money for take out. She can do more with her life if she wanted to. I really feel bad for the kids, good luck to them. I didn’t know one person could get so many benefits! Wow.

  • How about cutting expenses too? No more hair coloring, no more piercings, no more tattoos… it’s about choices.

  • Dmanplayer723


  • Aidan Slevin

    My heart bleeds for you Moby prick. We should put people like this in Hunger games (lol) style contests

  • kate

    In Ohio you can only collect owf which is cash benefits for 36 mos and that’s it. You can apply for a hardship to get it extended but that’s not always guaranteed you will get approved. While getting cash you have to do so manyy hrs a month to earn your check. So you either have to be in college for a certain amount of hrs or you go to a job placement to do your hrs a month and a lot of the placements if you do good will hire you on full time which mean no more help,from the government. I know bc this is what I do and I just finished college and graduated in July and got hired as well from my placement site. So many ppl talk on how it works bit yet have never been on it a day in their life. There are a lot like me who needed some extra help while trying to bettery self. It’s not meant to be a “life long career” and bc of ppl like the one in the article and so many others they give ones like myself a bad name.

    • Andie

      Kate, you are exactly the person/situation that this program was designed for…someone needing a little assistance while getting themselves on track. Good for you!!

  • Jencendiary

    This was copy & pasted from The Daily Fail, so there is a strong chance it’s fabricated.

  • Andie

    As a single parent, who doesn’t receive ANY state financial aid, I find this DISGUSTING! I cook dinner 6 out of 7 nights a week and they are whole meals with fish (not in stick form) chicken (not in nuggets) pork and beef. With rice or potato and vegetables, even including a salad a couple time a week. I do this on a very tight budget using coupons and sales adds and on an average, I can feed the 3 of us and have leftovers for under $17 a dinner. There are treats in our house like chips and icecream, but they are treats, I am not making meals of them. FYI…a bag of frozen veggies is .99, a box of pop tarts is $3…but she is FAT because the state doesn’t GIVE her enough money to buy healthy options?? What she is doing to her children is neglectful and should be looked at as abusive!

  • Amanda Marie Tillack

    This is satire? Right, right?

  • someone

    Why don’t you skip on the take out and maybe you would have more money for healthy foods and for the gym! Plus you don’t need a gym maybe start walking and doing squats and everything with your own body weight!

  • Lisa Slamkowski

    She can’t afford to exercise but she can afford all the tattoos??? Get off your ass and get a job like the rest of us!!!!

  • Reptalien Royalty

    This was obviously created to make your blood boil..

  • Richard Mauro

    All of you arguing sound so stupid. As for this fat slob, she lives in England not the U.S. so stop getting your panties in a bunch because this has nothing to do with our welfare system. Learn how to read people. Bunch of morons you all are.

  • ArticleCritique

    Wow… Just saying that there are people that could actually use welfare, and yet this bitch has the big idea to say that she doesn’t get enough!! How absurd!! All I can say is that her kids are gonna be just like her, unless something changes soon…

  • Kris Wane

    I didn’t go to fight in afghan and Iraq so this fat pic could make more than I did while I was over the doing it.

  • Samantha Martin

    so she has enough money for tattoos piercings and to change her hair color but yet not enough for a gym membership i received foodstamps when i had my first son they don’t give a whole lot but poor eating habits are a mind over matter thing because we still ate home cooked good meals everyday just budgeted so wtf ever

  • Desar

    There is no hope for our species anymore…

  • MS

    She has the money to look like carrot top and get tattoo’s. She recieves more than I make each year and I was a single mom of two until last year. I worked four job’s and didn’t get state assistance. They make it too easy for people like this. Get a job….. Or two!

  • Leslie Mihalik

    OMG IF YOU DON’T BUY THE JUNK THE HEALTHY FOOD IS A SIDESTEP FINANCIALLY….SERIOUSLY ALL THE MONEY IN HER CABINET IN JUNK…DOES SHE THINK people are THAT STUPID…..I can buy 8 apples for the price one bag of Lays potato chips at almost five dollars ….DISGUSTING …..

  • AR

    Wow! She makes more in a year from the government than my family brings in from our jobs…and I have a Master’s degree! Something is seriously wrong here!

  • Ceap

    Tattoos and hair dye are also expensive. Not to mention “pizza and Chinese takeaways”
    I got Chinese food the other night for my family and it was $109! Someone needs to step in and show her how to budget. She’s making excuses for being obese because she’s obviously lazy.

    • SissyO

      I never eat out- and I don’t have snack foods (or even bread) in my house because I know they are bad for you. Come to think of it, I don’t color my hair either. I’d rather be fit and pay my mortgage and support myself.

  • ken

    Maybe she needs to swallow the open end of a pistol and add some natural metals to her diet. That would save us all money and solve her problem. PS. dip it in chocolate so you don’t leave hungry.

  • SissyO

    The cost of healthy food is an excuse to be fat. It takes effort to prepare a meal, but it actually cost less than all the processed snacks and pre-prepared meals in a can. Take a little effort to educate yourself about nutrition, and you’ll find her statements are grossly false.n I mean, if you don’t have a job, then you have time to prepare a healthy meal. Get your ass off the couch with the chips.

  • Matthew T Goniea

    Hmmm….Maybe if you got off your Fat Ass and got a job you might loose some of that, I tend to believe your not intelligent enough to figure this out though, you didnt figure out what causes children….Twice….

  • mendoza

    Yet she has money to do her hair and get tattoos smh. Walk,swim,run and eat healthy

  • Nancy Morris

    walking is the best exercise you can do for yourself, so start walking everyday and stop complaining of what you don’t have and appreciate what you do have. By healthy food and no junk food at all so you choose a healthy snack like grapes or apples.
    by not buying the crap food you do you will have the money to buy the fruit and veggies you need daily. Learn to cook!!! Take out costs a fortune and you could cook a lot of meals with that take out money. Get up and move, the more you move the more calories you burn.

    It’s not everyone’s problem, but you own, you created these children, you are responsible for them, and too do that you have to work your butt off. So just do it!! I know people who get half of what you get and no benefits, so get off your butt and work like the rest of us!!

  • brittany k

    Welfare? That hair sure in the hell isn’t natural….quit making people pay for your horrible fashion choices. Grow a garden you heffer, get some exercise. Then you would have to work for your food! Disgusting…all of it!

  • Guest

    But you have the money to get tattoos, piercings and your
    hair done???? Somethings wrong there!!!

  • Laura Light

    I understand that a persons diet may be limited if on a very tight
    budget, but having experienced being a single mother of two children (by
    the same baby daddy btw), I was able to provide for my children healthy
    food, breakfast, lunches and dinners on a very limited budget. When my
    kids weren’t with me (as I have joint custody), I didn’t eat all the
    healthy food I should have, but I certainly limited my intake of chips,
    chocolate bars…etc… I feel badly that this woman thinks that the
    government is to blame for her misfortune, and I feel appalled that she
    feels that she was never ‘educated’ about healthy eating. If she has
    the ‘balls’ to contact a news agency in this regard, perhaps she should
    contact a library and learn about healthy eating….oh, and walking
    doesn’t cost a thing! just saying

  • dawno

    If I understand correctly produce is a lot cheaper than chips and cookies and last longer if you can portion right!!! Exercise also goes along way government is not the blame for your obesity for goodness sakes woman have some self control… You have noone to blame but YOURSELF!!!!!

  • Jim Fleming

    OK. People that can afford hair dye, tattoos and whatever that HUD and any agency don’t pay for. I sorry that 350 lbs lady needs to lose weight, get a job, maybe do a tummy tuck. I even think she gets CS(child support). I think the government should STOP welfare totally. So these FAT overweight ppl get jobs and support themselves. I am tired of flipping there bills.

  • Kerry Lewis

    She hasn’t been educated how to exercise herself? Here’s your first lesson, take a walk.

    • disqus_0iOyWrG6ah

      The only place she walks too is the mail box to get her free money.

  • Jason Phuhken Walters

    there’s so many reasons I hate her.

  • Jenn110

    White trash!!!

  • Eryn-Jean Sargent

    No hunny. I am sorry, but you can read. Admitting you are are uneducated in ‘how to’ is the first step. Go for a walk every day. 20 min with your kids. Good for you and them. Bag of chips: $5. Bag of apples $5. They last longer, taste awesome, and are more filling. Canned or frozen veg is also MUCH cheaper and JUST AS GOOD AS FRESH (actually just as healthy!). And I cant tell you how to live your life, but $36 a month for a swim pass preventing you from getting your favorite Chinese food or pizza??? I am a student living on a TIGHT budget and I do not get my favorite pizza or Chinese food either. Or a swimming pass for that matter. Sugar, salt, and fat is an addiction so I sympathize that it is not easy to give them up. But if you have access to the internet, you can research that exercise and healthy food can release the same ‘feel good’ hormones. YOU CAN DO IT. Be the independent, smart, and strong women I know you can be and STOP MAKING EXCUSES!

  • adena

    Omfg this is rediculous!! I have recieved f.s. and cash assistance for 3 months while my hubby and i were struggling to find work and yet we had all we could do to afford real food let alone all that junk!! Go for a dam walk its FREE i can only imagine her poor children 🙁

  • Eryn-Jean Sargent

    apparently tattoos are free…. I do love peoples priorities…..

  • Full Tilt

    I’d f uck her!

  • Mark Jansen

    Obvious foolishness. “I’ve not been educated on how to exercise.” Gee, the poor dear. I don’t know about England but I can think of about 5 US Army drill sergeants right off the top of my head that would be thrilled to give her a crash course pro bono.
    It amazes me she thinks she actually has a legitimate argument. The sad thing is; It’s people like that who rile up those who would do away with all social programs for anyone, whether they used it responsibly to rise out of poverty or not.

  • Shoryo Tombo

    Oh damn, this is in Britain? For the moment there, I thought she’s from one of those red states in America.

  • Lisa Marie

    I would love to eat only organic fruits and vegetables and grass fed beef and organic chicken… but i don’t think I’ll be able to afford to do it the whole month… it’s sad that it cost so much eat healthy wholesome foods.


    Ignorant AND lazy… That’s a bad combination. Time to take away the welfare.

  • Kayla Rae Worden

    MJ, please liberate your language. Pigs are beautiful, social, intelligent beings worthy of our respect, love and compassion.

  • Erin

    She is ungrateful I eat healthy I work out for free in my home by doing jumping jacks etc rly she just wanting more money she needs to be cut off completely and she needs to get a job

  • Hunter Shamlian

    It wont matter. Her life expectancy is around 60 anyways. Unless she sheds those pounds.

  • ally

    I live in iowa I am a full time student with a 2 year old and my 16 year old sister lives with me. my fiancé works his ass off and we dont get a dime. We make 24 dollars above the income line. And we make it work, we drink water instead of pop and we still spend $600 a month on food and that’s cash not any food stamps . GET A JOB. We make it work so can you

  • Cb3lu387

    I’m sure that orange hair, tattoos, and piercings were free.

  • knightlife77

    Big old hoe needs that govamint dough…but she gotta lose a few to get past kid number 2. Can’t catch a baby daddy when you a big nasty fatty. A couple more kids will getcha some extra green, but it ain’t gonna happen till she get more lean.

  • Ruby Gale

    Really you lazy POS!! I might almost think about pitying ya except for the price I know I have to pay for hair dye and tattoos!!! That money could buy oatmeal, milk, bananas, and food for your kids. LIAR!!! I don’t care what you weigh or what u look like but to BLAME!!! That is pretty sickening. Biting the hand that feeds ya and chewing it off at the shoulder. Disgusting!

