3 Myths About Isla Vista Killer Elliot Rodger That the Left Wants You to Believe


by Jason DeWitt | Top Right News

Six are dead, and a madman’s psychotic “manifesto” is all we have left to make sense of the senseless. Our prayers go out to the victims’ families.

But of course, the far left is using this tragedy, as they do all others, to try and push their radical agenda.  In order to do that, they want us to believe three distinct lies about this situation that are just flat out untrue.

The first lie is that Elliot Rodger’s brutal murder of six people Friday night in Isla Vista, California was motivated exclusively by his desire to harm women.

Fact: Four of the six people he killed were male.

Rodger was definitely a misogynist who was deeply troubled, but he also hated men. Including his roommates and even his younger brother.

The second lie that is being pushed by the Left is that guns are entirely to blame here.  Many people are wrongfully claiming that this sicko used guns to kill his all 6 victims, which isn’t true.

There are a ton more tweets of people talking about how guns are the problem and how “6 people were shot”.

Fact: Half of the victims were actually stabbed to death.

Disgracefully, the father of the murderer is feeding the anti-gun frenzy by blaming guns for his own son’s carnage.

The third lie being pushed by the left is that Rodger was a conservative.


The truth is that Rodger subscribed to The Young Turks, a very liberal YouTube channel.  We have absolutely no idea (yet) if he is a liberal or conservative, this is the only real information we have to go on. It would be irresponsible to point fingers at people before the facts were in, as the gun-grabbing Left did (wrongly, it turned out) after the Tucson shootings 3 years ago.

But you can bet if he had subscribed to Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck, you would be hearing about it on the alphabet networks every hour on the hour.

Best advice we can offer: don’t trust people who use tragedies to push their own radical agendas.


(h/t Twitchy)


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