22 Democrats Now Boycotting Trump’s Inauguration (Full List)

by Jason DeWitt

Breaking update Sunday night as 5 new names have been added to the list of Democrats who have publicly said they won’t be at the inauguration on Friday. It is now up to 22, from 12 on Friday.

Here is the full list:

1) Georgia Rep. John Lewis

2) California Rep. Mark Takano

3) New York Rep. Yvette Clarke

4) California Rep. Ted Lieu

5) Arizona Rep. Raul Grijalva

6) Michigan Rep. John Conyers

7) California Rep. Mark DeSaulnier

8) New York Rep. Nydia Velazquez

9) Oregon Rep. Kurt Schrader

10) Missouri Rep. William Lacy Clay

11) California Rep. Barbara Lee

12) New York Rep. Jose Serrano

13) California Rep. Judy Chu

14) Illinois Rep. Luis Gutierrez

15) California Rep. Jared Huffman

16) Massachusetts Rep. Katherine Clark

17) Oregon Rep. Earl Blumenauer

18) New York Rep. Adriano Espaillat

19) Washington Rep. Pramila Jayapal

20) Wisconsin Rep. Mark Pocan

21) Ohio Rep. Marcia Fudge

22) California Rep. Maxine Waters

Note: Despite his bitterly partisan and race-baiting politics, not a single Republican boycotted either of Barack Obama’s two inaugurations. Stay classy, Democrats.

  • Guest

    Doesn’t matter. The Inauguration is for adults only.

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  • Terry Lone Wolf Swisse

    What a bunch of cry baby sheeple, what is this country becoming 🙁

    • Susanjgilmore

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    • clydewmorgan

      If they are not going along with the rest, sheeple is not the right word. Maybe that is why you are so frustrated you don’t understand the words you use

  • Tarantula2

    Why would they think they were even invited? I’d make damm sure Gutierrez, Waters, Lewis and Grijalva were NOT invited to my inauguration…

  • snickers

    Who? Doubt they will be missed.

  • Rick Cargo

    Do they really think anybody is going to miss them?

    • Peter Brown

      Miss them? They’ll be at the range?

      • Carl Miller

        I wish they were downrange.

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  • Peter Brown

    Total the I.Q.’s of that List of Embarrassment and Shame and I’d guess you’d have a two-digit number. Their pathetic names and more pathetic actions will be remembered.

  • Sonita Stewart

    Oh shameful is that!!!! Bunch of cry babies who have come to the realization of the day of them democrats being in control is over,

  • CDR_N

    Don’t stop – boycott DC for the entire term. Leave town and don’t come back until Trump is gone!!

  • Biff

    comrade Jayapal continues to make a fool of herself by thinking the U.S. House is the same as the Seattle Silly Clowncil. Her entire campaign consisted of “Trump bad” and “I’ll give you more free stuff”, which handily beat another liberal Democrat in the general election to replace retiring “Baghdad Jim” McDermott. She got a richly deserved smackdown right after being sworn in from none other than Joe Biden about contesting the electoral college results. Sadly, she has a seat for life. Childish antics earn your chops in the WA 7th District.

  • East Clintwood

    Waaaaaa waaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaaa oh the butthurt

  • maineborn1

    Seriously, This is what our country is coming to, they are acting like a bunch of spoiled brats who can’t have their own way, making their states proud I’m sure. they should be replaced.

    • clydewmorgan

      They are brats but trump isn’t. Cmon that makes no sense

  • Sauger_stockBC

    Good more room for real Americans

    • FreedomFighter

      That’s the way I look at it also.

      • clydewmorgan

        Why do you use the flag of our defeated traitorous enemy? And why use it if your name is freedom fighter and the defeated went to war to prevent freedoms.

        • FreedomFighter

          Born stupid??? There is no doubt you are stupid. I just want to know if you were born that way or not ……. kinda like the queers ya know??

          • clydewmorgan

            What does it matter? But am smart enough the southern cause was a losing one, it was not for freedom, and those who support are losers actually and spiritually. Don’t like the union get out then.

          • FreedomFighter

            You are nowhere close to being smart princess. You have proven that fact. Now answer the question instead of showing your liberal stupidity again. Or are you too stupid to do that too??

          • clydewmorgan

            What question was I born stupid. You bet. As for lee, I do not celebrate traitors

          • FreedomFighter

            I don’t celebrate traitors either. That’s why I said Happy Robert E Lee day. MLK is the traitor.

          • clydewmorgan

            Yeah treason that’s you. Your no American

          • Big Bubba

            He’s right – you are a cocksucking idiot just like your master.


          • clydewmorgan

            Are too stupid to realize trump is beholden to Arabs. Dubai Saudi Arabia etc? Of course your not because your stupid. And gay. And I write that because you keep writing about it. You’re obsessed with gays. Just so you know straight guys don’t think about gays.

          • Big Bubba

            You are really a fucking idiot to spew bullshit like that. Trump is beholden to no one. The only gay fool here is your stupid ass fagboy! We will get that crap straight right now. Now go suck another dick and wipe your damn chin before you come back babbling your stupidity.