  • JoAnna Gantt

    Maybe if she didn’t spend money on all those tattoos and that bright orange hair she could afford some gym time. Get a job you fat pig. No one wants to hear your sorry excuses.

  • Sean Feehan

    I thought Americans were the only fat, lazy, government-fed bastards… but God damn she takes the cake… no pun intended.

  • Phillip Obertubbesing

    Excuses. Blame it it on the system. Water is free. Eating healthy is really not expensive if you can cook for yourself. Walking or running is free activity too. What a shame.

  • Gregory J Dunn

    I’m 52 and weigh 360 and work. Have been for 35 years. To proud to take a handout. Though I have been trying to loose weight. This woman is just taking advantage of the system and isn’t going to work if she can get away with it. Pitiful

  • Nope

    Nothing in that woman’s pantry is from America. She’s either Canadian or this is just Europe trying to be funny.

  • Michele Voge

    Uh, so I am guessing welfare paid for her tattoos as well!!?

  • rockyhors

    Why is her assistance in dollars? Does she have to pay a conversion fee or are there stores in Wigan that accept dollars? Are they American, Canadian, Australian, Fijian, or Hong Kong dollars? This is important because my outrage is commensurate to the actual value of monies she receives.

  • Adam

    1. walking is free
    2. lettuce is cheaper than chips (just like most vegetables, healthy food is not expensive if you know anything about produce prices, maybe meat is expensive but then just buy pork its 8$/lb everywhere)
    3. most jobs require workers don’t eat during shifts
    4. jobs usually require standing or walking, or moving in general so job = money + more calories expended + less calories ingested

    not even about laziness just a completely flawed argument based on ignorance and false sense of entitlement

  • chelsea

    I dont know what you guys are talking about limits. I live in New Jersey and I know people who have got food stamps, housing, and cash all their lives. Which is way longer then 48 months!

  • liv

    she has enough money for tattoos though

  • dingusthemonique

    You all do realize this is propaganda to try to make you think you don’t want the government taking money from your taxes and giving it to these social welfare programs, right? If this is real in any sense it’s the fault of the food advertisers, lobbyists and improper education from the system it self. The general public as a whole is not very smart. You expect too much from them. Just watch television programming on the national networks and it will become blindingly apparent.

  • This is obviously just satire.. right?

  • mc

    She makes more than my household in a year and we work extremely hard and take pride knowing we don’t have to be on welfare. We have a baby too and live healthy by excercising and eating fruits and vegitables every meal. Why is it fair that she doesn’t have to work for her money and she does nothing to give back yet here we sit like most people breaking out backs to get by? Maybe welfare controlled jobs would be something to think about…. If you need help fine so you need to work an assigned job so many hours a week and you get your check. If you can’t work then babysit the kids of the parents that can so you get your check and so do the parents.

  • Marie Moore

    I swear she had got to be this absolute most stupid, most lazy, and ignorant woman I’ve ever heard of !!!!!!!!

  • Terry Wood

    Thats just wrong.

  • Terry Wood

    There are people out there really can use it . Such as a disabled person and not because they are severely obese. Some one needs to show her about respect for those you really need it. She needs to return that money so those who need help because they are blind,severe tramatic brain injury , non-mobility ect. ect. ect. NOT SOME LAZY A– that apparently collects from those who truely need it male or female. Sorry but this really makes me mad.

  • Tina Maree

    that is really concerning ….that she thinks it is the governments responsiblity to pay her to loose weight …OMG!! People that feed their kids crap like that should have welfare payments cut until they feed their kids fruit . veg.. & meat ./ home cooking is cheaper than fatty take away foods … seriously ..& no matter how uneducated one is …. we all know that walking is free & a way to loose weight … eating less & less fatty crap for a start ……. I don’t think she should get welfare … she seems to think everyone else is responsible for her …………… what the hell is happening in the world .. Is NO ONE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEMSELVES ANY MORE>????????????????????????

  • EmeraldLily

    I live in Wisconsin where the minimum wage is also $7.25 and when I was working a part time job at a pizza place, I also got food stamps. They didn’t last long though. Only had them for about 4 months because I moved and found a MUCH better paying factory job. Now I have no problem paying for my own food. Even with food stamps, keeping my freezer stocked with veggies and my fridge with fruits wasn’t that hard. I felt the stigma of food stamps, especially from my own boyfriend. I considered myself lucky to be getting a little help to buy food because trying to get help from the state to go see a dentist or a doctor was impossible. Not disabled? No assistance. No kids or not currently pregnant? No assistance. This woman should be ashamed of herself! She’s grotesque and senile! Definitely not a role model for her kids! I’m pretty sure my DOG eats way healthier than they do! Do those kids even know what real apples or bananas or carrots are? I don’t even remember the last time I had a Pop Tart. And Marshmallow Fluff? I’d rather not touch the stuff. I haven’t had any fast food in months. I want Chinese food, I make it myself. Burgers? At home or occasionally at a local bar and grill on a weekend. She needs to open her eyes before her kids have to give her an open casket.

  • PJParks

    I guess those tattoos were free?

  • Ironic Mike

    Oink! Oink! Oink! Oink! Oink! Oink! Oink! Oink! Oink! Oink! Oink!

  • Topnotch_bkhunny

    She’s just gross and a sorry excuse as a woman and a mother. Lazy and fat I can get chicken cutlet, romaine lettuce for $8

  • Topnotch_bkhunny

    She’s just gross and a sorry excuse as a woman and a mother. Lazy and fat I can get chicken cutlet, romaine lettuce for $8

  • Samuel Adams

    Look at all that nice grass in the picture. If you lived off that for a year, honey, you’d be thin as a rail.

  • Patricia Davidson

    she has the money for tats/ who paid for That?

  • Patricia Davidson

    bitch sit your ass down and do nothing like you have done all your like , fat lazy slut

  • Patricia Davidson

    where are the Fathers of your children? are they Paying anything?

  • Patricia Davidson

    Nope they where dunk would F a hole in a stump, Hope you are proud

  • Naomi Argent

    Omg she gets over half of what I earn in her government income I’m busting my arse on a full time job and have expenses on top. With her free house and government money she gets more than I do. Some people need a punch in the head to wake up. I have three kids and a husband to support on my one wage .

    I agree cut her benefits make her get a bloody job

  • Robyn Beck

    Funny she can afford to get tattoos and piercings and color her hair!!!!!!

  • jp

    Here’s a thought, get off your lazy butt and get a job. Then you can pay for your own gym membership!! Oh, and STOP getting your hair colored!! You look like an idiot! How much is that costing ME? Want to lose weight? Get rid of all the JUNK FOOD in your cabinet, take a walk, get off your lazy butt!!!

  • tedsteiner68@yahoo.com

    She’s got all the right tattoos, jewelry and hairstyle to get high paying work as a fashion model. Now if the government would just buy her the appropriate Bentley to get to the studios in, she can become self-supporting, and even more famous than she is now.

  • Robyn M Bostic

    This is a great example of what happens when you stop making people be responsible for their own actions and decisions. The sad fact is society almost forces this because everyone is too afraid of hurting someone’s feelings and being accused of discrimination or just plain being mean to tell someone else when their problems are what they have created and it’s their own faults.

  • Rebecca

    You are morbidly obese because you eat crap!! Try an apple, or some sort of fruit or vegetable!!! You can afford tattoos and piercings and to dye your hair that ridiculous color, but not good food? Please. Way to milk the system. And a cash incentive to lose weight?! Why so you can buy take away?! Great example you are setting for your children…

  • Chad K

    Looks like she has enough money for tattoos though! Glad to see her priorities are in order.

  • tedsteiner68@yahoo.com

    I live in Atlanta, Georgia and I bet our fat women can beat your fat women any day of the week!

  • Kate Wetzel

    Lots of fatty foods is way more expensive than a normal amount of healthy food. Maybe stop stuffing your face and go for a walk. Then get a job so you can actually support your family.

  • Pearly

    Fat cow. You make more than most people who have jobs and you can’t afford nutritional food. Get a frickin job.

  • nomore

    The conservation dept. say “don’t feed the animals” because when you do they will not provide for themself. We spend millions of tax payers money on feeding the poor,we have given them handouts so they don’t need to get a job, huh that’s the same concept!!!! People use your brain!

  • Juliesa Muniz

    Disgusting, this a greedy person who takes advantage of the system. Girl get your lazy a up and get a job!!!

  • Cheryl J Stocks

    People like this girl, is why I can’t get my Medicare, which I paid for, for 45 years. I have a disease and I cannot work. I can’t afford my medications, or food. I broke my foot, in 2 places, and just “lived with it” because of no insurance. Does this sound right? I’ve worked, 70+ hours a week and can’t get insurance. Welfare people get insurance and food and money for their bad habits. I feel sorry for my children and grandchildren! Will only get worse, because the rich have forgotten who keeps them rich.

    • tedsteiner68@yahoo.com

      No, Cheryl….you can’t because the Liberals arbitrarily decide too many things for you.

      • Cheryl J Stocks

        I am a Liberal, it’s the Republicans who have forgotten how they make their money in the first place.

  • DebB

    I did the math and the crap showing in the pic that your eat cost just as much as a watermelon, yogurt and bottled water. Now lets add up the tattoos piercings and hair dye and there could be some serious cash flow there! Get out and walk. Last I knew, that was free!!!

  • Jeff L

    i hate people like this, it’s time to pull your head out of your ass and realize you did this to yourself .
    To say that you haven’t been educated in the ways of exercise is one of the most pathetic excuses i have ever heard, go for a walk that isn’t just from your chair to the kitchen. If you have the Internet or access to the internet, there are plenty of videos and websites with tons of free workout tips and ideas and to say that healthy food is to expensive… WOW. you spend more on take out every week compared going to the grocery store and buying food that you make yourself. Enough is enough stop trying to blame everyone else for your laziness and change your life before it is to late .

    • Jeff L

      Oh and how much did all those tattoos and piercings cost… just saying — aside from loosing weight it looks like you need help with budgeting your money and figuring out what is more important, adding another star to your skin or eating a decent meal that was deep fried or mass produced on a manufacturing line…. End Of Rant

  • Concerned

    What are you teaching your kids think of them get off your ass and find a job if you want more money i live in California its expensive. But i work nothing glorified eather im a server who makes minimum wage. You live on your ass while everyone els is paying for it i work more for less because of people like you. They should take your children away cause apparently you cant afored them. I feel sorry for them to look up to some one like you god willing they dont turn out like you. YOU SHOULD OF PAID ATTENTION IN SCHOOL!

  • getalife

    Those tattoos are NOT free!! She could have bought alot of fruit and vegies with that money!!!
    And since when does being big cause you not to be able to work.. thats called lazyness. She should be dumped of all gov. Assistance and made to support her own family and fast food habbit… THIS IS CRAZY!!!!

  • Scoop

    Get off your ass and exercise! U sick selfish Free Loader!!!

  • Lacy-Mae Bolin

    But she can afford tattoos and piercings. That is just absolutely ridiculous.

  • mcamire

    In addition to a bunch of tattoos, I am sure she has a flat screen tv and a cell phone. All paid for by our tax dollars. Then people wonder why most Americans are jaded towards people on welfare. I know that are good people out there that actually need help, but I am sick of this career welfare crap, it needs to end.

  • Bat Wood

    She’s kinda hot!

