What Did This 13-Year Old Boy Draw That Caused His School to Suspend Him and Call Police?


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

Do you remember playing “hangman” as a child?

Me too. But apparently no one among the staff of Beaverton Junior High School in Oreon ever has. Or they are so hysterical as a result of politically correct indoctrination that they have lost their collective minds:

The school suspended a 13-year-old student and turned him over to police because of a “doodle” he drew showing a person being hanged, as part of the game ‘Hangman’, his father claims in court.

Robert Bernard Keller sued the Beaverton Police Department and Beaverton School District in Federal Court. Beaverton is a suburb of Portland.

Keller, suing for himself and his son, B.R.K., claims that on May 2, 2013, his 13-year-old son “was interviewed at his school, Raleigh Hills, K-8, by officers of the Beaverton Police Department regarding an alleged threat of harm based on a doodle that was drawn during class.”

For those who aren’t familiar with this violent threat to society, the game ‘hangman’ consists of drawing dashes for letters and guessing letters in an imagined word. If you miss the letter, you get a part of the hangman drawn until the picture is complete. Consider it the terrorist version of ‘Wheel of Fortune.’


Above: The ubiquitous Hangman has been drawn by students since 1894, is part of school computer games, and is even on the Amazon Kindle…but none of this stopped Oregon “educators” from calling the police on a 13-year old boy.

Did school officials think he was portraying a lynching? Was he questioned by police for his views on race? I can’t wait to see what comes out in discovery in this case (but I am willing to bet the school is terrified of that and will settle).

Thankfully the Beaverton School District and Police Dept. stopped this potential terrorist before it was too late — or at least before he did something really dangerous, such as shaping a PopTart into a gun!

P.S. Kudos to the blog OccasionalHell.com, who actually predicted this would happen way back in 2007, after a student was suspended for drawing a stick figure with a gun:

At this rate of PC hysteria, you have to wonder how long before a student is suspended for playing the (presumably un-PC) game of hangman. In that game you’ve got a triple-threat to the hyperventilating PC crowd – violence, nooses, and capital punishment. Keep an eye out for that story.

And now it is P.C. reality!

Gina is a proud Texas Mom of 4, avid hunter, gun collector, and vigilant defender of liberty.

  • Thomas Doscher

    We all need to boycott schools that do this until all the idiots are fired and gone.

    • nancyj1922

      I, as a teacher, am beginning to agree. I think I will open my own school and call it “old school” with a motto…kids can be kids. :o)

      • Lisa Perry

        I would be the first to back you 100%!!! My grandchildren would be enrolled in a heartbeat!!! When and where should we get started???

        • nancyj1922

          Thank you for the support! If I get that far I will look you up.

      • Crystal Mccarthy

        As a soon to be educator can I please work for you? I just did a legal brief on a kid that changed the shut down screen on his pc from “it is now safe to shut down” to “if you turn me off I will explode” kid was in the gifted classes, honor roll and no prior misbehavior. Poor kid was expelled even though he wrote an official apology stating that it wasn’t well thought through and was just a joke. He had to go to school in another state to stay in his class level. (obviously no bomb was found)

        • nancyj1922

          Wow, sounds like maybe I should take this more seriously!

        • Margaret Rudolf

          Communists have no sense of humor. This child sounds brilliant.

        • Marjohna

          I hope you and Nancy get together! Truly – teachers used to create the schools all the time before we let the government get its hands on them.

        • Ferrari fan

          one thing is for certain, I would never survive school now with my sense of humor…

      • Margaret Rudolf

        I believe we should have two school systems in America – one to teach socialism and the other to teach freedom and the US Constitution. After graduation we could see how the students compared in preparation for real life. I am sure you would be a teacher in the school of freedom.

        • Marie Noybn

          we already do, its called homeschooling and public schooling.. private schools can fall on either side of the line depending on the teachers.

      • Marjohna

        Yes, Nancy! This is what truly professional teacher should do! You know what is right and you could do a fine job!

    • Rd Cargill

      lawsuits are the only answer, all they understand is MONEY

  • JaneB

    Thank God my son graduated high school in 2001, he’d surely be serving life by now if he hadn’t. People have gone completely crazy.