          • clydewmorgan

            Why are so fascinated with gay imagery? Everyone but you seems to know

          • Big Bubba


          • FreedomFighter

            I am more American than your stupid ass will ever be princess.
            Not only were you born stupid but sucking dicks has made you more stupid. Faggot

  • Lynda Scott Umberger

    Whoever is at the head of this line, please just go on and give these people their Koolaid. What a bunch of simpleton followers!

  • William Stearns

    Sore losers, Trump nor his supporters care if they are there they are insignificant in the grand scheme and prove that there can be no unity among washington unless you fall in line with the Liberal agenda.

    • gmw0583

      If it were just 22 people… you’re right: ‘insignificant.’ But these 22 represent millions of Americans who prefer superficialities; who can’t/won’t debate with consistent reason and logic; who would support a President who seduced an intern (workplace sexual harassment by a person in power) but feel self-righteously superior to one who uses insulting words.
      They are laying the ground work to more and more riots… because they don’t want an America of laws, they want one ruled by intimidation and many millions agree with them.

  • clydewmorgan

    It appears they are giving trump the same respect trump gave obama

    • FreedomFighter

      Obama got the respect he deserved – none. Same as your sorry ass princess.

      • clydewmorgan

        So you justified the actions actions or statements of Lewis.
        And why is it that all the shitbirds who display that flag think they are so tough. They side with losers and traitors after all. Losers who were too stupid to know they never had a chance.
        You don’t like the union get out then

        • FreedomFighter

          Showing your liberal stupidity wont win you any points princess. It’s clear who the losers are – prickheads like you that cant help but show your gay stupidity.

          • clydewmorgan

            It’s one thing to make an actual argument and use insults it’s another just to use insults. The latter describes you and shows exactly the extent of your logic which s not much.
            So are you saying the traitorous rebels won? has the south rose again?
            What other country allows the display of the flag of their defeated enemies? We do and those are the very freedoms you are against.
            Not only is your reason lacking but you are also a hypocrite.

          • FreedomFighter

            The traitorous ones are the morons like you that try to twist history into lies. Sorry dickhead, but it wont work with people that know better so you can quit with your gay stupidity right now. I can promise that if we were to fight that war today, you libtards would all die. You imbeciles keep up the liberal stupidity and you will get what you deserve and I can promise that you idiots wont live to remember it.

          • clydewmorgan

            So says the traitorous rebel

          • Big Bubba
          • FreedomFighter

            So says the faggy libtard. That disease you have called “libtardism” is rotting your brain, not that you had much of a brain to start with.

  • Frank Hill

    How is it appropriate to insult the President elect by saying that he is illegitimate? President Obama said that he, himself, was unfit to be president. Ronald Reagan was an actor. Carter was a peanut farmer. George Washington was a general. Lincoln was a lawyer. Anyone can be the president in America. Maybe it’s high time that we have a shrewd business man guide the way we spend money in our country and direct it to our own people first. One persons’ opinion does not outweigh the fact that the American people voted for Trump, and he won by the massive outcry of people who wanted change, and to get rid of business as usual and corruption of government. People remember who was with them when election time comes back around. Trump could walk on water, and the naysayers would say that he didn’t know how to swim. Give the man a chance, everyone in America deserves a chance. Trump is our president by the will of the American people. We should be backing him, instead of attacking him.

  • Lanzecki

    Pretty sure Trump won’t even miss them…..and it would be totally nice if during mid term elections, these people were NOT re-elected.

  • BobD

    Democrats boycotting the inauguration should expect to become pariahs, shut out of all forms of government, from negotiations, district financing, influence on bills, committees… even social events.

    By the way; Did anyone notice that all but three of those representatives come from states Trump lost anyway?

    Even so, I hope that once we have a successful year or two of economic growth, that Trump will go to their districts to campaign for their opponent, making the point that their district remains in poverty while the country (and their representative) prospers.

  • Shirkahn

    He should bring these 22 people together, have them in a room. Trump comes in and announces……You 22 are the weakest link…Goodbye.

  • Carle W Riley

    Who would have guessed? They’re all representing big cities. 7 of the 22 are representing California.

  • tracymae

    They do not have any class and are very un-American.

  • Dawn Mckenzie Lightfoot

    they are all a disgrace to america!

  • mary ann

    the flag u see was a battle flag not the flag of the confederacy wen are u all gonna wake up. the civil war was a bad war a lot died but its also part of this countries history. so live with it I do n the so called demoRATS cant accept that. guess who started the kkk wasn’t the republicans try the demoRATS. emphasis on the word rats. u also know what happens to rats they get exterminated n that’s what has happened in this election. I want my country back so that those that come after me have a chance of the American Dream they never have that under any demoRAT president. now with PE Donald Trump they will get that chance. He is a true American patriot n loves this land as do I n I think most of u do too. GOD BLESS OUR SOON TO BE PRESIDENT N KEEP HIM AN HIS FAMILY SAFE N GUIDE HIM AS WELL.


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