  • faith

    Worthless pig.

  • Amy

    I’m sure cutting down on hair coloring would help too. I’ve never seen someone with quite so orange hair that came by it naturally. Also, tattoos cost money. Sometimes we have to weigh our wants with our needs. Designer clothes come second to raising healthy kids; I feel no sadness for her, but I feel awful for her kids who are being raised to think that this kind of behavior is acceptable.

  • Daniel Gallagher

    I was 300 pounds January 1st 2013 with no income, on food stamps with a ruptured hernia,osteoporosis, and degenerative hip joints and today I am 160 pounds and healthier than ever (46) years old and I did it with NO GYM…… I just had to stop making excuses.

  • DruDown78

    Love how she can pay for piercings and tattoos, typical welfare recipient and probably uses drugs also. Go get a job u fat bitch!!

  • Linda Lane

    you could eat less

  • Linda Lane

    the orange hair is stupid, and cost money

  • Michele Sears

    WOW $36,000.00 a year…that is $750 a week that is more then most make working a FT job

  • budgirl8310

    Mrs. Briggs go for a F**king walk. You are probably one of those fat a55es that I see rolling around in the store scooters because you too dang lazy to walk

  • traccolema

    What is she doing, trading oreos for tattoos, piercings and hair dye???

  • wendy

    call Gillian McKeith!! she’ll straighten her out.

  • taylar

    Sad that people don’t make that much in a year that work 16 hour days, 5 days a week and just because she has kids with two different men and is too lazy to get a job is able to live the way she does without lifting a finger. & they wonder what happened to the “american dream”

  • Heather Thornberg

    She makes more money on welfare than I do as a college graduate. She’s complaining n blaming the government for her weight saying she can’t buy healthy food. You’ve GOT to be kidding me! I weigh 175 n can’t always afford the best choices but that’s why u need to balance your lifestyle, if you eat like crap run, or speedwalk till you can, to make up for it, duh. Not to mention her lack of adult attitudes n behaviors such as responsibility, accountability, reliability, dependability n financial independence. Just keep denying that you have a problem with food n dug the grave you n your kids r living in n blame someone else while continuing to take their money, seems like the right thing to keep doing cuz it really seems to b working for you.

  • Kristen nesbit

    I weighed 350 lbs I’ve never been on welfare I’ve always worked. I found time to run 3 miles a day and lose 130 lbs still not on welfare.. still pay ALL my own bills. Excuses will be her early grave and teach her children to be unhealthy and also lead them to.their early graves.

  • Corwyn Lee Shipton

    I think most can admit that welfare in general is a joke. It’s hard for those who need it to get it, those who don’t, take advantage of it. And that comment from the person going to school and got cut off from government help, … I’m sorry, that’s crazy. Students and single parents should take PRECEDENCE. One should be rewarded for trying to do better, not pitied and given abused handouts. My personal opinion.

  • Dank

    No one educated her on how to friggin walk or run? You don’t need a gym membership to work out. She’s just making excuses because she’s lazy. $62k a year from the government and she can’t afford fruit and vegetables? She’s got to the dumbest woman on earth.

  • sky

    Not to mentioned her hair is freshly dyed & she has tattoos….

  • Jeremy Henman

    This is more of a government problem, they are enabling her to live a worthless nonproductive life, somebody that has kids that she can’t support, doesn’t work and probably never will, and giving her no incentive to go out and look for a job.

    Funny how she can’t afford healthy food even though it’s free, but she can afford hair color, piercings, jewelry, tattoos and other luxuries that she’s apparently found the money for somehow.

    Unfortunately the government has no problem giving away taxpayer money to an unlimited number of unproductive people for an unlimited amount of time in many cases, and that’s sad.

  • britny

    I am 24 with 2 kids I live in md I received food Benefits for 2 yes and proud to say I no longer receive them. But I do have medical assistance due to fact that insurance is so expensive and I want to make sure my children can see the doctors and get the medicine they need without me having to worry if I’m going to be able to afford it or not. And yes I get judged all the time . But until you walk a mile in my shoes you will truly never understand the strugle.

  • fatlazybitch

    Dumb fat lazy Bitch. She exercises, burgers in each hand, lift to mouth and repeat. Now the legs, walk to the fridge and back. I’m sure her chair is also a porta potty. Her fat kids are her servants. Put all her food on top a mountain, roll her down it, and make her walk up and get it

  • sickandtired

    How I wish this was a comment forum that went straight to this ‘girl’ rather than to the article. Maybe after hearing from tons of people how selfish and stupid she is, MAYBE she’d start looking at real answers. In the meantime, the government ought to limit her EBT card to meat, fruits and veggies.

  • Ronald Eckert

    And she still had money for those tattoos…

  • erin

    just sayin. liver is a dollar

  • jamie

    REALLY?????? WTF?????? Send her to Afghanistan. Earn that money, and good exercise too.

  • bonnie

    Take out costs more than healthy food Go buy some fruit and vegs instead of the junk Take your kids out for walks and start teaching them healthy choices Stop with the excuses You don’t need more money for take out or junk food you need a life change

  • Sue Landry

    Omg get off your fat ass and go to work! Bring your kids to the park! Walking there is considered EXCERSICE! And stop getting so many tattoos and hair dyes and maybe u could afford something! Oh and again, GET A JOB!!! i have been working my ass off at multiple jobs at once to make ends meet and i cant afford hair dye and tattoos!O

  • Frankie

    Cant afford yhe pool but can afford takeout and that awful hair color job

  • Crystalynn

    Not saying this woman is correct at all but….healthy food is much more expensive. Thats only fact I saw though in this whole article. So sad.

  • Amanda Roseanne Bibeau

    U stupid cow a sad excuse for a human being we all work just for u to live on welfare when a person who actually needs it can’t get it that’s sad this makes me so angry !put down the pop tart !hell grow a garden !I hate people like u lazy twat!they should put u in jail ur frauding the government! Hell get on fastest loser u want more of everything at least they will teach u to lose ur weight ahhh !

  • Ayame

    She’d be able to afford healthy food if he didn’t spend money on pop tarts, chips, tons of cookies. She could buy the good stuff…

  • Jessica Fox

    Disgusting. And I’m referring to her attitude only.

  • iraq war disabled vet

    I can hear fatty getting bigger by the minute all the way in the US…..boom bahbah boom bahbah BOOM!

  • iraq war disabled vet

    I wonder what uk residents feel about paying for all of fatty’s nasty tattoos as well as the food she inhales. On a positive note she’ll probably have a heart attack soon, then uk will just have to pay for her fat children

  • Steven Terraciano

    wow what a pos…I love the comment it would be nice if the government would give me incentive to lose weight…You now how she’d lose eight cut that 36k…

  • Tania

    I agree healthy food is quite expensive BUT she could always do research on healthy budget meals poor kids aren’t being given the chance to live a healthy life style 🙁 and a gym membership? LOL! Most people don’t have gym memberships they WALK, RUN, SQUAT these things are free and you don’t need to be “educated” on how to walk ? That doesent even make sense? And if she portioned her meal sizes she would see that she would lose weight, she is making all people on government benefits look like lazy bludging slobs when this isn’t the case, I can’t beleive she is asking for more money! Absolutely outrageous! No wonder people portray pensioners as lazy slobs! She should be greatful she gets anything!

  • JustMe

    Can’t afford to buy her own food and pay her own bills, but seems to have money for takeout, hair coloring, piercings and tattoos….hmmm…..

  • Derek Dunaway

    get off the couch and go to work like I do

  • midwestMad

    Yet, she can afford to color her hair.

  • caylaannlamoore

    Idk. I get food share. However I’m going to school, working. And soon enough won’t need any help. And yes its not a lot by any means. But I buy what’s on sale what I can get cheep. That dose not included snacks, frozen pre cooked food ect. That’s way more expensive than making a meal in bulk, make it last. You made you fat.

  • Natalie A.

    Are you kidding me? Brand Name junk food is just as expensive as the ingredients to make a salad! And water is cheaper then soda… so sick of people using tax payers money to support there laziness and obesity issues. Jogging is free and it keeps me in shape!.

  • Theresa Kelly

    And who paid for all her tattoos, piercings and dye job, just wondering????

  • MK

    The government is not responsible for you getting FAT! You and only you are. Get a job or get an education to get a good job and support yourself and your kids, you are not! Setting a good example for your children.

  • jon

    come to America, Obama is all about hookin up people who don’t desererve it.

  • Chris

    Lol, yeah, this sounds legit.

  • MC

    Aside from the weight issue – she could probably use the extra cash she spends on hair color, piercings and tattoos to pay for those darned expensive healthy fruits and veggies!

  • Guest

    She could walk her fat ass a few times around the block if she wanted to.

  • Holy cow…. Literally and figuratively. This chick needs to get a real life that doesn’t include sponging off of others.

    Just wow.

  • Ginger Woods

    she could get a job as an exercise instructor,start with the elderly first and and then go home,get the kids and go for a walk.

  • chrissy720

    She gets more then I do and I work full-time. She can’t afford “healthy food” but she can cover her damn body in a million tattoos. You nasty cow need to wake the hell up and get your fat ass off OUR MONEY! I don’t work to support your fat lazy ass.

  • DG

    Absolutely disgusting as it is here is Nova Scotia. Former friends of ours have a daughter who won’t work because she has two kids and says it’s too hard to work and raise children. She then decided to go on welfare but realized she could do better by leaving her boyfriend in Dartmouth and move to Bridgewater where she would be able to receive better social assistance. She’s very fat as she doesn’t eat healthily, kinda looks like the one in this article. She’s so strapped for cash, that she is able to have a nice apartment, top notch cable TV service and high speed Internet, and a top notch cell phone and plan. She then has the nerve to post on Facebook a picture of the “nice little unit”, ie – the fairly new car she just bought. Never mind the fact that her boy requires special ed assistance because of his behaviour and absence of “Daddy” , as he’s prone to violent outbursts and just starting school. More strain on outer already stretched education system… It’s about time that we require these bums to get to work and stop sucking off this cow that our system has become. Want welfare? How about workfare? When her two kids are in school, she needs to be forced to get off her fat, lazy ass and start contributing back, as I as a taxpayer am tired of supporting welfare whites such as this so they can go out partying with da boyz and post their trash on Facebook. Talk about thumbing her nose at the rest of us…even her parents are as disgusted as we are!

  • Jade Carman

    Fat terd

  • jonna carlson

    You do realize that you give the link for the original article. You have reported inflated figures from the original article. Making you look stupid. I would rather be fat than stupid or a liar!!

  • Denise

    Why would she want to get a job? She’s making more than I am and I work my ass off at mine… oh wait… I’m WORKING my ass off… LOL… no pun intended…. if she got a job, she’d be making less. I couldn’t imagine any skills she has… besides eating.


    get off your fat lazy ass and get a job.. F**kin’ welfare queen!! maybe if you worked for it you might loose a few pounds..



  • she would fit right in here in obammy land

  • Miguel Contreras

    I’d hit that

  • Leslie Martinez

    Ummm she obviously has enough money to color her hair orange! Wtf give it to people who really need it!

  • Laura Carlson

    Whaaaaat? Is she for real? I can’t even begin with the words…. smh.

  • Desi Nicole

    But she can afford hair dye? Slightly confused.