  • http://candlechantchalice.blogspot.com/ Thurifer

    What we need is the Separation of School and State. http://www.schoolandstate.org

    • Lee Reid

      What we REALLY need is teachers and administrators with a brain!

      • winadams

        That would help, wouldn’t it?

  • bigsurprise

    RIDICULOUS !!!! “Big Brother” has gone nuts and needs to be sent to an asylum for the insane !!!

  • Tammy

    And they wonder why homeschooling is becoming so popular!

  • Okiebb

    Damn Liberal Fools……Grow Up People……….

  • fx-tech

    WTF?? I’m beginning to hate what this country stands for. We no longer have a government, “By the people and for the people”. We’ve become a society wrapped in artificial fears, led by a government, despised by the very people who created it. Throw in the irony of extreme political correctness offending 75% of the population and it’s clear we are lost at sea…

    • Anne Schell

      I love how u put the truth

    • Rd Cargill

      did you vote Libertarian last election?? If not, you are the problem for this country.

    • John

      I do not disagree but, what are you going to do or are doing about it?

  • Deborah McCord

    Our society has become to politically correct and too sensitive! Come on! Its a Game! When I played it as a kid the thought of hanging or lynching someone never entered my mind!

    • Mike Muehliesen

      i remember my teacher playing that game with my class as a fun spelling and thinking game …. drew it on a chalkboard and everything for all of us to play….. i dont remember plotting any terrorists acts lately BUT(if i should slip up and commit one ..i guess i could always just blame the school system )45 yrs later of course but whos counting….. hell maybe even make a lawsuit …seems the answer to everything nowadays

  • Eric

    There is a fourth threat to HANGMAN. It makes kids actually think!

    • nancyj1922

      Eric come on, you know these little felons are only ALLOWED to think about common core crap! Have mercy one should be….I’ll bet someone ends up saying the kid has to be racist….sorry, couldn’t resist…..have mercy one kid should be allowed to NOT think as all else. & you are absolutely right, Eric, Hangman does make kids think about spelling, language rules, etc., and compare what they have done with worlds in the past and apply it to what is now being seen.

      • Matthew Bandy

        you can about bet nancyj if the little boy did use black ink they are going to play the race card, and just wait then jessie jackson will try to step in. truthfully it wouldnt be a surprise if it happened and its is a shame that kids cant be kids any more because of our poor school systems and because how bad the us has gotten about the dumbest things.

    • Margaret Rudolf

      You are so right. The idiots on the left do not want children to grow up thinking. It would make it harder for people like Obama to get elected ever again.

  • Allen Potter

    It’s time to make our schools a place for the education of our children instead of the political indoctrination of same.

  • evea

    This Government and agencies are acting like we have sharia law. What is becoming of America ? Is it becoming a third world country. Will they make it illegal to home school! Yes most likely!

  • winadams

    How stupid can these people get? Gee sh, don’t ask, pretty stupid and it will get worse. Home schooling is the only way to go anymore.

  • grammysam

    “Political Correctness” needs to be done away with, and made into a crime, and be punishable for those who engage in it. It is a phrase coined recently (within the last 20 years or so), and is used by people without common sense, and very little intelligence. The same group of people who came up with “Common Core”, I assume, since that is proving to be just as asinine..

    • Margaret Rudolf

      I believe Political Correctness is a hate crime.

  • grammysam

    If you are offended by something, BITE THE BAG AND GET OVER IT! Remember the saying told us since we were children… “Sticks and stones will break your bones, but words will never hurt you”. With the advent of malicious media, words are starting to be used more and more as weapons, and people used to just shrug their shoulders and continue on with their lives. Now, they create mountains out of molehills, and whine about their feelings being hurt. Give it a rest! Grow up!

  • nancyj1922

    I cannot believe that this child is subjected to the intense ignorance of the stupid administrators in this school and that hangman, along with the ever evil pop-tart gun, or finger weapons classify LITTLE CHILDREN as police subjects. Honestly, in a world that has gone as mad as this one, don’t you think the police have more to do than waste THEIR time with a NORMAL CHILD?

  • TruthBeTold

    May I inquire why my post was not posted?

    Can you tell me if I violated a posting rule?

    What was so abhorrent about my comment that it was deemed unfit for public view?

