What Did This 13-Year Old Boy Draw That Caused His School to Suspend Him and Call Police?


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

Do you remember playing “hangman” as a child?

Me too. But apparently no one among the staff of Beaverton Junior High School in Oreon ever has. Or they are so hysterical as a result of politically correct indoctrination that they have lost their collective minds:

The school suspended a 13-year-old student and turned him over to police because of a “doodle” he drew showing a person being hanged, as part of the game ‘Hangman’, his father claims in court.

Robert Bernard Keller sued the Beaverton Police Department and Beaverton School District in Federal Court. Beaverton is a suburb of Portland.

Keller, suing for himself and his son, B.R.K., claims that on May 2, 2013, his 13-year-old son “was interviewed at his school, Raleigh Hills, K-8, by officers of the Beaverton Police Department regarding an alleged threat of harm based on a doodle that was drawn during class.”

For those who aren’t familiar with this violent threat to society, the game ‘hangman’ consists of drawing dashes for letters and guessing letters in an imagined word. If you miss the letter, you get a part of the hangman drawn until the picture is complete. Consider it the terrorist version of ‘Wheel of Fortune.’


Above: The ubiquitous Hangman has been drawn by students since 1894, is part of school computer games, and is even on the Amazon Kindle…but none of this stopped Oregon “educators” from calling the police on a 13-year old boy.

Did school officials think he was portraying a lynching? Was he questioned by police for his views on race? I can’t wait to see what comes out in discovery in this case (but I am willing to bet the school is terrified of that and will settle).

Thankfully the Beaverton School District and Police Dept. stopped this potential terrorist before it was too late — or at least before he did something really dangerous, such as shaping a PopTart into a gun!

P.S. Kudos to the blog OccasionalHell.com, who actually predicted this would happen way back in 2007, after a student was suspended for drawing a stick figure with a gun:

At this rate of PC hysteria, you have to wonder how long before a student is suspended for playing the (presumably un-PC) game of hangman. In that game you’ve got a triple-threat to the hyperventilating PC crowd – violence, nooses, and capital punishment. Keep an eye out for that story.

And now it is P.C. reality!

Gina is a proud Texas Mom of 4, avid hunter, gun collector, and vigilant defender of liberty.


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