  • just saying

    Low life go ahead proudly give your children a higher risk for dietbeties and other health problems mabey if you loved them you can find some to take custody of them scince you can not offord them me i had less but they had nutrution

  • cybilinside

    No, my dear, you’re disgustingly fat because you’re incredibly lazy. Buying even remotely healthy food is not more expensive…… I know, I feed a family of four and spend less on vegetables and supplies for homemade meals then I did when all we ate was junk or prepared food.. Get off your very large duff and get a job, quit using your handouts as an excuse and try going for a walk. Lazy moochers like you ARE EVERYTHING that is wrong with this world.

    • cybilinside

      And 62K a year?! Are you kidding me? Even converting to USD you are still making as much if not more then my husband and I combined….. And all for sitting on your lazy ass. Absolutely unbelievable. What a waste of air.

  • Juniper

    Although I agree that eating healthy is more expensive these days, 62K a year is more than what most middle class folks get paid in the U.S. Walking is free and so is getting up off your fat butt to find a job.

  • Heathy food is EXPENSIVE compared to processed foods. http://everydayfeminism.com/2014/09/classism-of-eating-healthy/

  • John Denver

    Eating healthy is NOT expensive. Eating ORGANIC is expensive. You’re fat because you chose to eat the junk food and not exercise. YOU are the one to blame, not me, not the government and not anyone else. JUST you.
    You should be ashamed of yourself, taking advantage of the system like that. You make more money from the government than the average middle class employee. You are a disgrace to society and I feel bad for what your kids may become in light of your actions (or rather LACK of action).YOU are the reason welfare gets cut for the people that actually NEED it. Get a job like everyone else you pathetic excuse for a human being. You’re standing on two feet, you have NO excuse why you aren’t working.

  • just saying

    Before we jump to conclusions dod she have a mental evaluation for mental disorders and an evaluation for knowledge of money management and a strict idea of bringing up children in social issies and being able to provide for them or is she trying to advertise abuse to herself and her children putting her children at risk for health related problemsis wrong and possibly she is doing it out of content makes it to be uncaring my judgement can not be because there people overlook these thing before granting money to these people i am sure of this bit one thing i k.ow is lettuce a little bit of chicken and a small amount of fruit is less then a bag of chips or pop tarts so what is she trying to say i need all thses process foods to abuse myself with and my children idk need an evaluation on her carring for her children

    • just saying

      I dk think this about look a serving of chips made me fat i think there is alot more to this

      • just saying

        She looks happy in advertising abuse

        • just saying

          My intent is to hurt my children through food

          • just saying

            Looks to be an endangerment to her children saying ido not care about them

          • just saying

            Looks selfess contending person

          • just saying

            If i knew i was only able to make enough money for myself i would be taking precaution s in makimg another life i would not be looking to someone who can not take responsibility in carring enough for a life the old saying is if your man enoughf to make one your man enough to take care of it also lnow sometimes it fails but if you already know you will not pay for them dont make them

  • prattguy

    Given the health costs associated with obesity, I’m all for cash incentives, tax breaks, etc for losing weight – with the caveat that those who maintain a high level of fitness receive additional or increased incentives vs those that work to become fit.

  • just saying

    The new welfare generation more theives than real ppl fraud has evolved

  • Crant

    No one is bringing up the fact that she claims she isn’t making enough money, yet she’s covered in tattoos (which I have no problem with but last I checked – are not free), piercings (not free) and a very vibrant (though awful) high maintenance hair colour…Maybe if she was less concerned with having her cupboards STUFFED with crap she could have some healthy essentials.

    • Crant

      To add, what I think is most disturbing is how proud she looks of that pile of trash in her cupboards..

  • Tessa

    Did anyone else read the first line of the story? …
    Christina Briggs, 26, of Wigan, England
    She doesn’t live here but yeah I can see why everyone is on a rant. It is ridiculous. I am basically the office manager (but don’t get a title for it) graphic designer, type setter, do legals and classified and if there is a job in my office, I know how to do it. I can’t take off work on certain days because no one knows how to do my job, yet I get paid $8 an hour and am a single parent of one child. Yet, I make too much money to get benefits according to the good old US of A!

  • Doesn’t take ‘education’ to jog around the block. Just get off your lazy, fat ass and do it.

    Maintaining that vibrant of unnatural hair color would cost her AT LEAST 50$ / month.

    And hey, look at those nice tattoos. Easily at least 600-1000$ — who
    knows how many else she has under her clothes (ew don’t even want to
    think about that).

    Junk food and fast food is actually MORE expensive than healthy food — based on calculating the calorie and nutrient intake vs both types of products, you get more bang for your buck with things like fruits, veggies, meats, etc.

    People like this are what is wrong with society and make the system that much more difficult to navigate for those who DO need the help.

  • Larry Pfaff

    MJ, I love it. I agree walking does wonders. So who’s paying for the tatoos, piercings and bad hair dye

  • Brianna Kuhn

    Wow seriously, she isn’t educated on exercising? Has she heard of walking around the block with her kids? Or of the internet? They have millions of FREE internet exercises. This ignorance and stupidity makes me sick! And I hope that her kids don’t grow up to be a mooch like her. Disgusting.

  • just saying

    Water next to her land enough to grow crops just saying

  • Meagan Rogers

    Wow the British welfair is pretty generous. I only got $350 US dollars a month for food, and $565 for housing, That was it. If I scoured the sales and went to our cheap markets I could get $50 US dollars worth of produce for the week, then buy raw, and sandwich meats that were clearanced. We did okay it got a little tight at the end but we still got decent non crap food.

  • ally2424

    She makes more money living off the gov. Than I do and I go to work everyday. and use my own money to buy food

  • Educate Yourself

    Does anyone know WHY she’s on government benefits? Maybe she has a disorder that makes her incapable of working. And from the sounds of this article and her words, it sounds like she has mental health issues. Maybe just maybe if people became more aware of mental health issues and the government spent more money on programs for helping people learn how to cope and be more self sufficient, there would be less people like this. It’s not as simple for some people to just “go get a job”. Some people aren’t equipped with the tools to even know how to get on their feet.

  • How much did those nasty looking tats cost her?

  • mouth

    But she can afford tats, hair dye and piercing jewelry…

  • April Rose Hardy

    Well if it means cutting back on other things to go swimming and other exercising things THEN DO IT, you just might die of a heart attack or stroke if you don’t loose weight. To me it seems that you are not smart enough to say “Hey, I will cut down some of this junk food and start going out for a jog once a day.” There are other things you CAN do that doesn’t cost money, a walk around the block, a bike ride to the park [borrow one if you don’t have one and are too lazy to buy one], don’t sit on your ass all day. See, you’re just saying “I’m a lazy slob” since you don’t wanna do a thing.

  • Keribe

    Excuse me but that junk food costs more than fresh fruit and veggies. I eat healthy and I am now getting food stamps after working 44 years and I manage to live off that with no other help from the government. My reasons are two botched up back surgeries and I am trying to get disability which is hard for people who really need it. I tried to get a roommate and one of the girls said oh I will pay with my disability she said Im slightly bi polar nothing wrong with her but she was fat. Me I can’t walk, or sleep and in pain constantly. I’m so sick of people so easily getting this government help. I had a hell of a time getting just food stamps of $189 a month the red tape was horrible. This girl can walk and Im sure she has tv there are a lot of programs with exercising on it. She is just a lazy ass slob.. she makes me sick

  • Charles Montgomery

    Get a job you gross cow. Exercising is too expensive? Walk around outside it’s free and any idiot can do it. Even you I think. Health food is to expensive? Try not eating a ton of chocolate and chips. My God nobody wants to take responsibility anymore.

  • Troy

    See it isnt JUST americans… this is a british lady.

  • john

    Salads aren’t that expensive. Ever heard of a jumping jack??? This is ridiculous. This fat slob does nothing all day but sit around and eat twinkies and the Government gives her almost twice the amount of money that I make at my job! Plus she gets free housing on top of the $62,000 for being a baby making free loader! And she wants more! What a piece of trash! And shame on Governments for allowing hard working people to be robbed of their money only to be given to trash like this. Ridiculous!

  • Ellie Choate

    How much is your tatoo and hair dye allowance? Regardless of how discusting I find this woman her choices should be a matter For child welfare agencies.

  • Andy Maddox

    You sceptic tanks make me laugh. The most obese nation in the world criticise others. Why don’t you just mind your own business. By the you can stick McDonald’s, KFC and Pizza Hut up your oversized backsides.

  • Anne Marie Churchwell


    • Buoharzard

      nobody is gonna read your wall of text especially when you’ve made it all CAPS

      • Anne Marie Churchwell

        Ghee when anyone else does it is read. If you don’t like it you don’t have to read it.

    • Deborah Lynn

      I read it!! I’m not receiving govt assistance because I worked my way off of it many years ago…however, during those times I did learn how to be more frugal. in another post i mentioned how people have to lower their expectations and live within their means. I like you, do my own nails and dye my own hair even though I could now afford a salon….I am still frugal as a result of how I had to survive when on govt assistance. Some of us do understand……….oh, and we do know it’s a woman from england or wherever. but the same crap happens here.

      • Anne Marie Churchwell

        Yes I know but, it’s not here and it plainly says in the story that she is from Britain and people are trying to say it was here and in this case it is not.

  • Bob Edwards

    youre fat because youre a lazy bn pig who doesnt want to work or walk you want to live off everyone else but you can get your hair done get tattoos etc get a job lazy ass

  • Bob Edwards

    and get fixed while youre at it $63K/yr? you live better than most people who work white trash twinkie queen

  • Bluebuda

    This discussion isn’t about people getting assistance. It’s about people that abuse that assistance. Everyone has a story and there is always a special circumstance. People truly need help but I’m sorry, pop tarts and potato chips are not you only option. Plus lots of activities that cost you nothing. Get off you fully capable ass and do SOMETHING.

  • jazzy jay

    Hell & I bust my azz everyday & can’t get a food stamp if I paid them for it & this bitch want more hell she making it hard for me taking my taxes to pay for her to live & eat

  • Samantha

    I don’t want to sound like I’m sticking up for her but maybe her family never tough her the values of how to shop and use her money wisely? I get it she needs to not say she can’t afford things. And blame the government on how her weight is affecting her on what she can buy but of u buy cheap and smarrbu can get some healthier things and still have a FEW AND MEAN FEW junk food items for a treat.

  • Mike

    just put a bullet in her and get it over with, 62k a year?! im slaving away in engineering school for years in hopes to make 50k. garbage

  • Vince
  • dlpdlr

    how about the fat ugly cow get a job. Or start walking. Quit eating take out, stop dying your hair. You have enough to pierce your fat ugly face

  • Niomi Ecker

    This is a useless article, laced with bullying and classist undertones. Yes, let’s release more articles about hating poor single mothers and blaming them for the downfall of the entire American economy! Not that the war shortly after 9/11 had anything to do with it, at all, war is very cheap. Has the person who wrote this article graduated high school yet, orrrrrrrrrrrrr…..?

