Arizona Woman’s Credit Destroyed by Illegal Alien Who Stole Her Identity When She Was a Child


You may have seen Barack Obama insist how “most” illegal aliens are “not making trouble” or committing crimes — and how we ranthe numbers on how many illegal aliens commit multiple Federal crimes simply to “work and support their families” as Obama put it.

Minutes later, we found a perfect example of this from today’s news in the very epicenter of illegal immigration in America…Arizona.

This woman had her identity stolen as a CHILD by a Mexican illegal alien, who then used it to construct a massive credit profile he used to purchase multiple homes and everything you can imagine — then trashed it, leaving her credit rating completely destroyed.


He didn’t rape or assault anyone, or kill anyone. He “only” did what he “had to do” to “work” and “support his family”. All the usual canards we hear from the pro-amnesty Traitor Lobby. He “only” destroyed this woman’s life.

And remember, a staggering  75 percent of working-age illegal aliens use stolen or fraudulent Social Security cards to obtain employment. All the media and amnesty pimps tell us is how hard they work, and how we can’t ever separate their families. What we NEVER hear is how many American lives they DESTROY with their identity theft and credit rating destruction, as they invariably abuse the social security numbers they steal.

Note also how the notoriously easy-on-illegals Maricopa County, AZ Attorney Bill Montgomery tried to let the illegal alien criminal off the hook by claiming she needed a “witness” to make her case against him. Disgusting. Maricopa voters need to throw Montgomery out on his ass in the next election.



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