    I didn’t insult anyone. I didn’t threaten anyone. I didn’t use any foul language. I even agreed this suspension was ridiculous.

    We can’t solve our problems, in this instance a school out of control, until we’re willing to discuss our problems.

  • odinsthunder

    Another neurotic school administration creating chaos where there isn’t any. The kid is playing a game on paper that the school provides on a computer. We’ve created a collections of toxic words, phrases, images, pictures and things that are totally innocent but psychotic or neurotic administrators in schools or other government positions think they see some evil somehow and totally lose their minds. Fortunately, one by one state legislatures are creating laws to prevent foolishness exactly like this, they’re just not doing it fast enough. Once again, the parents will sue everybody involved and the taxpayers will carry the burden for this impossibly stupid caper…

  • Tonya Young

    wth???? this is a childhood game.. You’ve gottsta’ be kiddin’ me…

  • Gene Stephenson

    Buy a dozen plastic squirt guns and scatter them all over your grade school’s playground and watch the hilarity commence. Do this regularly until the school wises up. Teach your children to greet their friends with the finger gun and tell them when confronted to tell the teacher that their dad said to tell the teacher” KMA

  • Sarah Mahala

    What kind of idiots do we have teaching our children? If a teacher cannot tell the difference between a doodle or hangman game, maybe they need to go back to school themselves. Oh, forget that! They would only be taught more idiocy by their teachers. Whatever happened to common sense? Those in the school system need to stop bending over backwards trying to be politically correct and use good old common sense. I have never heard of the hangman game nor a doodle ever doing any actual harm to anyone unless it was to cause carpal tunnel syndrome by too much drawing while playing the game. I also have never heard of a pointed finger being able to have anything dangerous leap from the tip of it. Use some common sense, teachers and law enforcement members.

    • Margaret Rudolf

      What kind of idiots? OBAMIDIOTS!

      • Chris Dontneedtoknow

        This is one of the reasons I never had kids to begin with. This world had gone to hell in a hand basket and the school system sucks. Monkey boy has made it even worse and it’s not going to get better. This is why people home school their kids. He is going to keep pushing things till there is another civil war here in the states and it’s coming fast. Hope everyone is prepared.

  • Donna Cheshire Holland

    It’s a game idiots your thinking about spelling not hanging!!! I hate what our schools have become!

  • Amy Brunner Neiter

    OMG! What idiots! His parents should sue.

  • perseus317

    In addition to a LARGE monetary settlement, the school district ought to be required to publicly acknowledge that their actions were stupid, prejudicial, and motivated by an irrational belief that all student’s actions must be viewed through a politically correct lens.

  • Jan Dunlap

    PC run amok again!

  • Concerned

    Liberal scum. That’s why this country is going down the drain…loss of god…clocksuckers and muff eaters getting their way with everything, freedom of speech constantly stifled and a president that hates the USA all the agenda of scum democrats and liberal human garbage

  • James Ogozaly

    These damn people are out of control when the cops got their they should have arrested the person who called them for false accusations

  • dustyjoe

    What’s really disturbing is that a certified law enforcement officer actually questioned this kid of his evil intentions after finding out the complaint. One wonders if he had to call the DAs office to find any ordinance that may have been violated. I guess the parents should be glad he wasn’t tazed and jailed for this heinous crime against the edumication institute.

    • http://www.facebook.com/rich.kardell Rich Kardell

      No kidding. A cop with a brain would have laughed at the complainant and then taken the opportunity to make a friend of the boy by simply “being on his side”. This lunacy needs real people to step forward and bravely shut it down quickly, at the source, before it becomes an issue.

    • Mike Muehliesen

      i certainly hope that childs parents were present when they turned the child over to the police or even INTERVIEWED as they call it now …..(I like how they changed the wording for INTERROGATION )

  • GenXBrat

    Maybe they were concerned about the word he was guessing! Morons! Oh, is that word not P.C. any more either? Too bad…

  • Zane

    My teacher’s used to play this with us…

  • quash8

    Could I get a source for the quote about “as part of the game ‘Hangman'”? You seem to be the only place where that phrase is found. Thanks.

  • jcol1

    This whole country seems to be going absolutely bonkers with the liberal nuts assuming the lead and imposing their insanity on everyone, especially our innocent, fun loving and very vulnerable children!