  • Christina Costantino

    You know some of you people make me sick, I am a single mom, I work 25-35 hours a week, and trying to get my son situated for head start. I am on Welfare and Im doing it ONLY because I need to support my son. His lazy ass father doesn’t pay child support and I have MS and am not on any type of disability. Not all of us are making excuses and Im proud that there are those of you WHO DO NOT have to struggle, but you know what because you may not be, doesn’t mean that not all of us are. If you wanna criticize me, go right ahead but you are the fool! This woman is getting pretty much what Im sure half of us are NOT Making and she is complaining. People like her make the rest of us on Welfare look bad…But you know what you don’t know me and that is HALF of my story. SO STFU on how I shouldn’t be on Welfare and that I need to do this and that, I wish people that didn’t have to struggle, lived like the rest of us for a year to see what it REALLY is like! SO if you have an opinion on my life, please feel free to walk in my shoes for once and GTFO it

  • Logan Einck

    I got it every capable mother or parent receiving money from the gov for having a kid/kids and no jobs should have to go to a facility with a excellant daycare and sit on a bike for a few hours that generates electricity. Look, now we get clean energy, recipients get exersize and they get healthier and dont have to go to the doctor as much.(we all know who pays for there healthcare) That way instead of paying ppl for nothing they can at least do something to contribute 🙂

  • jabney8

    There are far more complaints about what folks aren’t getting that they think they are owed than the ones suggesting that through hard times they worked two jobs and contributed to the family. Maybe it’s time people actually looked at that. The break down of the family. It’s easy to look to the faceless government for what you feel entitled to but someone else paid for that – someone else gave up something they earned to cover those expenses. There was a time when family looked out for family and that’s what taught us personal responsibility. I worked two jobs – got an apartment and did without a phone for the first two years because I understood that a phone is a luxury. Still – cinder block shelves and all – I was in tall cotton. My place, my rules, my accomplishment. My dad snuck in one day with a small dinette set and a new couch and love seat. He still had kids at home – in school and I know he saved in order to make that gesture. When my mom got sick – I left my job and went to help care for her. I was scared – had no idea how I was going to make it but I did and everything worked out. I wouldn’t do a thing different. There’s always a way and demanding from your neighbors blindly isn’t it.

  • cristina

    really? I am a female that used to weigh in at 300, I don’t blame the government for that, I blame myself for that because I used to like to eat unhealthy, not exercise and do anything at all. Now why is it that youre saying that food is too expensive, when everything you have in your cabinets costs money. I myself am on a fixed income but I managed to lose weight on my own and I do not buy junk food when I buy groceries. It’s your responsibility to lose weight and manage your eating. It’s YOUR fault that you are that big. Not the governments fault! Learn how to buy groceries and exercise. Now get a job and stop depending on welfare! p.s. I have lost 125 lbs on my own by eating better and going for 3-6 mile walks daily

  • Barbie Oliver

    She sure can afford all those damn tattoos, hideous hair dye and extra large portions of junk food. She could afford fruits and veggies.

  • mimi

    If you made it through school or your mommy did it all on her own then great for you, but saying others don’t need it because you didn’t is dangerous. Pride is not everything. I am the child of a too proud single mother and I got was starvation. My mother refused to get food stamps because she was turned down at one point and she was just too damn proud to ask for help so I starved. I would go days w/o food, I begged for left overs and even ate out of the trash for 3 years. So before you go stroking your ego on how you survived the struggle, think of how your words will affect others.

  • MB

    It takes a strong person to get off
    welfare, and I know you, (whoever you are), has it in you. I see far too many people
    taking advantage of the systems – and most don’t need it but it lets
    them ‘get ahead’…. something which the government is NOT there for.
    People can get off welfare. If you can’t find a job, then MAKE one!!
    Housecleaning, day home for children, run errands for busy people, there
    is TONS of stuff you can do! Just think positively about yourself and
    be creative!

  • Jerry James

    Laziness is the reason she weighs 350 pounds.

  • joe

    At what point does the government realize that free anything is not the answer.

    Is it so hard to organize a workforce to provide community services that provides shelter medical and dental, food and a few bucks as well as actual college training to people in need?

    The Military used to be just such a perfect system till they got crazy and started getting crazy on enlistment requirements.

    so why not create a fema/ state guard/ disaster preparedness force with those same welfare funds. Put those tax dollars to use by having the recipients receive training, experience, room and board for the help they requested? is this really that dang hard to see? when you hand put money for nothing, you get what you pay for.

    Why not keep people active and give them a job.

  • Truth

    But there’s enough money for hair dye in a colour that ensures she remains unemployed, facial piercing, multiple tattoos and “take aways”. The only positive is that the crap she is eating will eventually cause health problems. Hoping for sterility for her so there will one less victim in the system and less of her ignorant lineage for society to support.

  • Tim Davidson

    here’s another surprizing item about fat people, they can’t even wipe there own ass after they take a crap. she probably has to have someone do it for her, or use a special tool, if not, she probably smells pretty bad all day long.

  • Tim Davidson

    I just recently went from 12k a year, SSD to 23k service connected VAD, it’s better now, but if I had 62k a year I would be in hog heaven also.

  • Kimberly

    We are on a limited we have 3 kids 2 are autistic adhdd. My husband is the only one working. We do not live off the government I workout with a dvd old work out clothes. I eat healthy you can. Apples banNana oranges are cheap. Wheat pasta there is no excuse. I can not work due to my back. And I have to be here for my kids.

  • EmilyN

    If my Canadian government gave me $36K a year I wouldn’t want bother having a job either… With 4 jobs I work 6 days/week and still make less than $20K. My basement suite rental costs $8500/year. I don’t receive any health benefits. After student loans, car insurance, and cell bill (no house phone) I only have $200/month to feed two and it’s ALWAYS healthy.

  • Tia Justine

    Actually, coming from someone already on social assistance and with a perfectly normal BMI.. You can shop around and eat healthy. Someone is looking for excuses…

  • Sharalee

    But she can afford tattoo’s and hair dye…Hmm…I think she needs lessons in priorities!

  • Shelly Giggey

    Stupid woman.
    You don’t need a gym membership to go for a walk and break a sweat.
    She knows that!

  • Cindy Green-Hutchins

    I can see she has extra money for a tattoo. I will mail her some hair dye to fix the clown do.

  • sms

    I work at a grocery store, and I get absolutely annoyed beyond belief at some of the things that get bought with EBT cards. To Top it off, they then turn around, pull out cash, and buy cigarettes, which makes me feel as if I am also supporting their cigarette habits.

    • Deborah Lynn

      some of the problem today is people AREN’T ashamed to use the EBT card. way back when I got food assistance it was the actual food stamps….ya, it was embarrassing having to relay on help. I always went to the store late at night when there were less people around. lol. but my kids grew up on a lot of chicken…it was like 15 cents/lb for hind quarters then, crackers..not chips, juice…not soda, peanut butter and jelly…not lunchables, cheerios…not lucky charms, ect… and we had meals with potatoes, corn, green beans ect. Even today, 20 some years later, my kids drink very little soda, rarely eat chips and a lot of the other garbage. they appreciate good home cooked meals because that’s what they grew up with.

  • 2rottndogs

    That’s just what I would proudly want to show people… my cubboard with all the junk food. What a lazy excuse ridden do nothing. Take the money and the children and lets see if that doesn’t motivate her.

  • Katie

    This is the most rediculous thing I have heard. I cant even believe someone wasted their time creating this article. Stop sucking off the government you fat mess. Basic health is common sense. You live for free! Your FREE apartment looks pretty nice, your cabinet is totally stocked with FREE food, and you appear to have extra money left over to dye your hair that terrible color. First get a job, stop sitting home all day and eating. Next, walking and running outside is free. Third, save up 3 dollars and use the internet at your public library if you have to and use the internet to educate yourself if you are really that stupid. Wow. I cant believe I even read this, I could puke. I work full time to support myself, pay for my own healthy food, and pay for my gym membership. How can you complain about all the FREE benefits you are receiving? You are fat because you are an idiot. What a disgrace. Please stop living off the government.

  • Deborah Lynn

    I wonder if all of these people who claim to know somebody getting benefits illegally…and by that I mean, who say they know for a fact such and such has been getting the benefits for “life” has ever reported these people???? It does no good to sit on a webpage a gripe to each other about it….REPORT IT. This is the only way to cut down on the fraud. DHS is extremely understaffed to be doing a bunch of backgrounding on it’s clients….but If you REPORT FRAUD, you will make it easier for them to look into it.

  • Derek Fowler

    This woman is one solid, overweight reason why people are so harsh to others who actually need that support system. With that type of money and living in free housing practically, there is no reason whatsoever that she could not buy healthy foods…. The issue is she’s lazy unmotivated, uneducated and loves the junk foods. Your health and fitness should be number one priority to yourself, no matter the cost. There is always a way.

  • abby

    She has the money for those clothes and to die her hair freakin orange but not to talk a walk down the street to lose weight. Gezz people are freakin rediculous.

  • Linda Tacker

    Well, let’s see, what did the fake hair color, the facial ornaments and the tattoos cost? Enough to buy healthy food. WALKING doesn’t cost a thing. Kick her off welfare and make her get a job.!

  • carol reddick

    The state of Maine just passed a law that there is a limit of 5 years on welfare. Every state should do this and if you have had welfare in one state you should not be able to move from state to state to get more, This woman might be a fat hog but why shouldnt she take it if her goverment is wanting to pay her. There are thousands just like her in the USA. make them clean up the garbage on the sides of the roads or mow lawns for the elderly – – anything just to earn some of it.

  • reallypeople

    She has enough money for tattoos, lip rings and ugly hair dye… a human parasite. ..

  • NotoriousL

    You are a fat, disgusting disgrace to yourself and your children. TAKE ACTION, SHOW SOME DISCIPLINE. ACT LIKE YOU ARE AN ADULT, NOT A NEEDY, ENTITLED PIECE OF FILTH.

  • Jim Monk

    Evidently she has money for tattoos and that ugly freaking hair dye.what a pig. The money train for her should be cut off completely.let her starve and then she ll lose weight.the more we give these leaches, the more they want.stop the money train!

  • Patti Vogt

    Are you missing the fact that this is in the UK? Things are different over there.

  • Helga Stintzcum

    Good grief, she has bigger hams than a hog…

  • Melyssa Roberson

    Okay, clearly she’s making some unhealthy choices supported by ignorant excuses, but who are we to judge? Should we really ridicule her for them? Live and let live, or look into government assistance to see where their going wrong. Mabie they are founding in all the wrong areas…

  • cozmofox

    It’s time to move on to soylent green.

  • R Dale Goodwin Coffin

    Maybe stop getting that hair dyed a ridiculous color and stop getting tattoos and body piercings which are pricey to, and buying high brand name clothes. Get a life you stupid woman.

  • Monica Dinerlife


  • Margaret-Ann Baxter

    My husband, myself and our 2 young children were on welfare here in Canada for about 2 months while we were between jobs and the maximum allowed for a family of 4 is $995 a month and we did not buy garbage like she does to feed our children. We ate as healthy as we could. I am currently working making $10 an hour and as long as I get near full-time hours, I still make more than we did on welfare a month. The junkiest thing in our house currently is granola bars and goldfish crackers which are used mostly to round out our daughters lunches for school.

  • margie rahn

    I am so sick of hearing all the poor me stories. If ypu cant make ends meet then work an extra job. If you cant afford your bills while you go to school then dont go to school , i am tired of having to give my paycheck up to pay your way in life. I owe you people nothing but am forced to pay into welfare so you can improve your life. If you dont earn it you should not have it and you sure as hell dont deserve it. Stop making excuses get off your but and pay your own way in life. And to all you poor single mothers I didnt tell you to sleep around and get pregnant if you cant afford them give them to someone who can.

  • Manwithkidsand Common Sense

    Nope. You’re fat….because you’re lazy and your parents obviously never whooped you!

  • LiberalsNotWORTHYofLIFE

    Aghhh there is the reliable leftist underclass, Obola is importing brown versions of this fat bitch here.

  • JC

    Veggies are lot healthier and far cheaper than “takeaway” and pre-packaged crap food. This is a case of poor-me and it’s not my fault. An example of how some people never take responsibility for their own health or life in general. Pathetic. Grow up, child and live like life is a gift instead of a burden.

  • Ellen Rittgers

    No, honey. You’re obese because you buy swill instead of real food, and eat like a F’ng wolverine!

  • This is exactly why welfare, as virtually a free-for-all system by now, doesn’t work. This woman is unwiling to make sacrifices to improve her life and those of her children and yet she blames taxpayers and the government. I agree that the government should push her to get a job or cut her benefits. Maybe then she and others who scam the system will appreciate what they have, those who actually need the benefits will get them fairly, and those who scam the system will learn what hard work really is and does for them!

  • Beasthunt

    Lol. This is the best. I mean the absolute best.

  • RL

    Bet those tats cost a pretty penny though!! Sorry thats none of my business!! Here are some FREE tips!!!! . Childhood diabetes is on the rise and its scary to think about!!! We must teach our children to live healthy and that sugary snacks are a once in awhile treat, if you must!!! FYI… you can buy seed packets on a bridge card and in the spring plant a garden with your children and reap the benefits of a lil hard work and teaching your children something of value in the process. Then eat fresh veggies for free all summer and reap the benefits of some free exercise in the process and then can the excess for winter!! Low cost for seeds and free exercise!! Win win!!! Make a small step toward living healthier not just for you but your children!! I personally feel it is cheaper for me to cook a healthy meal for me my husband and four children than it is to buy us fast food!!

  • BuffaloBill

    Let her keep eating her junk, she will die soon and will no longer be a drain on society, problem solved.

  • tami

    Fat because not enough Goverment help.This is retarded.I weight 72# because I don’t get free food.I’m hungry.Don’t make excuses,a bag of chips is not one portion.

  • Michael-Brianna Bowen

    Im sorry to say but sweetheart you don’t need anymore money 32k plus a housing allowance is more then most single mothers make in the united states. Which if it were the case that the income alone simply made you obese then there would be a lot more obese single moms in
    America. What you really need is a Nutritionist, a Gym membership,and some motivation.The first two i’m sure you can find for free around your local community however the last one will take a little self digging. Lastly why on earth is a 20 something year old women given 62K per year to survive when the average salary for a soldier is 35K including housing allowance, and SSI for a retired elderly citizen is less then 15K per year. I wish you the best of luck for yourself , and your family.

  • James Bruce

    Is she that stupid? Maybe if someone uses zip-ties on her wrists/hands behind her back for 12 out of the 24 hours she may lose weight if she has no hands to feed her face? I can relate to eating cheaper more fattening foods to and extent to stretch one’s dollars, but EVERYONE is responsible for him/herself, so her excuses for being obese are lame and without warrant! Can’t she walk around the block a few times a day? No wonder I like my dog more than people!

  • James Bruce

    She can afford tattoo’s, so her sht doesn’t jive!

  • Bobbi Sousa Sears

    Complains no money ,but enough for tattoos , Piercings , god awful Hair Dye, Get Off Your ASS & Get A Job ,!!!!

  • pig.

    her excuse is that she is fat lazy and stupid. No one stuffing ur face then urself. no one make u buy those cookies and crapy food. but hey girl this way u wont be living too long! stop blaming everyone else for ur own choises!

  • Jackalope

    Yet she’s somehow got enough money for a considerable amount of tattoo work…which ain’t cheap. Amazing!

  • Jennifer Danielle Driskill


  • william C

    Junk food costs a lot more per pound than healthy food. Try some apples and celery, tuna, yogurt, etc. And get off your fat ass and walk every day for about 20-30 minutes. You would be surprised. Otherwise you will likely get diabetes or heart disease and die before you are 50. Maybe sooner. There is no excuse for being deliberately stupid. As for educating yourself about healthy eating and fitness, there is no shortage of websites you can visit, any time, any day. Otherwise you are just being a fat, lazy freeloader off the public dole.

  • Myra

    She seems to get enough money to pay for all of the tatoos on her hands and her chest. It’s people like her that makes it hard for others that really do work and need assistance. SICKO! and I’m sure that her innocent kids will turn out just like her

  • illegalgarbagegohome

    People like this should be euthanized. Welfare should be abolished.

  • Tabitha Anne

    Who cares if the kids are from two father’s. It’s highlighted in bold in the article like it’s some big deal.

  • Candy Barr

    I am also fat. It because I make too much money? No, I eat too much and exercise too little. Does she read. Does she walk, great exercise.

    Apples and most other fruits reasonable. Boneless skinless chicken breasts are frequenewly on sale.

    IcEber lettuce is cheap, so are carrots if you peel your own. Celery is a good buy! Yougurt is a good by in larger containers, as is cottage cheese.

    Bottom line, you are a leach and take no responsibility for your behavior. Own up or shut up!

  • Tex

    Absolutely disgusting. I’m aware this particular case is in England, but this is all over the states. And we really wonder why we are in debt? Disgusting trash like this that do not belong on this earth.

  • jalowe

    You obesity is because you’re sucking down food like a farm hog. You need an f’ING job that gets you’re hugeazz out of bed and off the couch. Or maybe you need to be placed in the state mental institution for being addicted to the government handouts and feed your fatazz on a regulated basis. It’s quite obvious you are mentally and emotionally dependent and your life is literally unmanageable and out of control.

  • Karen

    She obviously can afford tattooes – don’t know if they are expensive but she had to pay something for all of them.. What a sorry excuse for a human being………

  • timej31

    This is such an insensitive crowd. Fatty can’t help it.

  • Imtoooldforthis

    How, in the name of all that’s holy, can she afford the junk food she buys. I’m not on welfare of any kind and I buy my snacks at dollar tree. A bag of pretzels is a buck. Her “food” is $3 to almost $6 each. What a lazy lying fool. She’ll die young and that will be that.

  • Josh Nauman
  • Guest

    The facts about welfare are easy to find. 60 month time limits can and usually are exempted if kids are involved. Over half of all welfare in the United States come out of the two states that have no time limit on welfare.

    • Smalldeer

      This is a BLATANT LIE.

  • M J

    It’s interesting the fat pig has money to pay for tattoo’s that appear to be in multiple places on her fat ass body I am surprised she has kids. The dad must of had to powder her with flour to find the wet spot so he knew were to put his wiener.

  • Fuglybull dog

    I used to have money. I bought organic farm raised meat , vegetables and fruits. I am hitting bottom and have had to adjust to more affordable food. It amazes me that Walmarts end aisle display is processed foods. In fact their entire food dept is junk. Circumstances dictate eating habits.

  • Ryan

    This fat bitch is getting everything for free and STILL COMPLAINS ABOUT NOT GETTING ENOUGH!? Makes me sick.. She didn’t wanna pay for swimming because it took away from her favorite pizza? People like that shouldn’t live hopefully she will eat herself to death so the money she gets can be distributed to people who need it

  • nankani

    You have tats, dyed hair. jewelry. you CAN buy healthy food. How does she buy takout??? GO FOR A WALK. I feel sooooooooooo sorry for her kids. She is horrid!

  • missmeag45

    Let me trade her life style for one month I bet you she’d be crying after a day without her sugar. Filthy greedy pig.

  • chevroman3

    Get Off your FAT,LAZY ASS and get a FU**ing job,you FAT LAZY PIG.

  • jnel

    But she can still afford ink!

  • Jennifer

    Yet she has enough money for the tattoos, piercings and ridiculous hair color

  • Stacey Dawn Robinson

    i live in the uk, my partner works while i am at home looking after 2yr old, we dont get any government help in the way of nursery fees or childcare costs so i cant work, my partner comes out with about 1300 per month after tax and ni after i have paid the bills it leaves us with 100 a month for food, yet my cupboard dont look like hers does, i have fruit and veg in its not expensive if you look hard enough for it, to a lot of passer by’s in the street my child looks over weight and she is, but if they stopped to ask me about her instead of just staring and dirty looks, they would know its not due to food its the fact she is on steroids daily, i also go to the gym as often as i can i have 2 personal trainer sessions a week and they have a creche which is all included in the price, the government do not need to give her more money if both of her kids are in school she need to get off her lazy backside and get a job, she can exercise at home for free if she looks on the internet and youtube there are exercise videos out there and if she has a games console which no doubt she does there are dancing games out there for all consoles, really she has no excuse what so ever

  • sherry8260

    She doesn’t have a dollar store where she can buy some apples and bottled water? And I suppose the tattoo parlor in her town takes food stamps? The orange hair dye is food stamp approved as well?

  • SnH

    Bullfuckingshit! I’ve lived on welfare for some years, alone and with my partner. In this period I also took care of my sister. I managed to put a fresh home cooked meal on the table every single day and provide my household with fresh fruit en veggies. It is not the governments responsibility to take care of your expensive diet wishes, it’s up to you how to buy your groceries. Yes, you put more effort into collecting all your groceries, looking for the best deals. Yes, you eat what is ‘hot and happening’ in sale. That means no strawberries in winter and a whole lot of salad in summer. Why? because it’s cheap! But most of all, you should force yourself to be more creative in cooking. Go check the internet. The miracles I’ve created with 1 onion, 1 potatoe and a bag of salad.. And best tip of all: Make sure you have herbs and spices. Dried and the cheapest. You make anything eatable with herbs and spices. It pisses me off when people start wining about them getting fat because they are poor. I have been poor my whole life. Just since 2 years I’m starting to make some money. It’s pure laziness when you get fat. You get fat because you are lazy, not beacuse you don’t have enough money..

  • Tim
  • jane

    You have a couple hundred dollars worth of tattoos showing, each piercing is around $50, hair color even DIY is $15 a month to keep up. Not to mention that any take out food is going to be 3X the cost of making it yourself. Just unbelievable. I was fired from my job and got half of that from unemployment for a whopping 6 months, didn’t gain a pound…

  • Joseph Kiesznoski

    The women is a liar and a joke, She gets more money then I do And I am able to buy healthy food, What BS, Time she lost her benefits and made to get a job.

    • HBH

      Taking away her benefits? That sounds like something an evil conservative would do. OH NO!

  • Kate Anderson

    This woman has money to get tattoos (expensive) and have her hair colored but doesn’t have money to buy healthy food? She is a disgrace and I hope this article is being shown all over her country and that the British government does something about it!

  • Kate Anderson

    p.s. You don’t have to join a gym to WALK – it’s healthy and FREE!!!

  • Lk

    She’s obviously too happy with her junk food (look at the pic) to loose weigh. If she wanted to loose weight she has to do something drastic and that I do throw her junk food out and just buy healthy food simple as that! Change! She doesn’t want to change she’s too comfortable. If I was her trainer I’d make her sweat cry.

    • Lk

      And that is to^*

  • jack

    This is some good propaganda

  • BAMM

    This woman deserves to be punched in the face. Those poor children don’t stand a chance. She’s going to have them end up like here before they graduate high school. I feel sorry for the children. Poor babies.

  • lulabelle21st

    People are disgusting self-centered animals, and I am not necessarily talking about the lady featured in this article.

    • HBH


  • Sparten1

    Typical liberal. Got a problem? Throw more money at it. 🙁

  • Pope Sparkles (F)

    I don’t know how they price things in England, but here in America, you can get 3 bags of frozen veggies for the same price as one bag of chips. Also, tattoos are not cheap and neither is that hair color. A gym membership does not guarantee weight loss or use! You want to exercise? Take a walk with your kids!