  • Margaret Rudolf

    Just goes to show that that particular Jr. High School is run by Obamidiots. Maybe pencils should be banned in schools if they make it possible for students to draw what these idiots find objectionable.

  • Deana Stacy Warner

    And yet, just recently, wasn’t there a story of a boy being beaten by two others on a school bus and no action being taken????? Of course, the perpetrators were a preferred status (race, dare I use the term race?) while the victim was, I believe they are calling all such people of this child’s heritage, “privileged”. It makes me wonder about this child’s heritage. I can only assume he is “privileged” as Mr. Holder quite adamantly stated that children of certain heritage should NOT be punished or suspended or the school administration would be held responsible for their bigotry and racism in applying discipline.

  • Roy Del Rosario

    Good thing he wasn’t playing Pictionary – Probably would have gotten Jail time.

  • Mimi Schmaltz

    We have some really ignorant “educators”.

  • Danae E Barnett

    Wtaf? It’s just a game

  • jackschidt

    You guys have a very valid point in this story. But, you need to proofread. Not sure where the state of OREON is. Think you meant Oregon…

  • Treefrog

    Maybe they are space aliens?

  • shura

    Why? Because our government – both liberals and conservatives – has cultivated an atmosphere of paranoia. We’re all afraid. Afraid of terrorists, of gun toting school boys, of blacks, of Muslims, of everything and everyone. Even 13 year old boys playing hangman.

  • Kevin M. Koop


  • Pat McNees

    I would never allow my kids to go to a public school these days.Bunch of knee-jerk liberals and common core morons.

  • Crafty Shak


  • Noloser

    We have become a nation of Morons! Our education system has gone mad, the adults in this country have lost all sense of reality and we are in a total down slide to idiocy. Time to rein in this stupidity. GET RID OF COMMON CORE and ALL educators who cannot think for themselves.

  • Noloser

    For those of you who responded below regarding homeschooling your children, be aware that COMMON CORE is being sent now as home schooling material. You didn’t think that parents who grew tired of watered down learning and would be able to side step the government did you? If you are home schooling don’t just think your kids are not being schooled in Common Core. If the government (state or Federal) is paying for your kids school books the books are full of Common Core. Our educators have bit this apple and they like that they no longer have to actually teach children reading, writing, math and science. Now they can teach them indoctrination into government programs, Politically correct (by the government standards) BS and if you object, you will find that PUBLIC schools will NOW get a RESTRAINING ORDER against you because they think they now OWN YOUR CHILDREN. We have to stop COMMON CORE NOW. It dumbs down our children.

  • W Dawes

    Too many stupid Progressives controlling your schools. Start getting involved in your school and get these idiots out. When the Progressives got control, that is when we started our downward trend. Now we are heading toward 3rd world educational status.

  • Hush

    I don’t know why everyone is attacking liberal ideology? First of all, zero tolerance policies were a response to gun violence (Columbine) and they ratcheted up their paranoia after 9/11. It has nothing to do with Obama. I have mostly extremely liberal views and I find this incredibly stupid and reactionary. I hate zero tolerance policies.

    • Hush

      Oh, this was linked from a home school group… “Top right news” seems to explain the anti-liberal rants better.

  • gmanofpd

    The crazy thing, Wheel of Fortune is based on The Game Hangman.

  • John Redman

    NOBODY is “defending liberty” that feeds their children into the maw of public skkkools.

  • IvanRider

    Educators themselves need educating. This is getting pathetic.

    • avengeflipper

      Unfortunately, in this litigious and stupid society, this will never go away. Educators are doing this because if that kid goes off and kills someone, the teacher is going to be sued because they should have know it would happen. Administrators will not back the teach off for not reporting it.

      Teachers are caught in the middle and this is the end result.

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    “We had to, to keep the terminal operating,” Gardner said.

  • guest

    Unbelievable cowardice on the part of Beaver Town. When will this hideous fear of offending some “special interest group” cease? The courts are programmed by law and culture now to persecute anyone who offends anyone from such an interest group. This is actually the definition of cultural terrorism. People are literally so terrified of offending some special group that they will act in an insane manner. Calling the police in this case was literally insane.

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