    • HBH

      also in the US, fast food costs 3 times more than shopping at the grocery store

  • marissa johnson

    Thats crap, I’m an American (I’ve living in England) they are one of the easiest places I have ever seen to get healthy food. People grow gardens in the yard everywhere. Sell fresh veggies at boot sales. She is full of it. Go next door lady bet your neighbor could show you how to plant a garden. Get off your butt!

  • Julien Brightside

    http://poorcraft.com/ might be useful here.

  • Terry

    1. I hate this article because it makes a case that people on assistance are lazy

    2. Conservatives will use this as widespread evidence of a non existent problem

    3. Broccoli and Spinach will cure the obesity epidemic and are less costlier than a hospital stay due to a stint in your heart

    4. She’s just using it as an excuse and refuses to deal with her psychological addiction to food. If she wanted to eat healthy I’m sure there are ways she could figure out. I go to a food pantry and take the healthiest and share the unhealthy stuff with others or give it away. There is a place that gives out veggies every week that I can tap into.

    Excuses excuses excuses….She should be the a contestant in an upcoming season of The Biggest Loser UK

    • HBH

      I agree with everything but number 2. This is not a non existent problem. Food stamps and welfare doesn’t work, because it doesn’t regulate what you use that money for. If people only received money that was good for paying rent, gas, utilities, etc, that would be alright. However some people use their welfare check widely for discretionary purchases. They also actively try to limit their income in order to prevent losing their government benefits. If this woman is doing it, you know their are more doing the same thing.

      • Terry

        I find that hard to believe because most have limits on what you can and can’t buy

  • Felicity

    Omg!!! I got a diabetic type1child&she got cronic migrqnes, thyroid&anxiety with depression.wich she got denied s.s disability&only gets100$ a month of foodstamps.&I still got to buy the diabetic supply that the insurance(Texas children’s medicaid)doesn’t cover.why??? Because I work I make $ that’s why her benefits are so low.I work28hrs.a week.&pay bills &rent.

  • Joe Gleixner


  • Joe Gleixner

    Maybe if you stopped spending money on hair dye and tattoos…

  • joeyb

    How much did that scummy ankle tattoo cost you? 100 percent mudshark right here.

  • keepingitreal

    This is crazy that this woman thinks its the government fault for her eating habits. If she would go out and find a job in stead of depending on the government she might get educated on what its like to stress about bills and lose some of that weight. I have four children and im a single mother. I work a full-time job and attend college. She needs to be setting examples to her two children be a role model and not live off of hard working people. I agree some people need help with daily life expenses,but you should want to help yourself before anyone(government) helps you. The systems needs to have better guidelines on who needs assistance and keep track of what they’re spending.

  • Raymond Maxwell William Porter

    people like this make me sick, i am on assistance and disabled due to disc and nerve problems in my spine. i am looking for a job because even in my limited capacity and by my country’s disability requirements i meet the line for disabilty, however i am able to be mobile and lift 30lbs not much but i can. i also get 550.00 a month and that’s rent plus food and i have one child….it don’t take much to make better food choices nor better active choices. it makes me ill that people like her get away with using up hard earned tax dollars only to say they don’t get enough. she makes 4x’s what any person on disability makes in 2 years in canada. i think her gov should just str8 cut her off and send her to a shelter where she will be taught how to be a mother and a person of better health. i feel bad for her kids, and if her children follow in her steps, it will not only be her fault but her governments as well.

  • Cissie

    How about all the money she spends on that red hair dye, and all those tattoos!!! Priorities please! I bet she has the latest iPhone too!!!!!

    • Jennifer Edwards Rushworth

      I was thinking the same thing. Tattoos are expensive. And by the look of her, she has several.

  • Niki

    Glad to know we’ve got system leeches in every country and not just America. Don’t buy that third bag of oreos and invest in some free weights. I really hate people sometimes.

  • bret robertson

    Stop blaming the government when you’re the one that is putting the junk in your cupboard and on your counter.

  • Jennifer Edwards Rushworth

    Gym membership can be expensive but walking or exercising at home is FREE!! Just another excuse.

    • HBH

      She’s past that point. She needs surgery ASAP to remove the excessive amount of adipose tissue she has built up. She could exercise all she wants, but unless she gets surgery, her body will crave fattening foods more than the average person.

      • Jennifer Edwards Rushworth

        True. Surgery would help but that kind of surgery is very expensive. Her problem is not only her weight but her whole lifestyle. I feel sorry for her kids.

  • Megan Elizabeth Tripoli-Robert

    Stop blaming the government when you’re the one that is putting the junk in your cupboard and on your counter.

  • mitch

    How bout they take her kids and give them to someone that cares about them. Than the government cam provide her a gun and that solves the problem. The benefits can go to those who need them the ones who work but don’t make enough and need a little boost or those that are out of work cause of a layoff or injury.

  • I care

    Funny, the fat pig has enough money to dye her hair that hideous color and get tatoos.

  • Gene Linn

    The only reason I won’t work us cause these businesses are to greedy!!

  • Shawn Herman-Gibson

    I assumed she was an americun, my bad. What a disgusting fat pig.

  • Bonita

    That is almost 3x the amount I make working. While I received food stamps, and try not to judge, $36k is more than enough to buy healthy food.

  • cthayer

    I barely make it on what I am making. I am neither fat nor do I blame others, and demand that others give me things. Get off your fat butt woman and do something with your life. Even if it is volunteer work. I neither feel sorry for you nor do I have a desire to help you. You are unworthy of any more of my hard earned money that I give in taxes.

  • HBH

    I don’t know what she considers healthy food, but its not expensive. You don’t have to eat cookies and cake all day to save money. I bet she visits fast food places frequently too, which can be 3 times more expensive than shopping at the grocery store. She wants money as motivation to lose weight? How about the fact she is doing irreparable damage to her cardiovascular system and organs. Also, I am baffled how she has kids. What is wrong with some men that they would find her attractive enough to have sex with?

  • Charles M

    How about fixing things so that she can’t spend her welfare benefits at the tattoo parlor? And if she wants to lose weight, maybe instead of just posing by that walking trail by the back fence, she could actually try walking on it.

  • bslife

    Know some people who have free housing, free medical, free food, and can move state to state for free . They just went on vacation to las Vegas for a week. My husband and I struggle with our own business and job . We struggle to pay rent , pay for food, and pay for everything. We have never been able to afford a vacation let alone keep our cabinets or fridge stocked. What bullshit is this? Work and struggle or live off the government for free. Leeches!

  • Lauren

    Maybe some of the issues at stake here are not the sorts of foods this woman decides she is going to buy, but the lack of nutritional education that low income individuals receive when they are given their benefits. It is not our place to judge what this woman does with the benefits that the government has decided she is entitled to. Instead of attacking her choices, maybe as individuals, we can promote a healthier world, free of vicious discriminatory attack against someone getting by on the models systemically illustrated before her.

  • Allison

    Looks like she has enough money for piercings, tattoos and hair dye. Sad existence to live with no purpose

  • YourWifeIsMyLife

    How about giving benefits to us “fitties” instead of those “fatties?”
    WE’RE the ones who’ve earned benefits, not her.

  • Cynical

    “It’s not my fault – healthy food is too expensive,” Really so a 1lb bag of veggies costs more than a 1lb. box of cookies? SMH She must live somewhere that doesn’t have dirt to grow food. Disgusting.

  • Karl N Doris Trumble

    We’ll as most people would agree get a job! You are Fat and Lazy do to your own decisions you make to eat all the time or to buy junk food. So y don’t you do us all a favor and go outside and walk around to try to loose some of your fat or is that the government causing that too. If your not getting enough food stamps or cash then y in the hell are you so Fat. Nice try

  • Slacktivist

    In case anyone wants to personally tell her how they feel…… https://www.facebook.com/christina.g.briggs.9

  • pogodog

    This woman is a waste of space. Give her Ebola and then lock her away.

  • Hard Worker

    Ever heard of salad? I saw that pantry! Disgusting! A little junk is ok now & then but not everyday. Start by walking yourself to the produce department!….yes, WALK! Spend less on junk food & more on healthy eating & exercise. That’s not the governments PROBLEM,it’s your RESPONSIBILITY! Perhaps a softer brown color would do better than carrot red. Are you desperate for attention? Find it by doing nice things for others….crawl out of yourself & see the world around you. Cant you do anything for anyone else or does everyone have to give you all the attention ….including the government. Try living in another country for a while….that might cure you of demands. There you will get nothing & be treated poorly. Learn to appreciate what you have & start by working for it. You will feel better about yourself in the long run!! Trust me. I was on welfare just long enough to raise 2 kids while I got on my feet. I was able to get off it & finish college (ON MY OWN! Without the Government!!) with honors! YOU can do it too! Seems to me that your major problem is not the government but rather your self-esteem. It all starts with YOU!

  • Becky

    2 kids by 4 fathers?

  • forkbent

    Spend less on tatoos and more on running shoes and maybe you’ll lose some of that fat you welfare Pig

  • jimbo

    she is fat and stupid……..can’t fix stupid

  • Hard Worker

    How can you “qualify” for govt. asst. yet you can afford to have your entire HEFFER body pierced & tattooed?!? Get a REALITY CHECK, JOB, a HUGE MIRROR, and a BRAIN & learn the meaning of SELF-DESTRUCTION, Govt. MOOCHER, & PATHETIC LOSER! SHAME ON UR UGLY FAT ASS! Quit looking for SYMPATHY & start looking for a JOB instead! 🙁

  • Dean Andrews

    Gee, I thought she was obese because she’s a fat ass.

  • bugsey pemberton

    Its possible to lose weight without spending a whole lot of money. First of all, every single one of those products are NAME BRAND. I assume England has the same thing going here where store brands exist and cost less. Secondly, a slice of toast, a spread of jam, an egg and a cup of tea would cost LESS than ONE poptart and bring in fewer calories while rewarding the body with more health (protein, grains, and a little something for the sweet tooth to boot!) If the woman in this article is reading these comments, go to http://myfitnesspal.com you will find FREE support and TONS of recipes for HEALTHY EATING. I know- many of mine are in there!

  • bugsey pemberton

    Also- who here believes her hair is REALLY that color? At upwards to 10 bucks a box , or more if she has a hairdresser do it, seems to me she has enough money for lowfat milk and other items.

  • edan

    Suffice it to say, there is nothing that rankles those of us who work and pay our own way, more than a story like this.

  • cm9

    If she gets that from the government, where do I sign up??? If you can’t beat them, join them!!!!

  • gaorfan1957

    I bet she woud make great shark bait. Can’t see any other use for the worthless PIG!!!!!

  • AL

    She’s just a sad ass excuse for a woman! She is the reason why people who really need asssitance can’t get it. Abusing the system! THey should cut her off completely and let her live in the streets, oh but that would put the kids in the streets too. Guess what you put yourself in that position the government didn’t put your kids in the street your stupid ass did. Get a job and stop free loading. After people see this who would want to give her a job. Your parents suck!

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  • Pathetic!!!

  • Renee Gunter

    How disgusting. She should close her legs, and stop being a gross, lazy pig.

  • jaime

    If you want cheap good food( not junk) go to dollar stores…if there’s any…you can find can veggies for less than a buck and even fruit. Plus, you can get bananas for .52 cents a pound..usually runs about a dollar or 2. Grapes maybe 2 or 3 dollars…its not that bad! ..some people make things too hard on themselves…it doesn’t take much just to get around and take a walk…well, in your case..I don’t know how much food is in your area, but I don’t think its a good idea to blame the government for not giving you enough money,…its just your not making good choices for yourself or your kids.Later on, they might blame you for getting themselves overweight like you and it could cause illness.

  • Diane

    You are fat because you EAT TOO MUCH. Fresh vegetables and fruit are a lot cheaper than chips and the other junk food you eat. Try a salad, it really doesn’t cost that much and it is much healthier. I think you just want to buy larger quantities of junk food. Try exercising a little and when you slim down, you won’t need as much food Miss Piggy.

  • VB

    Hmmm, she looks pretty proud of her name brand pantry stocked with unhealthy choices. She doesn’t get enough welfare money?? Those that need it can’t get it because of people, like this that use and abuse the system. I am almost to the point of give them a couple of chickens, a milk cow or goat, and a packet of seeds, and figure it out! All this behavior is teaching is for her children to follow in her footsteps. So, why should the government pay for her obesity? Do her legs not work? Take a walk with her children, don’t spend money on tattoos, use coupons, walk when you are grocery shopping instead of using the motorized cart that someone else may REALLY need, milk jugs make great weights, or depending on how big the children are do leg curls while they hold on to your legs and “play ride the pony,” get creative and include the kids, make exercise fun for the family and turn off the tv! I hope many officials see this and changes can be made. It’s time for a rehab of the “system” and to give to those who are REALLY deserving and NEED it! They also need to drug screen them. If I have to take a drug screen for employment and I am subjected to at anytime in my employment to be screened, then they should have to as well for the taxpayers “free” money they receive. Just my thoughts.

  • John Patrick Miller

    Well she seems to have money for ya tattoo which aren’t cheap. She’s just damn lazy no pretty here just a cow full of excuses. Nobody should teach you to get off your fat arse and hoof it.

  • jeff

    ….but she still finds the money to pay for her tatoos and body piercings…What a beauty, supported in large part by the people of U.K.

  • drew

    Disgusting waste of society right there. Get up and get a job. You already get free healthcare so no excuse for all that money and free housing plus free food you disgusting waste

  • miss_msry

    What a warped mentality.

  • Doug Altman

    why get a job when you get 62K in benefits a year!

  • Ryan Moreno

    This person is just awful, she says she cannot pay for healthy food, but the money she gets is more than most people earn in a year in England, she has enough money to pay for healthier food, she just doesn’t want to.


    Where does she get the money for her ORANGE hair die? she needs to do that at least twice a month to have it stay orange…..This woman gets more money than the average working person. Disgusting. I get 25,000$ a year from my hard working job and I eat healthy and don’t ever have junk food in my place and very rarely have the luxury of eating takeout. Makes me sick.

  • mean guy

    the Tatoo’s must of cost her a few nights out to the Dairy Queen!

  • Lori

    Wish I was making $62,000, working or otherwise 🙂

  • Mike Gable

    First of all the men who impregnated her need to be fitted with glasses and then she needs to be fixed, her children sent to responsible homes and then she will have time to walk on the treadmill that powers her electricity.

  • saddieanne

    I make less than what she gets on welfare and I still eat healthy and have a gym membership. There’s no excuse for being lazy. Oh and look at all the tattoos and the color of her hair. Tattoos aren’t cheap and neither is getting your hair done.

  • Ragin Don

    so your saying the uk pays welfare recipients way more then the va pays disabled american veterans?

  • Cliff Gridley

    I notice she has tats, percings and flaming red hair, those aren’t cheap…as soon as she fattens up her kids they will be on welfare too, what a lazy slob, no man wants that

  • Jerry Gowins

    I’m getting real tired of seeing tatted up lard-asses who are both too lazy and too stupid to hold down a job living off the tax payers. Cut them all off, starve or work, it’s THEIR choice.

  • mjjk

    kick “FATSO” off the dole and let social services take her children away before she starts noshing on them

  • Jenni Andrews

    Chips Ahoy are $4 a pack and she’s whining about not having enough money for groceries. Buy a loaf of bread cheese and lunch meat for maybe a couple dollars more than those 1 day lasting cookies, that can feed the kids for a week! Vegetables are usually less than a dollar per can too so no excuses on healthy food not being affordable! I get snap benefits and I look in the ads to make sure I spend what I get wisely for the month! I also work a 40 hour work week and am a single parent of one child with no help as well! Wish I could send her a picture of what I got grocery shopping with benefits SMH!

  • Scotty P

    “Fat guy in little coat..fat guy in little coat”

  • Mary Sandlin

    She cant afford healthy food, But she can afford all thoes tattoos and hair dye.

  • sgb1

    Junk food is expensive.

  • Rationalthinker

    WE won’t mention the numerous tattoos that she has or the mere fact that there are actually TWO men who are so devoid of any taste or self-respect that they list HER as someone that they had sex with.

  • William N Cheryl Garrett

    She wants a cash incentive to help her lose the weight? Reduce her benefits if she can’t reduce her BMI…

  • pink

    First of all, stop sitting around n blaming the government for u being 350 lbs. Get up n do something besides eating way to much food.

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    UH, That is literally almost 3 times what I make at my “well-paying” job!! AND I have bills and household costs!!! While I do agree that health food is rather expensive, I’m thinking I could make do with all she receives!!!!

  • Angela Baker Stringer

    62,000 a year is limited government assistance? ! What!?! Ridiculous . That’s more than the average family makes a year who can not get government assistance. Normal people have to use there income for car payment house payment their food bill, gas, necessities, and whatever else they pay! Food stamps should be cut back! It’s not meant to live on for life

  • Grammy

    If she really wanted to buy ‘healthy’ food, it would cost the same, but she would have less to eat. Obviously, she feels entitled for the government to provide her every need and will not take responsibility for any action that she makes. This is sad, but unfortunately is so prevalent in our society today. Let’s blame someone else for the bad choices I make.

  • Mrs. B

    Ouch ! that’s $20,000 more than my husband makes in a year ! I can’t afford all that crap that her family eats. My husband and I never go hungry and we eat well balanced meals. fruits, veggies, & lean meats. I fit in a few sweet treats once in awhile too, like homemade pie or cookies. We don’t get as much out door activity as we like but we try to fit in walks and bike rides. She is almost double me.

  • Gretchen Caraway

    Really? How do you afford the tattoos you nitwit!

  • Megan

    Ha! All I see is dollar signs! Tattoos=$, piercings=$, hair color=$!! Not to mention, some of those snacks are more expensive than fruits and veggies! Someone needs a major reality check! I’d hate to see what her poor kids look like! They don’t stand a chance

  • Irish Cornaire

    This broad cow was in the news 3 yrs ago !

  • Debra Pym

    There is something very wrong with this article. There are no supermarket own brands on display in this woman’s kitchen. She obviously has no idea how to shop economically. Incidently I live in the UK and with a little ingenuity you can eat there on a low income very cheaply. Produce is about half the US price. The answer is that this woman has an extremely low intelligence…….

  • Hard Worker

    And I quote this ” Here’s a better idea: how about giving her incentive to find a job, by cutting her benefits if she doesn’t? ” That is exactly what they do in Canada and it gets people off their ass and back to work !!!!

  • Bettina Thompson

    how about they take her kids and cut her off entirely? I know…not very compassionate and I don’t mean it :/ But her kids should be taken -temporarily- and her put in a program to ‘educate’ her. It would be cheaper than what the gov is giving her to be ridiculous!

  • Linda

    actually, young lady, you’re FAT because you’re lazy and sit on your big fat tush all day instead of working…btw…tatoos are expensive…how could you afford them? Also, beans which are a wonderful source of protein and energy are CHEAP. You can buy several bags of them for the price of one of those bags of chips.

  • Otter58701

    I quit smoking after 35 years, and constant bitching from my doctor. But I then piled on the weight. Almost 70 lbs. I try to exercise when I can. But I am a truck driver, so alot of seat time. I would love to swim on my time off. But the price of a membership anywhere is ridiculous. I tried to live on veggies & fruits. And it was literally double my normal grocery bill. My monthly meds are more than my rent. My doctor now bitches about my weight gain. I know I have to lose weight. I see it & feel it everyday. But it is seriously very expensive to buy healthy foods compared to the alternative. Joining a gym….is out of the question. For the amount of time I am off the road, it is not feasible. They over charge. I told my doctor, unless he wants to foot the cost of a gym membership or buy me the healthier foods he wants me to eat….shut the hell up. I pay him. He don’t pay me. I will get there. I am watching what I eat. I eat smaller proportions. And I bought a bicycle to get me out of the house & exercising on my time off. People act like oh….it’s just because your lazy. Really? I can be on my feet working 12 hours a day, when I am not driving truck. That’s alot more physical work than alot of you desk jockeys do. But right now….it’s not financially feasible to completely change my diet and or exercise plan. I have bills too.

    • Otter58701

      Oh yeah….failed to mention. Have had numerous injuries & surgeries when I was younger. Sports, motorcycle accident, work related injuries. My own mother said….” your going to pay for it when you get older.” Lol she was right. I am in my 50’s now. And every old injury & past surgery, remind me I am not a kid anymore. The worst is my spine, because it affects so many other parts of my body. That’s why I became a truck driver. Because of physical limitations. I used to run 9.5 miles per day when I was 21 yrs old. My body can’t handle that anymore. But even though I snap, crackle, & pop….I still get out there. I have 5 grand daughters to try keep up with. If not physically….I am mentally young. And trying to keep up with the pack. LOL

  • sgosher

    Some people.

  • sgosher

    $36,000/yr??? That’s more than my take home and I have a lot of bills.

  • maliah

    I have 4kids and still working….and very hard to have..better..things for my family..and i cook for them everday.good meals. we have fun run ridings bike very actives.and im single mother dint finish high school..so way she ..still not happy im 50 my younger is 10 yrs and 13-16-20yrs.and im still working…government need to do something ..alot woman ask for benefit say no know where is father..and father live same house eating wt foot stamps no working .even driving mercedez bens how is that..were gold denture and necles.eating out wt boyfriends and get drunk sometume buy some drug.and i see that alot..kids not even dress nice clotes no shoes limited what they whant to eat is a shame.but who is problem …350 pound doing what….please.

  • Chelsea Macintyre

    Bitch you make more then me and have less home expenses then I do!! I’m 108 lbs, You’re disgusting.

  • Michelle LaBrosse Purcell

    Exercise is free – go for a walk, or play with your kids! Get out and kick a ball with your children. Veggies and fruit are much cheaper than processed foods. This woman should come live with me for a few months. I’ve never had a gym membership – but we are always out walking, hiking, etc… Even cleaning the house, dancing around to music, watching exercise shows on TV…. all are great ways to keep in shape and be healthy.

  • Dj

    It doesn’t cost anything to walk and a bag of apples is cheaper than a box of ho ho’s!

  • Cathi Korelin

    Vegetables are not expensive. I spend about 100 per month on food.

  • tidalpool

    I am from Iowa, when I see a woman like this, only one word comes to mind, “Soooooooooooooeeeeeeeeeee!

  • Tonya Summers

    Yet she has money for tattoos and that ridiculous hair dye?!

  • charles.wallace

    Another waste of TAX MONEY.

  • dan

    She must be able to afford flour, shes got 2 kids.

  • Tricia

    Bananas… like 72 cents a pound….

  • batgirl

    power her tv with a bike. there ya go. sit on ur ass and work out at the same time.